The decision for a family to move most of the time is not optional. Nonetheless, moving home can be stressful for you and your kids; any parent in the UK can attest.Stress-Free Guide to Moving Home with Children

When your kids experience a drastic change in their living environment, it disrupts their norm and may cause a traumatic experience.

Furthermore, moving home for parents with young kids entails organising the services of the best removal company.

This company will guarantee the safety of your goods and fulfil your budget expectations.

It is also essential to share with your kids in advance the positive reasons you are moving home.

Consequently, this will let them get used to the idea earlier enough. This guide shares three essential tips that will offer your children a stress-free moment when moving home.

Tips to stress-free guide when you are moving home with kids

With a little planning and adhering to the following tips, any parent can offer their kids a stress-free home move.

#1. Keep the moving day friendly

Before the activities of this eventful day starts, introduce your kids to the team that will help you move home. Nonetheless, reassuring them about the safety of their toys and possessions is not optional. Also, never get your kids out of the way, and their participation in this event builds their confidence.

#2. Shop in advance for the best removal company

Before you decide on the best day to move your home, it is advisable to source in advance for a reliable and reputable removal company that you can trust with your belongings’ safety.

Nonetheless, it is good to note that not all removal companies are good at keeping clothing fresh in storage. When choosing the best removal companies, recommendations, and reviews are paramount to your decision.

Also, look out for the best removal company that can work within your budget and adhere strictly to your requirement.

#3. Get your kid ready

If you plan to relocate your home, it is vital to discuss any concern that may frustrate your child. This action will help your child to calm down and welcome the new idea. Also, it allows them to say goodbye to their close friends.


Sourcing for the best and reliable self storage unit in Manchester eases your processes when moving your home, especially if you are a parent with a young kid. Also, adhering to the above three tips ensures your child is comfortable with your idea of moving home.

Relocating for a job can be confusing. On the one hand, you are advancing in your career, while on the other, you have to leave behind what you know to start over in a new place. This change is unsettling for most, but at times, it is what’s necessary for growth.A Helpful Guide to Moving Due to Job Relocation

Whether you are relocating to a nearby city, county or internationally, you need to plan your move. You do not want to feel overwhelmed when moving day arrives. In this article, we lay out three tips to help you relocate to a new place.

Check with Your Employer

Moving is costly. Having some bit of this burden covered by your employer will help ease the process. You can confer with your company’s management on whether they offer any assistance when relocating.

Some might cover your moving expenses, while others might provide house-hunting trips to the new location. Not all employers are in a capacity to assist. Just proceed to cover the costs if your employer cannot.

You can create a budget to help you estimate the money you need to relocate. Take into account the required moving fees, renovation fees for your current home and rent for the new place.

Search for an Affordable Home

When moving for work, you rarely have the luxury of time. Most employers offer a time frame of three to four weeks, which is barely enough to sell your current house and find a new one.

Consider renting a storage unit where you can store your belongings as you search for a house buyer.

For example, if you live near Manchester, you might consider finding a storage unit in Manchester. You can move into a smaller temporary place as you wait to sell your current house.

Research on the New Location

Familiarise yourself with the new location by either visiting or searching online. Researching the new place will help ease your anxiety. It will as help you determine how life is there.

For instance, if you were moving to Middlewich, you can research the cost of living in Middlewich, the crime statistics, schools, among other notable things.

It all depends on how deep you want to go with your research. Once you have the location in mind, you can start planning on a moving date.

​Which Essentials do You Need When Moving Abroad?

Moving abroad is exciting. You get to see new people, experience a new way of life, and most importantly, you get to start afresh. Packing for the move can, however, be daunting. You might have a difficult time deciding what to carry and what to leave behind.Essentials Checklist When Moving Abroad

The best way to choose the right stuff to move with is by having an essentials checklist. Discussed below are the essentials that you should carry when moving abroad.

​Items You Use Everyday

Which items do you use daily? They should be the first things on your essentials checklist. In most cases, these items are:

  • Clothing
  • Phone, laptop, charger and other electronics
  • Medications, if you need them

Before you start packing, go through your checklist and ask yourself when you last used an item and whether you need it in the new country.

