There is a reason why “a place for everything and everything in its place” is such a common saying. Clutter can affect your life in many ways, from negatively impacting your health to keeping you from finding items you need.How Clutter Affects Your Life Why You Should Tame the Mess

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 specific reasons how clutter affects our lives – and what you can do about it!

Clutter can damage your health and lead to:-


Clutter is thought to cause feelings of stress and uncertainty. When you are surrounded by clutter, it can be difficult to know where to start since there is so much stuff everywhere. It’s hard for your brain to process what needs attention first when everything seems like a priority!

In addition, the more cluttered an environment becomes the higher levels of cortisol we produce. Cortisol is the hormone that our body releases when we are stressed and anxious, which can lead to feelings of depression or anxiety.

If you notice that your clutter levels have been steadily increasing over time, it might be worth taking some steps to declutter and reduce stress in your life!


It has been known that people overeat to compensate for the feeling of being overwhelmed by clutter. If this becomes a constant habit, it can lead to obesity and other health risks.

If you are constantly overloaded with clutter or spend a lot of time organising your home, consider taking up some hobbies which include exercises such as yoga or long walks.

Respiratory problems

A cluttered home can also lead to respiratory problems. The dust and allergens that are created in the process of being surrounded by clutter cannot escape if you do not clean your house often, which in turn increases the number of pollutants inhaled. This leads to a worsening of many different allergies or asthma symptoms.

Clutter Can Harm Your Personal Life

Clutter prevents people from seeing the changes that are needed to build and strengthen their relationships with others. If you aren’t living together, it is difficult to notice when things are getting out of hand.

Studies have also shown that people with cluttered homes tend to be more stressed and depression can arise because they cannot find a way out of the mess. It becomes overwhelming and causes many issues in one’s life.

Children who live in a cluttered home are less happy and less likely to have friends over to play.

Adults also isolate themselves more due to the embarrassment of their surroundings.

Hire a Professional to Help Deal with the Clutter

As we mentioned before, clutter has a negative impact on your life. It affects both how you feel and what you do in your day-to-day routine.

The best way to get rid of this clutter is by hiring professional storage providers like our self storage units in Nuneaton!

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Over the years, has your spare room turned into a place to store all of your clutter? If your answer is yes, then you are one of the many that are neglecting the many uses your spare room has to offer.

It can become easy to use it as a place to store items you won’t be needing for a while, whether it be suitcases or Christmas decorations, you are stopping this space from reaching its full potential.

Instead of continuing to use it as a dumping ground, make the most out of your spare room by following these useful suggestions…

Private bar

If you love the idea of hosting parties and having a house full, this is the perfect scenario. You can create an in-home bar to avoid running back and forth to the kitchen and depending on the space, you can even add a jukebox and pool table to turn it into the perfect games room!


If a private bar/games room isn’t for you, but you consider yourself to be a bit of a bookworm, then turn your spare room into a haven you love. Fill up some bookshelves, add some comfy seating and ensure there’s overhead lighting to create your very own library.

Walk-in wardrobe

A lot of the time, your spare room can be used to store clothing you no longer wear, so why not create your own walk-in wardrobe instead of placing all of your clothes on the floor! This not only looks more visually appealing, but will make your life easier when searching for an outfit!


If you are serious about increasing your fitness levels but prefer to work out in the comfort of your home rather than funding a gym membership, then create a gym tailored to you and your needs.

Home Office

Instead of commuting every day, you may prefer to work from home. When turning your spare room into an office, keep distractions to a minimum so you can be at your most productive.


When you tidy your spare room, instead of throwing all items away; place them in a Spaces and Places self-storage unit. This way, you can turn your spare room into something much more useful/enjoyable, while avoiding throwing away items you wish to keep.


April is known as home improvement month, because it is a time of year when many people start jobs to spruce up their home. Research indicates that in Britain one in three households spend £2,000 a year on home improvements. However, 43% of jobs are left unfinished because people lose interest or give up because the job was too large or difficult, but a DIY job does not have to be a big project to make a difference.

Here are some suggestions of smaller projects for those who are less confident about their DIY skills that can really enhance your home:-

  • Create an illusion of space in a narrow hallway by painting the end wall a darker shade than the side walls.
  • Update the kitchen or bathroom by changing the taps.
  • Paint the front door to make a great first impression.
  • Update old furniture by painting it or put on new handles.
  • Spring clean the lamp shades and windows, inside and outside, to improve the quality of the light in your home.
  • Create a new look by adding new soft furnishing e.g. new cushion covers, throws and table runners.
  • Add new plants for extra colour and interest.
  • Make a herb garden for the kitchen.
  • Get creative using cheap materials like crates and pallets to make bookshelves or a coffee table.
  • Give the tops of tables and dressers a quick makeover by adding a decorative liner.


We all tend of have more stuff than space, so a useful project for April could be to sort out the garage, loft and the cupboard under the stairs to get rid of all those items we no longer want, need or use.

If, after the sort out, there are somethings you simply cannot bring yourself to throw out but haven’t the space to keep them in your home why not consider hiring a self-storage unit.

Spaces and Places is the perfect place to store items you do not want to throw away and furniture you wish to sell at a future date.

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