Middlewich Heritage Trust


Revealing Murgatroyd’s project, a quest to save a unique scheduled Monument that had fallen into a derelict state. As the project progressed volunteers and professionals alike fought to restore the site for use as a heritage resource. A fitting tribute to George Murgatroyd whose vision saved the Middlewich salt industry and kick-started the chemical industry in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, providing many jobs and business opportunities.

For those of you who have a lot on your plate, organising for Christmas can seem like a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be! In this blog post, we will talk about how you can organise your home for the festive season so that everything is ready in plenty of time and stress-free.How to Organise Your Home for the Festive Season

Declutter Your Living Space

One of the best ways to get ready for Christmas is to declutter your living space. Tidying up and getting rid of any unnecessary items will make it much easier to move around and find what you need during the festive season. If you’re not sure where to start, try focusing on one area at a time preferably the busiest area in the household as this will have the most impact.

Consider storing extra items in boxes or cages if you don’t intend on using them anymore to save some more room. If you don’t have any space, consider renting a self storage facility like Spaces and Places Manchester to make your living area more spacious and festive.

Create a Festive Mood with Christmas Decorations

It’s the time of year to bring out the decorations and get into the festive mood! Decorating your home will not only create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but it can also put you in a more positive frame of mind.

With decorations such as Christmas lights, candles and garlands, you can really transform your home in time for the festive season. It’s best to start by decorating the main living spaces, such as the lounge and dining room, and then move on to the bedrooms and other areas of the house.

Organise Your Cupboards

Christmas time can be a busy period with lots going on, so it’s important to organise your cupboards and plan ahead. There tends to be more food and drink consumed at Christmas, so make sure you have enough storage space for everything. If your home has a pantry, this is the perfect place to store your food supplies.

If you don’t have a pantry, allocate some cupboard space for tinned food, jars of sauces and packets of biscuits. You could also use baskets or boxes to store items such as potatoes, onions and carrots.

In Conclusion

The festive season is a time of year that can be overwhelming for many people. People might feel stressed out about how to decorate, organise their homes and prepare food.

We’ve created this blog post with some tips on decluttering your living space, organising your cupboards and creating a festive mood in the home so you can enjoy yourself without feeling overwhelmed during the Festive Season. If you need help getting organised or storing items securely over Christmas, contact our team today!

If you are looking to store your items, you might be interested in knowing some of the most commonly stored items. This is an important decision for many people and it can be difficult to make without any idea of what others have done before. If this sounds like something that interests you, then keep on reading!

Old Clothes

If you have clothes that are no longer being worn, or ones that do not fit anymore, but want to pass on to another person, it is a good idea to store them. This helps you keep your home uncluttered and allows the clothes to be given away or sold at another time if necessary.

Examine your wardrobe. Perhaps you’d want to preserve a conventional item of clothing that has been handed down through the family, such as a wedding gown or suit. If you are thinking of storing clothes, see our post here on how to keep clothes fresh during storage.


Probably the most common household items stored in a storage unit are furniture. This includes sofas, dining room tables, and chairs, coffee tables, bookcases or other types of shelving units.

If you have any large pieces that do not fit into your home anymore but also don’t want to sell them (or aren’t ready yet), these can be placed into a self storage unit.

Another reason why furniture is common in our Nuneaton storage facility is that people may be moving abroad and need a place to store their items until they get settled in the new location.


Other than furniture, kitchen and other domestic appliances such as washers and dryers are also commonly stored in a self storage unit.

Small appliances such as microwaves, toasters, kettles and coffee machines can be placed into the same unit too since they tend to take up less space than a refrigerator or an oven.

The reason behind why many people store appliances is that they are planning on renovating or even selling the house with new appliances to match the new look, but they are still keeping their old appliances for potential future use or a backup.

Sports Equipment and other Recreations

Storage units are the perfect place to store sports equipment and recreational items such as bikes, scooters, and other toys.

A unit can be easily used for storing any outdoor activities that you might not use often like camping gear or parkour equipment since it is a safe place.

In addition, the winter months are when these items typically go unused so having them stored in an indoor storage space prevents them from being damaged by humidity and dirt outside as well!

Vintage CDs, DVDs and Books

If you want to keep hold of those precious family memories or old school CDs, DVDs and books then it is best to get a storage unit.

