Terms & Conditions


‘Us’ and ‘Our’ means Spaces & Places Self Storage. ‘You’ and ‘Your’ means the signatory detailed on the Rental Agreement Form.


This agreement entitles you to rent the self-storage unit space we designate to you for the storage of any items owned by you which are deemed acceptable – see clause 3.


You may not sublet or receive payment from a third party for storing items in the self-storage unit designated to you without our written consent. You may not store prohibited, illegal or stolen items, illegal drugs, potentially dangerous, damaging, explosive, inflammable or oxidizing items, including propane or butane gas cylinders; plants or goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause an infestation; food or goods which should be frozen or refrigerated; any animals including pets, birds or fish. Any goods requiring a special licence or Government permission to store, import or export may only be stored if we have received a copy of the licence. We have the right to open the self-storage unit and remove and dispose of any such items that we suspect of the above without informing you first.


No items may be left outside the self-storage unit without our express permission. Any items left outside a self-storage unit will be removed and disposed of at your cost without prior notice.


Without our express written permission, no activities involving selling (either wholesale or retail), renting or any business activity, repairs to vehicles or stored items will be allowed on the premises. Our planning permission allows for storage use. No vehicles may be left on the premises unless you are present or unless we have agreed in advance and a parking charge is paid in advance. Any vehicles on site are there entirely at your own risk.


Hire charges are due monthly in advance. Payments are due monthly on the same day each month based on the date this agreement commences. We reserve the right to hold a £100 deposit which will be refunded at the end of the agreement, subject to the self-storage unit being undamaged and all outstanding rental payments cleared.


Using the Tort (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 - Notice of Intention to Sell Goods we reserve the right to give you 1 months’ notice to remove all items from the self-storage unit at any time without giving a reason. If you fail to remove all items, we are entitled to enter the self-storage unit, sell or dispose of some or all the items without further notice. The cost of the sale or disposal and the cost of entering the self-storage unit will be charged to you. The net proceeds of any sale will be returned to you upon request, less any outstanding debt and without interest being due.


Arrears – if you are more than 1 month in arrears, we shall be entitled to enter the self-storage unit, sell or dispose of any items, without notice, as detailed in Clause 7 above. It is your responsibility to ensure we receive payment when due.


We accept no liability whatsoever or howsoever arising in respect of loss, damage or expense arising from errors in information or advice provided by us whether due to our negligence, our employees or subcontractors or otherwise.


We shall not be liable to you or any person or item that you bring onto the premises, for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, costs, expenses or other claims for loss or injury, or compensation, however caused. We recommend that you arrange you own insurance cover for items on the premises.


We review our charges periodically. You will be given 1 months’ notice in writing of any alterations in pricing.


It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any change to your contact details – telephone numbers, addresses et cetera


We require you to provide us with 1 months’ notice if you wish to end this agreement. The self- storage unit must be empty, clean, unlocked and available to us by the end of this month.


Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure accuracy, any advertising or literature is intended to present a general idea of the service and should not be assumed to be a basis for a contract. This agreement supersedes any previous agreement.