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Top 4 Most Stored Items

Overall, there are 1,505 storage sites in the UK, providing more than 44.6 million square feet of storage space. But what are us Brits storing inside them? And could a storage unit be the answer to your prayers? Here are 4 of the most common items put into storage and our top tips on how… Read more »

Got Kids? A storage unit could be the answer to all your prayers

Calling all parents, you’re not the only ones who now have 10 times the amount of children’s stuff following Christmas, we’re all in the same boat! You’ll have probably heard it before when your parents, friends and family tell you to simply chuck out the old to make space for the new, but we know… Read more »

Where to Hide Your Christmas Presents?

December is officially in full swing and if you’re not an eager beaver who buys their Christmas presents months in advance; you may still be in the process of doing that inevitable Christmas shopping. Over the festive period there is plenty to be done, and if you’re cooking Christmas dinner you may already be stocking… Read more »

Keep Hold of That – It May Be Valuable Later!

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If watching programmes like ‘Storage Hunters’ has taught us anything, it’s that particular items in your home may be worth a lot more money than you think, and that it’s important to keep these safe in a storage unit to hold on to them for a few more years. Storage units are designed to keep… Read more »

Three Top Tips for Cohabiting

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Moving out of your family home and beginning the first adventure to your very own home can be very exciting, especially if you’re moving in with somebody else, but it can also be a little nerve-racking too! There’s lots of different tips to making the move a smooth one, so we’ve gathered some of our… Read more »

Seasonal Storage Swaps

As we draw towards the end of 2019, and indeed the decade (incredible, we know!), we think we can all agree that unfortunately summer is now well and truly over. But with the end of summer comes Autumn, and with Autumn comes Halloween. It is indeed now the season for pumpkins, trick or treaters and… Read more »

Tips for Starting a business

How many people have woken up at 7 am for work and dreaming about never having to do it again? We’d bet that a lot of you have, and to those of you that haven’t – we don’t believe you! Becoming self-employed and owning a business is a dream for people the world over, but… Read more »

Top 5 Things Everybody Has in Their Home That Need to Go into Storage

No matter how well you hone your decluttering skills, or how well you continue to resist the urge to hoard, the fact remains that many of you will at some point have a few more belongings in the home than you can store. When this happens, people will invariably tackle the problem in one of… Read more »

Reasons NOT to move

As we go through life, we’re often encouraged to make changes – the idea behind this being that it encourages us to grow as people by broadening our horizons and experiencing new things. But the fact remains that some of us simply aren’t quite ready to change yet, and that’s fine! If you’re one of… Read more »

Spaces and Places – How to ‘Marie Kondo’ your home

If you happen to be one of the lovely people reading our blog today, then we’d assume with some degree of certainty that you’re interested in decluttering and/or saving space. Naturally, we also think you’ll have come across the name ‘Marie Kondo’ before. If you happen to be one of those people who haven’t heard… Read more »

Protect Your Possessions Whilst on Holiday

Summer is, of course, the perfect time to head away to wherever it is that makes you happy. Some people go away to escape work for a few days, some go to chill out and some even go for work purposes (ouch). Unfortunately, on the other side of the coin are thieves – for whom… Read more »

Advice For The Not-So-Empty Nesters

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Helping your children move on to the next stage of their life is a strange time, one full of many different emotions and new experiences. One experience you probably weren’t expecting, however, is the mountain of stuff they leave for you to deal with – especially if you thought you were going to get to… Read more »