For the ones you leave behind, you can either donate or store them in a storage unit. If you live in North West England, there are enormous and convenient storage in Manchester that you can hire.


Your passport and Visa come first in this category, so you should pack them in a pocket where they are within reach.

You should do some research to find out if there are any other legal documents that you will need to move abroad. Each country has its requirements for legal documents, and the common ones are:

  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Tax documents
  • House sale documents

You should carry a copy of your vehicle registration documents if you plan to ship your car to your new country. If not, you can keep it in a classic car storage unit until you find a buyer.

​Sentimental Stuff

Carry a few sentimental items to remind you of your loved ones back at home. Whether it’s a family photo book, jewellery, or a handmade blanket, sentimental items can serve as a souvenir for the moments when you miss home.

There are quite a lot of things that we acquire in both our homes and workspaces.Things to Consider When Selecting a Storage Provider

These items often end up taking too much space, and it becomes difficult to remain organised, especially if the area is too small.

Therefore, it is essential to consider renting a storage unit, where you can put all your valuable items.

In this article, we discuss the factors you need to consider when selecting a storage provider.

1. Security and Safety Details

When looking for a storage facility, the safety of your valuables should be of most significant concern.

A credible storage facility should always ensure that the security of all the stored items is guaranteed. But how can you be assured of this?

There are various security measures you can look out for, and they include; Well trained security personnel, a well lit and fenced area, practical fire safety measures and 24-hour surveillance cameras. The entire storage unit should also be free from mould, pests, and adequately secured.

2. Location

Convenience and easy accessibility to your goods matter too. For people who need to access their items quite often, a location that is near works best. Storage facilities that are far from the city tend to be less costly.

But you end up taking more time and spending more on fuel, especially when you need to access your goods often.

Far-located storage facilities work best if you are keeping your things away for more extended periods.

Storage spaces located in cities offer greater convenience, in terms of time, ease of accessibility and fuel costs.

For instance, you can consider the storage units in Manchester, since they are reputable and offer great customer service.

3. Cost, Size and Duration

All these factors are interdependent. The first step is to make a list of all the items that you need to be stored. Once you have this, it will be easier to determine the space that the things will occupy.

Sizes differ according to the width and length of the units. Ensure that everything fits in properly.

The total costs depend on the size of the unit you settle for, and the duration you will store your items.

4. The Amenities

Some items are more valuable and delicate compared to the rest. It is necessary to ensure that the storage provider has amenities that offer safety for things such as pieces of art and items made of glass.

Also, consider ample indoor and outdoor lighting at the storage facilities. Ensure the storage units are spotless, and of superior quality.

When it comes to finding extra space for storing your goods, a self-storage facility always comes in handy. In most cases, these units serve the user’s need for the temporary storage of goods before moving them to the market.How Big is The Self-Storage Industry in 2021_

The good thing is that any business can incredibly benefit from having a self-storage facility.

But, how exactly big is the self-storage industry in 2021? This question is quite hard to answer. Such units are usually not officially recorded anywhere.

Besides that, there are many small facilities set in rural areas and are not licensed. Also, you will find most of them with less online presence or marketing. Therefore, it can be tiring when you want to determine the size of such an industry accurately.

With the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the demand and growth of self-storage space have continued to rise.

According to estimates made by SSA UK, there are more than 1900 self-storage units in the UK. Of the total storage units, 563 entirely offer container-based storage, classically transformed into shipping containers.

Moreover, these units occupy about 49 million square feet in the UK, with an average size of up to 25,700 square feet. In 2020, the turnover estimates from the industry stood at £766million.

About 30% of self-storage units in the UK are managed or owned by large operators who manage more than 10 sites.

Most of these operators usually have larger sites and are situated in advanced rental locations. Therefore, their market shares are relatively over 40% regarding the total space and revenue they earn.

Bottom Line

The UK registers up to 41% of the self-storage industry with the most storage per individual than other UK countries.

