Office space can be expensive and depending on your industry, sometimes you need to store products for infrequent use.How Tradesmen Can Utilise a Storage Facility for Business

Having piles of items filling up office space can reduce the performance of highly stressed employees as they have to keep manoeuvring around things.

Whilst storage facilities are generally associated with storing furniture and other collections, they can be a gem, primarily if you ship in products upon order. They are not only useful during the downsizing of a company or when one relocates.

How to Utilise a Storage Facility

As a tradesman, you probably have electrical parts, fittings and other expensive tools that cannot all fit in your van. It is also risky driving around with extensive inventory in the van.

A storage facility provides the ultimate solution, facilitating the possibility of increasing your stock and giving you the peace of mind of never running out, ensuring a successful business. Storage facilities are ideal for several reasons. They provide:

• Convenience – You can keep items in stock for quick fittings without relying on stock availability in stores.

• Cost-effectiveness – If you ship in parts, buying in bulk saves you money. Storage facilities are also cheaper than office space.

• Security – Secured facilities are better than storing in your home or van.

• Efficiency – For quick fits, or late calls, you do not depend on a retail store’s operating hours as you have your supplies already in stock.

• Timely Delivery – Enables you to be available 24/7.

• Space – Allows you to store bulky products, and you can maintain a broader range of products.

Can a Storage Facility Be Used as An Office?

Depending on location, some storage units have the legal permissions to operate as a small designated office space, though most do not. These would have amenities like conference rooms, restrooms and parking.

If you’re looking for business storage in Middlewich then you need to choose one that not only has the most suitable storage units, but also provide bundled services for clients to make your experience stress-free.

With 24-hour access, the rental terms are very flexible, charging you only for used days in case of cancellation of the contract.

Storage spaces are used to store all sorts of items from drinks bottles, newspaper clippings to a pile of treasure and pure junk. 6 of The Strangest Things Found in a Storage Unit

Behind these metal doors lie bizarre discoveries and treasures whereby competitive bidders fight each other out to buy a storage facility. Here’s a quick look at some of the strangest things to be found in storage units.

  1. Lotus Submarine Car

Back in 1989 when a bidder purchased the contents of a storage unit, he was shocked to find the Lotus Submarine vehicle used in a James Bond Movie. The car was auctioned in 2013 and sold for almost a million dollars.

  1. Rare Cars

Self storage units are common for classic car storage. In 2009 a supercar was found sat untouched with its expected value close to $9 million. The nephew of the car owner uncovered the rare car which was a 1937 Bugatti 57S.

  1. Space Equipment

A NASA rocket and a countdown clock are among the items that a winning bidder bought through an auction.

  1. Burt Reynold’s Memorabilia

The storage facility belonging to Burt Reynolds had lots of interesting items such as a canoe, a horse carriage, a letter to his doctor and many more. Imagine finding all of these memorabilia stacked up together.

  1. A Human Leg

When Shannon Whisnant purchased the contents of a storage unit he unexpectedly found a human leg. Shocking as it may seem the previous owner of the unit had stored his amputated leg which was to be buried alongside him.

  1. Never-Released Michael Jackson Songs

After Joe Jackson failed to pay for his storage rent the contents in the unit went up for auction and they included over 250 never released Michael Jackson songs.

Why Use a Storage Unit

Storage facilities are the perfect space to store any bizarre item, treasure or any unique equipment you may have. They are secure and as long as you pay the rent your contents can last in there for a lifetime.

The Best Storage Unit

Selecting the best storage unit depends on its accessibility, security and cost. Thus when you find a storage facility that meets the above factors then you are good to go.


Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to start small businesses as it offers many advantages such as career flexibility, working towards financial freedom and more control of your working routine.Guide to Starting a Business in Winsford

Unfortunately, not all startups survive their first two years as there are also challenges in the business world. If you are planning to start a business in Winsford, there are a lot of things you need to plan to avoid the mistakes that most people do.

This guide provides some essential things you should do if you want to start a successful business in Winsford.

Do Your Research

Every business starts with an idea, but it is always important to evaluate whether the concept has the potential to succeed. Your idea should fulfill a target group’s need, solve a problem, or offer something new in the market. You can identify these needs through market research or trial and error method.

Make a Plan

A plan is a written form of your ideas. A business plan acts as a guide for the business as it lays down the procedures that the business will follow from start to establishment and its growth. You can also use a business plan to find funding or convince others to invest in your business.