Some of these items may increase in value too so they can be worth looking after in order to sell them on at a later date. Using a self storage unit is a great way to store any items that you want to have on hand.

In addition, if you are someone who likes keeping hold of books and DVDs then it can be really nice having somewhere safe where they can continue their shelf life as opposed to being at home in your living room where they may be damaged.

Garages are often the most cluttered spaces in the home. This is because they are sometimes used for storage, which makes them a catch-all space that can become overwhelming very quickly.

Tools and other equipment take up a lot of room, but there are ways to store these items without making your garage feel cramped or disorganised. Here are some tips for storing garage tools!

Install a Pegboard to Hang Tools

Hanging tools on a pegboard allow you to store them in the garage without taking up too much space. Pegboards come with holes that allow you to securely hang your equipment and they can be installed so they are easy to access when needed.

These can be purchased from many DIY shops or easily made with a wooden board and nails. The common tools that are stored on a pegboard are hammers, drills and wrenches.

Enclose Your Tools in Storage Cabinets or Wall-Mounted Drawer Units

Storage cabinets are a great way to store all of your tools neatly so they can be easily retrieved when needed. If you want an easy option for storage that is quick to install, consider purchasing wall-mounted drawer units for ease of access to tools.

The tool cabinets will allow you to store your equipment safely and securely, as well as keeping them out of the way from any other items in your garage. They are also a great option for those who have limited floor space or prefer more storage options on their walls rather than the floors.

Alternatively, you can invest in trolley units, which are available in a number of different sizes and styles. The trolley units can be pushed around the garage to provide you with easy access to your tools at all times; they can also be locked into place for added security when not in use.

Hang up Ladders to Save Space

Larger items which take up a lot of floor spaces, such as ladders, can be hung up on walls. This is a great way to save space and prevent a potential trip hazard. Simply attach a ladder hanger to the wall of your garage using screws and pull it tight so that there is no slack.

Then place the ladder on top of the hanger. You can also double up on ladders by hanging one behind another for even more storage space-saving potential.

Use a Reputable Self Storage Provider

When you’re looking for self storage units in Manchester to put your tools, don’t forget about the importance of keeping them organised. The tips we’ve shared should help make this process a little easier and less time consuming.

If you need any more advice on how to store garage tools or would like to enquire about a unit to store your tools, get in touch with the experts at Spaces and Places today.

Fulfilment is a critical part of the e-commerce process. It ensures that orders are fulfilled accurately and quickly but it can also be expensive. This blog post will discuss how businesses can save money on fulfilment by implementing these tips and tactics!

Use a Self Storage Unit to Store Your Products

A company can save money by using a storage facility rather than renting or maintaining their own warehouse space, especially if they have multiple locations that receive e-commerce orders from all over the world. A self storage unit is a great solution for businesses that don’t have the space to house their products in-house.

Many storage facilities like Spaces and Places Manchester offer safe and secure storage units at competitive prices.

Ship Products in Bulk

Bulk shipping is a great way to save money as it is much more cost effective than individual shipping. The downside of bulk order shipment is that customers may not receive their products as quickly as they do from a business that ships items one by one.

Many shipping companies offer reduced pricing for bulk shipment so it makes sense to at least ask about the possibility.

Maintain a Solid Stock Management Plan

If the products you sell are perishable, it is important that you keep a close eye on the expiration dates. Expired products will eat into your profits, so it is important to have effective stock management and replenishment system in place.

Try to buy units in low numbers to begin with and determine the popularity of the products with your customers before you consider purchasing in bulk.

It is possible to make money from your inventory by purchasing more when it’s in higher demand. For example, if you know that during the month of December people will start buying again and expecting gifts; then buy all year long!

This way at least some parts of what was bought early can be sold off before January so there are no worries about being stuck with unsold products sitting around doing nothing for most part-of-year like last time around (or other occasions where sales drop).

In Conclusion

When it comes to fulfilment for your business needs there are many ways you can do it. You have the option of using a fulfilment centre or outsourcing and storing items yourself which will both save money in some way depending on what you need. For storage units near Manchester we offer affordable options that suit any size company’s requirements so speak with one of our team members today!

You are likely to need many boxes to pack up your belongings when moving from one place to another. It can be hard deciding which box is the best for what type of item so we have compiled some helpful information on the types of boxes available and how they can help make your move easier!

