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Top 5 Things Everybody Has in Their Home That Need to Go into Storage

No matter how well you hone your decluttering skills, or how well you continue to resist the urge to hoard, the fact remains that many of you will at some point have a few more belongings in the home than you can store. When this happens, people will invariably tackle the problem in one of… Read more »

Reasons NOT to move

As we go through life, we’re often encouraged to make changes – the idea behind this being that it encourages us to grow as people by broadening our horizons and experiencing new things. But the fact remains that some of us simply aren’t quite ready to change yet, and that’s fine! If you’re one of… Read more »

Spaces and Places – How to ‘Marie Kondo’ your home

If you happen to be one of the lovely people reading our blog today, then we’d assume with some degree of certainty that you’re interested in decluttering and/or saving space. Naturally, we also think you’ll have come across the name ‘Marie Kondo’ before. If you happen to be one of those people who haven’t heard… Read more »

Protect Your Possessions Whilst on Holiday

Summer is, of course, the perfect time to head away to wherever it is that makes you happy. Some people go away to escape work for a few days, some go to chill out and some even go for work purposes (ouch). Unfortunately, on the other side of the coin are thieves – for whom… Read more »

Advice For The Not-So-Empty Nesters

moving home

Helping your children move on to the next stage of their life is a strange time, one full of many different emotions and new experiences. One experience you probably weren’t expecting, however, is the mountain of stuff they leave for you to deal with – especially if you thought you were going to get to… Read more »

Top Tips for Moving in With Your Partner

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Moving in with a partner is a very special time, but it also has the possibility of bringing stress and tension. We at Spaces and Places want to share our top tips for moving in with your partner to make sure that the transition happens as smoothly as possible. Evaluate Both you and your partner… Read more »

3 Interior Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss This Summer

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If you’re feeling like refreshing your home this summer, then we’ve got just the thing for you! Interior design is ever-changing and can be hard to keep up with, but this summer’s hottest interior design trends are embracing the art of minimalism. This makes them a lot easier to follow and much more kind on… Read more »

Reasons Why a Cluttered Home is Bad for Your Health


Clutter, everybody has it. Whether the kitchen table is turning into your own personal filing cabinet or that one chair in your bedroom is becoming a halfway house for clean clothes, bedding, or towels you haven’t quite gotten around to putting away yet. A little clutter in the home is natural and can often be… Read more »

The Best Option for Online Entrepreneurs

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Selling products online is a great way to make money from the comfort of your own home and many people find it to be a profitable career. There are many different ways to be an online entrepreneur, whether you’re making your own arts crafts and selling them on Etsy or upcycling items you’ve found in… Read more »

Self-Storage Efficiency Tips

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Whether you’re moving to a new house, decluttering your home, storing valuables, or finding a home for important documents, self-storage is a simple and cost-effective solution for all your extra space needs. Make sure you’re using these self-storage efficiency tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your space. Plan Ahead Proper planning will… Read more »

Did You Know That Storage Mistakes Can Reduce Business Efficiency?

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It’s true! As a business owner or office manager it won’t shock you to hear that having to search through piles upon piles of paperwork for one elusive scrap is a massive waste of time and resources. We understand that sometimes you need to keep old documents handy, just in case, but many business owners… Read more »

Why you Should Consider Using Self-Storage

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Decluttering, no one wants to do it but there often comes a time when we realise just how cluttered our homes have become. Maybe your home is full of sentimental items that you have no use for but can’t bear to let go of, or things you use infrequently but just enough that you aren’t… Read more »