Find Funding

Some businesses require huge capital to start, meaning you will need financing from other sources like banks, relatives and friends.

There are also other sources of funding like equity-based crowd funding, peer-to-peer lending, invoice trading and business angels. The government also offer businesses a startup loan of up to £25,000.

Find a Business Space

There are a lot of self storage companies in Winsford that can help you get an affordable and secure space for your business. The type of space you choose and the location depends on the type of your business.

Some businesses like online retail shops may not need huge spaces as they don’t need to display their products, but you can rent a small storage space. Brick and mortar businesses, on the other hand, require a larger space and a location that is close to its target consumers.

Nuneaton is located in Warwickshire and constitutes the southern Midlands. This picturesque town is endowed with a rolling, green countryside, dotted with an array of magnificent historical attractions.Top 5 Reasons to Move to Nuneaton

Nuneaton has something for everyone, from excellent infrastructure to fantastic nature.

If you’re looking to relocate, the following are compelling reasons for choosing Nuneaton:

The Central Location

Nuneaton is central to major UK towns and cities. These include London, Coventry, Birmingham, and lamington. London is an hour away by train, while Birmingham is just 30 minutes away via road.

Besides, you can get to East Midlands Airport in approximately 30 minutes while travelling by car. Nearby towns include Kenilworth, Tamworth, Hinckley, and Leamington.

It’s a Perfect Working Place

Thanks to the presence of diverse businesses and industries, finding a job in Nuneaton won’t be much of a hassle.

The town is under a fast development curve, which means there are plenty of construction jobs and related business opportunities.

Besides, the town is just a short commute from major cities, which means that you can live there and work in Coventry, London, or Leicester.

Great Storage Facilities

You can easily find self storage Nuneaton to store some of your stuff if you’re looking to downsize your home. This is especially true if you haven’t found a job yet, and you’re looking to cut on your expenses, such as rent and utility bills.

Moreover, decluttering your home will be a piece of cake with such storage facilities; you don’t need to keep items that you don’t frequently use around you.

High-Quality Educational Facilities

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge or find a decent school for your kids, you’ll be happy to know that Nuneaton offers a healthy selection of educational facilities.

This town boasts over 20 primary schools, both private and public. It also harbours over seven major secondary education institutions and five higher learning establishments.

Besides, there are excellent stowage facilities like Spaces and Places Self Storage in which you may keep your belongings safe during holidays or when you need to take a gap year.

Plenty of Family Sites and Fun Activities

Nuneaton offers fantastic attraction sites inside and around the town. If you’re a nature enthusiast, you can have a great time in the Bosworth Water Park and relish Kayaking, fishing, and windsurfing.

You could also blow your kids’ minds by taking them to the Hoar Park Craft Village or Children’s Farm. If you’re a sucker for history, local museums and Astley Castle are bound to appeal to you significantly.

You may also enjoy family picnics by taking a walk around the Hartshill Hayes Country Park and create a lifetime of memories.

Nuneaton is an incredible tourist destination and a great place to live in, regardless of your age. It’s endowed with booming businesses, great schools, and infrastructure with a modern appeal.

This town is also close to major cities and towns, which makes it a suitable place to live while working in these metropolises.

The gap year period is usually super exciting. It is time for students to break from academics, explore new environments and roles, or make discoveries.What to Know When Storing Items During a Gap Year

For others, that plane ticket abroad is the ideal relaxation time for breaking the monotony of work.

However, it is not always smiling during preparation for the gap year. A common dilemma is on where and how to store your belongings. A lot can happen when you are gone, especially in a city like Nuneaton.

Here are three things you should know about storing your items during a gap year.

Self-Storage Is the Way to Go

The gap year will see you away for an extended period. Leaving your belongings unattended can be costly and dangerous. On the other hand, taking the items home could also be impossible, considering that most students school very far away from home.

Plus, leaving your items with your friends can inconvenience them and cost you your precious friendship. The best solution is, therefore, getting a self-storage unit for your belongings. This solution is flexible, convenient, and above all, safe. Here are the reasons why self-storage works best.

• Security of items is guaranteed as the units are under surveillance
• No limits on duration items can be stored
• Very affordable rates
• Flexible and easily accessible for items of all sizes and type
• Relieves families and friends of storage space inconvenience

Proper Planning and Packaging Is Essential

Work out the items that need to be stored. If there is an item, you feel you won’t need, consider taking it for auction to get some extra money.