What are the Different Types of Boxes Used for Moving

There are many types of boxes on the market today that you will find useful for your move. Here is a list of the different types and what they are best used for:

Small Boxes

These are typically used for items such as kitchen utensils, dishes, towels and other small items that are not very heavy. These can be stacked on top of each other if you need to transport many of them at once without adding too much weight.

Medium Boxes

These boxes are typically used for clothing or shoes which will keep these items contained in one space making them easier to lift into the removal van. They often measure between 60cm by 45cm and 90cm by 60 cm.

Large Boxes

These boxes are typically used for heavier items such as books, toys, or even appliances depending on their size. These will be the heaviest of the three types of boxes so must not contain any breakables or anything that could cause damage to other objects in the removal van.

Dish Pack Boxes

Also known as dish packs, these boxes are typically used for packing up plates, glasses and mugs. They are specially made with compartments to keep plates safe so they are unlikely to break during the move. Dish packs can also be used for food items, cutlery and even small appliances which is why they are so popular with removals companies that have a high volume of moves each day.

Wardrobe Boxes

These boxes are made from strong double corrugated cardboard and are specially designed to hold clothes securely. They typically have a lid and will feature handles so you can easily transport them from the house or flat, through the hallway and into your removal van without any hassle.

Benefits of Using Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials

At Spaces and Places Nuneaton, we encourage our clients to consider all of their options when they are looking for a company that can provide them with environmentally friendly packing materials.

One way that we achieve this is by using recycled packaging materials whenever possible, such as cardboard boxes that have been used in the past and then reused once again. This allows us to help preserve our environment whilst maintaining the quality of packaging products.

Camping gear can be stored in a variety of ways. Some people prefer to keep their camping gear in the back of their campervan all summer, while others store it at home or use a storage unit for this purpose. The best option is going to depend on your specific needs and preferences. In this blog post, we will explore some of the different methods available when storing your camping gear!

Store Your Tent in a Dry, Shaded Area

People often store their tent in the back of a campervan, because it fits perfectly and is easy to access. It is important to keep the tent stored away from daylight as this can cause the colour to fade.

In addition to the aesthetics of the tent, the UV rays can cause the material to wear and tear more quickly. It is also best to store the tent in a dry, well-ventilated storage unit that receives shade during part of the day.

Store Heavier Items At The Bottom

Heavier camping gear such as backpacks, folding chairs & tables should be placed at the bottom of your storage space, so they are compacted. This will minimise any wear on the material because it isn’t constantly squished by other items in your storage unit.

The more fragile items such as the poles and the tent should be placed in a separate box, to prevent them from being squashed or broken.

Storing Cooking Utensils

Cooking utensils are an essential part of camping.

To avoid extensive wear and tear on the cooking utensils, they should be placed in a separate box or container to prevent damage from transportation. It is also important to ensure the utensils are thoroughly cleaned after each use. This will prevent any rusting or build up.

Label Everything

It is always recommended that you carefully label each box when storing your items. This will benefit the people tasked with putting away your things, making it easier for them to put everything in its designated place once they are finished organising.

It also makes taking out all of the camping equipment more efficient after being stored for a long time because everyone knows where their own stuff goes instead of having to search through multiple boxes looking for something specific.

In Summary

Here are some tips to make sure your camping gear stays safe and organised. We want you to enjoy the great outdoors, not be exhausted by it! For secure storage units in Nuneaton for your camping gear, call today.

Moving offices can be a daunting task, but there are many ways to make the process easier. This article will go over some tips and tricks for moving your business to a new location. We’ll discuss what you need to get started, efficient packing, storage tips and more!

What Are the Advantages of Moving Offices?

For most businesses, the main advantages of moving office location is to keep the company fresh or expand to larger premises. This can be a great opportunity to revitalise your business and attract new customers!

As a business grows, it’s important to have access to the resources that are required for growth. Sometimes, old offices can be too small or in an area where there aren’t enough customers. A move could help you get closer to your target market and introduce new opportunities!

Planning Your Office Move

When moving offices, it is important to be organised! Planning your office move ahead of time will help you know what steps need to happen and when. Not only that but if the process goes smoothly then working efficiency won’t suffer as much.

When you contact your new landlord about moving, tell them how much notice you’ll need to give so they can prepare for the transition. If possible, try and get a meeting with them ahead of time as this way, it will make the move easier!

