7 Valuable Items That Could be in Your Loft

What’s lurking in your loft? If it’s been a while since you had a good clear out, chances are you won’t have much of an idea!

Venturing up into your loft could prove to be well worth it, as research carried out by online valuation service Value my Stuff has revealed that a large proportion of Brits could be sitting on untapped wealth. The report revealed that more than one in ten households have antique furniture worth over £500, and almost one in five is harbouring a painting worth hundreds of pounds.

It seems that antiques and possessions passed down from family members could be worth a great deal more than their owners think, and our lofts could be filled with collectable and potentially valuable items. The following items are commonly found stowed away in storage but could have the potential to fetch you

1- Books

If you look through your collection with a sharp eye you could find a book that could be worth a great deal. First editions, rare copies and signed books all have potential value.

2- Sporting memorabilia

Dig out old football programmes you saved from past matches. If you have one from the right game, it could be worth thousands.

3- Vinyl

Rock and pop memorabilia from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s is incredibly popular while certain records from any era could fetch a high price from an avid collector.

4- Retro toys

Antique dolls, classic board games or collectable toys could make you money at auction. The nostalgic appeal will boost their value, and Star Wars and Doctor Who figures are often popular.

5- Designer clothes

Keep an eye out for hand me down clothes and costume jewellery as vintage fashion pieces are always in demand. Designer pieces from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s are particularly desirable to buyers.

6- Comics and annuals

Were you an avid comic collector in your childhood? Well now might be the time to revisit your collection as their market value continues to increase.

7- Old gadgets

Most of us upgrade our smartphones at least every couple of years so if your old models are stashed in your loft why not recycle them? There are loads of online sites that will exchange your old gadgets for cash so it’s well worth checking out.

So why not have a good clear out and see what’s lurking in your loft?

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