It is also vital that you package items well using the right containers to avoid damage and possible confusion when you return. You will need tools such as boxes, tapes and bubble wraps for delicate items.

You can get all these tools from credible self-storage providers in Nuneaton like Spaces and Places. Pack related items together and label them appropriately, especially for fragile items. Make sure you don’t stack boxes too high when storing them in your unit.

Also, confirm with your storage provider that the storage unit is damp free. You don’t want to come back and find multiple items damaged by the moisture.

Things Not to Store in a Storage Unit

While self-storage is the best solution for your gap year storage needs, some items should not see their way into your storage unit. Here are a few things you should leave out of your unit as they likely won’t be allowed by your self-storage provider.

• Animals and pets such as fish and dogs
• Illegal or stolen items
• Highly inflammable items such as gas cylinders
• Plants and food that may attract pests
• Unlicensed items that require licenses from the authorities
• Foods that need refrigeration

Your belongings should not be the source of stress during your gap year endeavours. With self-storage, you are guaranteed security of your items for as long as you need.

What’s more, it all comes at student-friendly rates. If you are planning to get a storage unit in Nuneaton, Spaces & Places have been offering safe, flexible, and affordable storage services for several decades. Get in touch with us for a quote.

Toys can be valuable items. Sometimes, the most innocuous playthings can become valuable collector’s items that are relentlessly sought after. Guessing which toys will become valuable in a few years is not easy. However, there are some trends you can keep an eye on.Collectibles and Future Toys From 2020 You Should Consider Storing

Collectable Trends of 2020

If you want to try speculating on some toys in 2020, try looking for the following:

Supernatural – This CW show entered its 15th and final season in 2020. After such a long run, there are plenty of unique items out there commemorating the show’s long history as it finally comes to an end.

Fortnite – The Fortnite World Cup was cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 epidemic. However, Epic had time to create and release some merchandise for the event that never was. The merchandise’s limited nature means it’s already valuable.

Disney – Disney celebrated several anniversaries in 2020. Pluto and Daisy turned 90 and 80 respectively, and Disneyland itself turned 65. This is also the year that Disney’s popular ride Splash Mountain was rebranded so any merchandise and toys from the older theme are very likely to become valuable.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous – This exclusive Netflix show will debut later this year and the Jurassic Park franchise has always been popular. It may be worth speculating on toys from this upcoming series in case it recaptures some of the original film’s wild popularity.

Storing Collectables and Toys

Now that you have invested in some items for the future, you need to store them properly. This means you cannot just throw a toy in the back of your wardrobe and expect it to last.

The best way to keep your valuable items and potentially valuable collectables safe is to rent a dedicated storage space. Try Spaces and Places Self Storage when you rent a storage unit in Manchester, Cheshire or Warwickshire so you can be sure that your items are stored properly while you wait for them to increase in value.

Renting a storage space means your items will be kept out of direct sunlight in a dry, dust-free space. With the proper packaging and the right environment, for collectables will last for years. Ensure you protect any original boxes as these add value, and use bubble wrap, then seal it another high-quality storage container.

Once you have all of your items, make sure to label them clearly. If you see a sudden demand for the items you are keeping in storage, you need to be able to access them quickly to take advantage of the strong market. Always pay attention to trends and never miss your opportunity to sell.

Online businesses have taken the world by storm. So many people are now selling online, either through choice or necessity that it makes sense to explore it, regardless of your industry. Storage units provide tremendous benefits for such moves.

Have you been running an online business from home? Is the stock taking up too much space? Here is a guide that will help you to relocate from your kitchen or spare room and into a self-storage unit.

How a Storage Unit can Transform Your Business

Businesses that can Operate from a Storage Unit

So many businesses can benefit from having a business storage unit in Manchester. Some of the most common categories include eBay sellers, joiners and craftspeople, furniture renovators, landscapers, sales reps and contractors, venue dressers, charities, small-scale publishers, and service engineers.

The common thread running through these small businesses is the need for space to work or store, rather than a formal office and the associated higher costs.

Why You Should Consider Renting a Storage Unit

 Several advantages can easily be linked to having a business storage unit.

 • Flexibility

 Storage units are more flexible compared to having an office or a warehouse. If your business is in its early stages, this is a cost-effective solution. Flexibility also applies to the rental agreements, with just a month’s notice required, should the space no longer be sufficient for your growing enterprise.

