Choose Self Storage West Midlands and Reduce Business Expenses

Anyone who has been involved in running a business in the UK over the past three or four years will understand the pressure that the fraught economic climate has put everyone under. The clouds do however seem to be starting to lift and at the last UK businesses are looking to the future, rather than just to survive and are freeing up cash to inject into growth. The best way to do this is to reduce overheads and with space being at a premium, downsizing is a great way to do this. Downsizing can be very easy if bulk archives and unused equipment is removed to a self-storage West Midlands unit.

It is considerably cheaper to rent storage space than it is space in an office or warehouse. Downsizing business premises reduces business expenses not only with a rental reduction or lower sale price but also helps cut on utility bills in the future.

Lock N’Leave has numerous self-storage West Midlands units which are ideally suited for those who are looking to downsize, de-clutter and archive paperwork and other business-related items. The beauty of using one of these containers is that you pay the price for the size of unit you need so a business would not be paying out for a half-empty container, just space they require in order to reduce their office size.

Lock N’ Leave recognise that in business things change. There are no long term contracts or tie-in fees for using any of the self-storage West midlands units, and business can upgrade or downsize the size of their container(s) as and when it is required, provided alternatives are available at the time.

Lock N’ Leave self-storage West Midlands to provide not only very reasonably priced containers but put a premium on security and ease of use.  Businesses can be assured that their belongings are safe and secure. In addition to this, business owners and employees, if authorised, can access the unit at any point, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week without an appointment or the need to arrange an escort. Self-storage West Midlands is keyed towards being an efficient way for businesses to reduce their outgoings yet no suffer any inconvenience by downsizing and removing items away from the office base.

Some might say that paying for self-storage West Midlands is no better than paying the rental on office space however from just £16.50 a week, self-storage is not only considerably cheaper but provided it is used entirely for business use, self-storage can be classed as a *business expense.

Saving money is the name of the game nowadays as UK businesses are looking to reduce their outgoings and move their businesses forward. Choosing self-storage West Midlands is a smart move towards cutting business costs and for those interested, visit the Lock N’ Leave website or call for more information on the highly competitive self-storage prices on offer.

*Always check current legislation when making a claim for anything against business expenses. An accountant will be able to tell you if this rule changes.