Tips for Making the Transition Easier on Employees

Moving offices can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Include information about how your employees will move to the new office and what their roles are in making sure everything runs smoothly on moving day. You should also include contact details of who they should contact if there is an emergency or any confusion at all!

Set up a team meeting the day before the move to discuss final details and go over any questions. You should also distribute a list of who employees will need to contact along with the move out/in information so every employee knows exactly where they stand throughout this process!

What to do With Your Old Office Equipment

If you are planning to use your old office equipment in your new workspace in the future then make sure you invest in a reputable self-storage facility like Spaces and Places Manchester to store it for you. This way, you can ensure that all of your office supplies are taken care of during the move and will be waiting in the new office once everything has settled down!

These facilities provide a secure way of storing your office equipment and furniture making them easy to find in the future when you need them!

In Summary

Planning an office move is a time-consuming, stressful event. There are many different aspects to consider and it can be difficult to know where to start without the help of experts who have experienced this before.

For any further information for storage solutions office move help, get in touch with our experts at your earliest convenience so that they can assist you through every step of the process!

With a mattress, you have to be careful about where you store it. How long will the storage unit be accessible? How high is the ceiling in your storage unit? Do you have enough ventilation for a mattress?

You’ll need to think about these things when deciding how to store your mattress in a storage unit. In this article, we’ll discuss what type of coverings and padding are best for mattresses before storing them away from home.

Make Sure the Mattress is Clean

You might think this is obvious but before you store a mattress in a storage unit it’s important to make sure the surface of your mattress is dry and free from dust or allergens. Especially if you are storing a mattress for a longer period of time as this can lead to mould and mildew growth.

It is best to allow the surface and edges of the bedding a few hours outside in fresh air so that they can dry thoroughly before covering them up with any type of storage unit coverings or padding materials.

Which Is the Best Way to Store a Mattress?

You should store your mattress on its side to avoid compressing or flattening the coils. If you do not have enough room for a box spring, then we recommend that you purchase a fabric cover and put it over your mattress when storing it in a storage unit.

This will keep any foreign matter from getting into the cracks and crevices of your mattress which can lead to unwanted odours and critters.

If you’re planning to store your mattress for a longer period of time, we recommend laying the mattress flat and allowing it to rest in this position until needed again.

If stored upright over an extended amount of time, this could cause coils or cushioning inside the mattress to become out of position, completely ruining its usability.

Protecting the Mattress Fabric

If you want to protect your mattress from unwanted substances and insects, a plastic sheet is a solution.

Additionally, mattresses can also be stored in a specially designed bag for protection against stains or other damage caused by foreign materials

A mattress bag would be the recommended solution if you plan on leaving your mattress in storage for long periods of time.

The bag also acts as a protective layer that preserves the look and feel of your mattress while not being used, so it is ready for use when you are!

In Summary

Storing a mattress is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for storage units in Nuneaton. For those who need help finding the right place to securely store their items, contact Spaces and Places today! We offer self-storage solutions for any budget or lifestyle.

Every wine lover needs to know how to store wine for optimal taste. Wine is a delicate drink that can be taken advantage of when you are not careful about the environment it’s stored in.

In this blog post, we will go over some simple tips and tricks for storing your wines in order to get the best flavour out of them!

Store Wine in a Dark Environment

Wine is best stored in a dark environment to avoid exposure to light and oxygen. Exposure causes wine bottles to lose their gloss, change colour, become cloudy or create an unpleasant odour.

If you can’t store your wines in a completely dark room then it’s best that the area that will be storing them should at least have some blackout curtains that do not allow sunlight to enter.

Store at Room Temperature

The taste of wine is so delicate and nuanced that even minor changes in the environment can have a serious impact on the quality.

You may not realise it, but anything from high or low temperatures to condensation will affect your drink’s flavour after just one week! What is the best way to avoid this disaster? Store it at room temperature with an occasional check-in for mould growth before returning back inside.

Store Bottles Horizontally

Storing your wine bottles horizontally instead of vertically keeps the bottles cork moist and prevents the wine from cork taint. If you store your bottles vertically, the pressure of gravity will cause the corks to dry and shrink into the neck of the bottle. This can lead to a high rate of oxidation due to contact with air!

High oxidation can cause a wine to have a harsh taste and produce an unpleasant odour, especially if you are looking at long term storage.