 • Cost Efficiency

 Without a doubt, storage space is cheaper to rent than traditional alternatives. It therefore makes perfect business sense to cut costs without compromising on quality and security.

 • Separate Work from Home

Your home is living space – not storage space. Don’t allow all your valuable stock or equipment to dominate your household. You need your space. A storage unit will make this happen. And with 24/7 access, you will have no concerns about being able to get the things you need.

Tips to Use When Renting a Storage Unit

One thing that any small business owner will tell you is to stay organised. Are you eBaying? Use shelving to store and sort your stock. Crafting or designing? Put in some large tables or work tops.

Label anything and everything. It will be easier to find what you need this way, even when you are in a hurry. Finally, have an inventory system to keep track of what you have and what is currently out of the storage unit.

Easily Run a Business from a Storage Unit

Everything about having a business storage unit is this straight-forward. More importantly, with high levels of security get your peace of mind and convenience in one package.

Located in the heart of Cheshire, this market town is surrounded by picturesque landscape and filled with history, so why has it been overlooked for so many years?

At first glance Middlewich might appear to be a sleepy rural town with little to see or do, but Middlewich is filled with independent shops, markets, local events and festivals, Roman Heritage and much more. 

10 Reasons to Move to Middlewich

Middlewich – Cheshire’s Best Kept Secret

Middlewich has been one of Cheshire’s best kept secrets for many years now, boasting Mexon Market, beautiful canal routes, a Norman Church and the famous FAB Festival, it is clear why Middlewich is now catching the eye of buyers.

With lower prices than neighbouring towns and new developments popping up in the area there is no shortage of housing where you can stretch your budget further. 

Middlewich – the home of New Homes!

New housing developments in the area such as Oakwood View by Morris Homes present beautiful detached homes from 1 to 5 bedrooms starting from £216,750, suitable for both young professionals and families.

Middlewich town centre hosts a regular farmers’ market and has a variety of shops, a local butchers, farm shops and restaurants. The new homes are located in a quiet and peaceful setting, and they are well connected via the M6 and the A54. The M6 takes you to the Crewe, Stoke-on-Trent and historic Roman city of Chester within short distances. (Manchester, Liverpool, train to London).

Why is it the Perfect Time to make your Move to Middlewich?

Now is the perfect time to buy as interest rates are currently at 0.1%, making monthly mortgage payments lower than they have been for some time. Competitive mortgage deals are abundant, lenders are now competing to offer low interest products and better deals.

We believe it’s a buyers’ market and a perfect time to snap up an opportunity to relocate to Cheshire. For first time buyers there is currently no Stamp Duty on homes up to the value of £300,000, which could save you up to £5,000 making it the ideal time to step up onto the property ladder. 

Have we Persuaded You?

If you can see yourself enjoying the floating markets on the canals, a Taste and Tipple Weekend, an annual Literary Festival and the Makers Market then Middlewich might just be the next place for you to call home.

Moving your business can feel like an overwhelming job, but it doesn’t have to be. Planning ahead makes the entire process that much easier and for operations to start up again quickly with minimal disruption.

To ensure that your commercial move goes smoothly and efficiently, use the following tips to get you from point A to point B with ease.

5 Packaging Tips For Your Business Move

Don’t Wait Too Long to Get Started

It’s always best to start your move as soon as possible. This allows you ample time to pack everything relating to your business in an organised way. As soon as you decide that you want to move your business, you can get started on the tasks involved so nothing is left to the last minute.

Use the Right Packing Supplies

To ensure that your business possessions, including furniture, documents, and employee files, are moved safely, use appropriate packing materials. Use sturdy cardboard moving boxes, bubble wrap, and blankets for safe removal of your items. Packing tape, bags and markers for labelling are also important.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

As you pack up your business, set aside the things you won’t need in the new place. That way you aren’t moving items that you have no use for and won’t have to worry about unpacking them. You can sell or donate these things before you leave the old property, eliminating the need to deal with them later.

Label Everything

Staying organised is vital when you move your business so make sure you label all of your boxes as you go. This enables you to load the boxes in a logical manner and tells you where everything belongs when you arrive in your new location. On each box, write what’s inside and where it needs to end up. This makes unpacking so much easier and efficient.

