10 Ways Clutter is Affecting Your Life

An analysis of various studies on clutter and hoarding has indicated that clutter has a negative effect on our life. Not only can clutter in the home cause stress, it can also affect your physical health, relationships, career and finances

Take a look at the different and surprising ways clutter can affect your life.

  • Clutter can damage your health and lead to:-
  1. Stress – clutter is thought to raise the level of the hormone cortisol
  2. Overeating – to compensate for the feeling of being overwhelmed by clutter
  3. Respiratory problems – cluttered homes contain more dust which can lead to breathing problems
  • Clutter can harm your relationships
  1. Clutter prevents people seeing the changes that are needed to build and strengthen their relationships with others
  2. Children who live in cluttered home are less happy and less likely to have friends over to play.
  3. Adults tend to isolate themselves from others as they are embarrassed by their cluttered home
  • Clutter can hinder your career
  1. Bosses have indicated they are less likely to promote employees that have a cluttered messy desk.
  2. Clutter also has a negative effect on a person’s rate of productivity
  • Clutter can affect you financially
  1. In a cluttered home people are more prone to miss paying bills on time
  2. Clutter encourages bad spending habits

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