Storing wine bottles horizontally also allow sediment to collect at the bottom of each bottle, where it is less likely that one’s wine will be tainted.

Keep Away From Vibrations

Wine is a delicate drink that can easily be tainted by vibration. This is because wines that are stored horizontally have sediment at the bottom of each bottle.

When these bottles are shaken, this sediment can be stirred up and become part of the wine. It is always a good idea to store your wines on shelves or in cases away from any vibration sources so they don’t break!

In Conclusion

There are many factors that play a role in how the wine will taste, but one of the most important is storage. Here we have provided some tips on how to store your wines for maximum flavour and aroma. If you would like more information about our storage units in Nuneaton or Manchester get in touch with the expert team at Spaces and Places today!

The wedding day will be one of the most memorable days in your life. You want to make sure that you have all your memories from the big day, but what about the dress? It is not always practical to store it with other clothes or to hang it up. In this article, our experts will provide helpful tips on how you can pack a wedding dress for storage without damaging it so that you can preserve those memories!

Use A Padded Surface

Place the dress on a padded surface and cover it with a clean sheet. The sheet will protect the dress from getting too dirty and scratched. The padded surface will also help to keep the dress from creasing and prevent rips or tears.

Fold the Dress Effectively

Fold in the side hems of the skirt into the waistline of the dress and fold in any sleeves. Do not crease or wrinkle the dress by folding it over on itself.

The skirt of a wedding gown should be folded to make sure that there are no wrinkles, but if you do find one don’t tug at it because this could cause more damage than good! The number of folds will depend on the size of the dress.

Fold the dress in half with the front of the dress facing out and then fold it again from top to bottom. The back should be on the outside for this step so that you can see a seam at each end, which is where you will put your pins.

Use Garment Bags

Garment bags are perfect for more delicate dresses that need extra protection from dust and other particles.

Garment bags are also great for storing other clothes and accessories that you don’t want to get wrinkled up before your big day, such as a nice suit or cocktail dress.

You can purchase these bags from a number of retailers and they are typically made of clear plastic or nylon.

Be Aware of Embellishments

If you’re packing an expensive and delicate lace wedding dress, it’s important to make sure that when the bag is closed or tucked away in your suitcase, nothing can get caught on any of the embellishments.

Store your gown separately from all other items so as not to damage those details like beading or trim with a zip.

Almost every woman who has ever worn a wedding dress (and even many of those women’s mothers and grandmothers) have gone through the same frustrating experience. You want to preserve your beautiful gown so you can show it off again one day, but how do you pack it for storage?

For many students, the summer break is a time to go home and relax. But before you pack up your belongings for the year, there are a few things you should know about storing them during this long off-season.

If you’re not careful, your clothes and books could get ruined! Here’s some information on what to do with everything from your winter coat to old textbooks that have seen better days.

Pack up your belongings in a large box and label it with the date you’ll need them again

This will help with organisation and will make it easier when you’re ready to head back. Just be sure not to pack anything in a box that will need more than six months of storage.

If the items are too large for your room, don’t worry! There are plenty of options for self storage facilities like Spaces and Places in Nuneaton for example, who offer a wide range of storage units to suit various budgets and needs.

Find a storage unit that is close to your school or home

Location is important when storing your belongings. If you’re in the process of moving your belongings to school or from home, it’s best to find a storage unit that is close to where they need to go so you can visit them more easily. Having easy access to your belongings will also help you take better care of them and make sure nothing is lost in the process.

Store Textbooks in a Sturdy Box

For protection, store books upright, and the spine should be facing outwards. For paperbacks, stack them horizontally so that they’re not bent. The sturdy box will act as a buffer in case the box is dropped or crushed.

For water protection, store your books in a zip-lock bag. If you’re storing them for an extended period of time, place the watertight container on top to ensure that no moisture can seep from the bottom and into your textbooks.

At Spaces and Places, we want you to get the very best deal on storage. Check with our team for the options of different types of storage as well as the prices for each.

Determine the amount of belongings you need storing and then make a decision based on which is the most suitable for you.

With the summer break in full flow and find that your school supplies are taking up space in your home, now is the time to make arrangements for storing these items.

Whether it is a storage unit or something else, always keep in mind how easy and accessible your belongings will be once they are stored away. If this sounds like something you need help with, contact us today so we can work on finding a solution together!