Consider Your Storage Options

If you can’t take it all with you, a storage unit in Nuneaton makes perfect sense. Use it to store items you aren’t ready for as well as things that you don’t have space for. Make sure that you don’t store electronics or important documents unless you have temperature control.

Choose a unit that’s the right size and one that offers security so your items are safe. That way your business belongings are ready when you need them but won’t take up unnecessary space in your new property. Also, make sure you can access your unit any time you need.

Be organised and methodical, stick to your timeline and your move will go smoothly.

You might be wondering how we are operating safely during COVID 19, and rightly so. Here at Spaces and Places Self Storage we are working to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers. To do so we have adapted our working systems to follow the government guidelines.

Fortunately for us the nature of self-storage allows us to keep a safe distance and does not depend on human contact. All of our sites are outdoors, and our storage containers are accessible without the need to interact with any member of staff.

Covid 19 Business Impact

Beyond this, we are working tirelessly to ensure total safety here on-site and have updated our usual procedures and operations to reflect this. 

Additional Covid-19 Procedures to Help us Help you

In response to the pandemic, we have developed additional procedures to increase levels of cleaning, hand washing and sanitisation. We are disinfecting all surfaces more regularly than before, particularly any areas that may be touched such as the gate, padlocks, handles and doors.

During ‘out of hours’ periods, customers have access to on-site bathrooms/WCs; we kindly ask you to wash your hands with the disinfecting soap or cleansers provided.

We ask this so that we may work together to protect ourselves, other customers, and our staff against the virus. We recommend wearing a mask and gloves but this is not compulsory and you are free to determine for yourself what is most suitable in your situation. 

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

We have carried out a safety risk in line with the HSE guidance and have deemed our sites to be low risk. However, we must work together to ensure we respect the government guidelines on distancing and personal hygiene to prevent the virus from spreading. 

Supporting New Customers during the Covid-19 Pandemic

When new customers sign up for a unit, to avoid any transmission, we provide brand new pens that the customer gets to keep. We also have disposable gloves, available upon request.

Our staff have access to hand sanitizer at all times and are asked to use this regularly. Hand sanitizer is available in reception for customers to use if required. We also provide ‘non-contact’ sign-ups. Simply call us on our free phone number: 0800 124 4363.

Thank you for your support

We have felt so lucky to have been able to remain open, supporting local businesses, which is so important in these unforeseen times. We want to say a big thank you to all of those that store with us, have stored in the past and those wanting to store with us.

We hope that together we will be able to come out of this stronger and more equipped for the future as a result of this global pandemic. As a community it has never been more crucial to pull together and support our local businesses.

We are here to provide safe, secure storage and advice. Now and always.

Are you operating your small business enterprise from the dining room or the kitchen table? Is your house large enough to dedicate a whole room – say a spare bedroom, home office, or study room – to your business processes?

Unfortunately, the opposite is likely to be true and your small business will have taken over the entire house, with items stacked up in every available corner, paperwork on the furniture and the marketing materials scattered on any open space.

Whatever your situation, now may be the ideal time to add a more professional element, just like an office or any other place of business. However, before you consider taking out an expensive, long term lease using traditional business premises, think about the alternatives.

A storage unit can give you the space you need at a far more affordable price. If your business is situated around Nuneaton, Atherstone, Tamworth, Bedworth, or other areas in Warwickshire, consider visiting Spaces and Places Self Storage units Nuneaton. With five star reviews, exceptional service, and flexible terms, it offers an ideal solution. But how can it help?

Storing Extra Stock and Packaging for Your Orders

If you send your products locally, nationally, or even globally, a storage unit may be ideal for you. You can use it to organise items for ease of accessibility, something that is undoubtedly of huge importance if you are experiencing the never-ending challenge of locating and packaging orders.

An added bonus is that a storage unit often guarantees better security than most homes, with monitored CCTV, Smart Water DNA technology, on-site staff, and Italian engineered padlocks.

Store Creative Items

A storage unit is ideal for those working in the creative sector, searching for a secure, dry place in which to store their tools and materials. Some units offer power and lighting, enabling the completion of special commissions or orders. It’s simple to create a space that works for you.

Keeps Your Tools Secure

When it comes to the machinery and tools that small companies use, it’s well-known that they take up substantial space and that they’re also costly. A storage unit offers a perfect solution- with security a priority, your equipment will be safe and secure.

Self-storage units are also easy to access, allow you to drive right up to your unit and offer the flexibility to change to a larger or smaller unit, if situations change.