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How a Storage Unit can Transform Your Business

Online businesses have taken the world by storm. So many people are now selling online, either through choice or necessity that it makes sense to explore it, regardless of your industry. Storage units provide tremendous benefits for such moves. Have you been running an online business from home? Is the stock taking up too much… Read more »

10 Reasons to Move to Middlewich

Located in the heart of Cheshire, this market town is surrounded by picturesque landscape and filled with history, so why has it been overlooked for so many years? At first glance Middlewich might appear to be a sleepy rural town with little to see or do, but Middlewich is filled with independent shops, markets, local… Read more »

5 Packaging Tips For Your Business Move

Moving your business can feel like an overwhelming job, but it doesn’t have to be. Planning ahead makes the entire process that much easier and for operations to start up again quickly with minimal disruption. To ensure that your commercial move goes smoothly and efficiently, use the following tips to get you from point A… Read more »

How we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

You might be wondering how we are operating safely during COVID 19, and rightly so. Here at Spaces and Places Self Storage we are working to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers. To do so we have adapted our working systems to follow the government guidelines. Fortunately for us the nature of… Read more »

How to Run a Business from a Storage Unit

Are you operating your small business enterprise from the dining room or the kitchen table? Is your house large enough to dedicate a whole room – say a spare bedroom, home office, or study room – to your business processes? Unfortunately, the opposite is likely to be true and your small business will have taken… Read more »

6 Of The Biggest Storage Unit Finds in the UK

Quite often, old storage units contain little more than spare clothing, old furniture, health and fitness equipment or old memorabilia. However, sometimes a storage unit can contain an incredible treasure trove and this can be true of anywhere so when you rent a storage unit in Manchester, just imagine what might be hidden a few… Read more »

Twelve Ways We Try to Create a Climate Positive Workplace

Here at Spaces and Places, we work with a number of Green Companies to help improve our workplace’s eco-friendliness. Here are 12 ways we currently do within our offices and storage facilities. 1) We use reusable water bottles and mugs at work. Disposable water bottles are found all over landfills and their environmental impact is… Read more »

Creating the Perfect Working Space in a Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage in Manchester is very affordable. However, the units demand that you are quite resourceful. If you are working the whole day, including on weekends, then you will be spending most of your time in the office. This means you will need to keep your self-storage unit as comfortable as possible. Turning Your Self Storage… Read more »

6 Tips on How to Keep Clothing Fresh in Self Storage

If you have a storage unit in Nuneaton, you might choose to use this extra space to store some or all of your clothing: whether its due to a house move, a lack of space or the desire to pop seasonal clothes away until required. These life-changing hacks will help you achieve your storage goals… Read more »

What are The Different Storage Units?

A Quick Look at the Different Types of Storage Units Do you need to rent a high-quality storage unit in order to protect your valuables when moving house? Perhaps you instead possess important documents that require secure storage solutions. There are many reasons why appreciating the different possibilities is important. Let’s examine some of the… Read more »

Why Do People Use Self Storage

Why do so many people use self storage firms? Are there any advantages that stand out? What types of modern technology can you expect to leverage? Whether you are hoping to find a secure solution for important documents or you happen to be purchasing a new home and need to store a handful of items,… Read more »

How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

Are you planning a trip abroad for a few months in the near future? Might you be performing a substantial home renovation? Perhaps you instead require an offsite location to house important personal documents. In any of these situations, the ability to procure a reliable self-storage unit will offer you a host of different options…. Read more »