Therefore, we can’t expect that figure to reduce any time sooner. There is no doubt that the number of self-storage space in the UK in 2021 will hit over 50million sq. ft.

Are you looking for reputable and reliable storage services in Manchester? If yes, Spaces and Places has the most secure self storage units in Manchester.

The good thing is, you can find ample space that suits all storage needs. With remarkable services, you can always rely on them for both short and long-term storage of your goods.


Here are six pieces of advice based on the most common student packing mistakes.Top 6 Student Packing Tips

Though it is funny to see YouTube videos of students trying to transport their beer-can sculptures or students with suitcases that burst open to review their spotted underwear, there are some packing mistakes that are a little less obvious.

Here are six student packing tips that will serve you well.

1 – Buy and Use Collapsible Plastic Boxes

Do not underestimate the sheer power and versatility of collapsible boxes. Not only do they make packing and unpacking a breeze, and not only do they store away very nicely, but they are also useful in your everyday life.

Your online groceries charge extra to deliver with bags, so whip out your box and fill it at your door when the delivery driver arrives.

Do you have junk on your desk and floor that you need to shift before your big date, expand a box, throw your stuff in, and put it in your closet, result: clean room, no fuss, no mess.

2 – Fold Your Clothes

There is this misunderstanding with students where there is an honest belief that if you simply lie clothes on top of each other, that you are making fuller use of the space, but it is just not true. Neatly folded items will fit into a case or box far better than if you try to “Tetris” them into your case.

3 – Use Moisture Absorbing Silicone

You can buy this stuff from grocery stores and online for fairly cheap. People use them around their house to stop mould, and you can use them in your storage area, or in your plastic boxes to stop mould damage.

Things that are vulnerable are clothes in long-term storage, printed/glossy photos, old books that use pre-polymer paper, and cuddly toys.

4 – If It Can Crack, Do Not Stack

The old advice “Stack heavy stuff at the bottom” is true enough but doesn’t always apply. Your slow-cooker, your glass/metal table, and your PC tower can probably hold a bit of weight, but too much weight will crack them.

If you have to stack, such as if you have hired a small-but-secure unit from Spaces and Places Self Storage, then do not be afraid to steady up your stack’s foundations with everything from wood to breeze blocks.

5 – Know What Not to Pack

Sounds silly, but many items will do better if you transport them as they are rather than trying to box and bag them up.

It sounds like a joke, but there are student-hired removal vans where the student has tried to box up his punch bag or tried to box up her clothes hangers.

A punching bag goes in as it is. Clothes hangers can be tied together and thrown on top of whatever you are moving, they do not need to be neatly boxed unless you are storing them for the next 10 years.

6 – Do Not Buy Cardboard Boxes

Despite the fact that you can pick up cardboard boxes everywhere, from neighbours who have had Amazon deliveries, to local shops down the street, there is also the fact that cardboard boxes are pretty useless.

If you cannot stack your stuff, then they are no help to you. Even putting your clothes in boxes isn’t recommended as you can put them in bin liner bags and pile them on top of each other in the van.

Below is a really simple guide on how to reorganize your self storage unit

The chore of cleaning and organising a self-storage unit, especially one you haven’t visited in a while, might seem overwhelming. But these tips should help reassure you that it’s actually an easy task.A Guide To Reorganizing Your Self Storage Unit

1. Take an inventory and develop a game plan

The primary step is to open boxes and take out things to see what you have. Have a positive outlook and keep an eye out for prized family heirlooms that can be passed down to future generations, or even items of value that can be donated or sold.

If there are too many things in the unit to create a more organized space, consider what you no longer need to store. It is essential to understand that an overfilled unit will need much time and effort to rearrange.

Once you know what you have in your storage unit, manage a plan of what to do with everything. Make a list of things you will sell, things you plan to keep, things for donation, and things that need to be dumped.

2. Lighten your load, recruit helping hands

If your giveaways are in good condition then you are in luck, as some non-profit organisations will pick them up for free. In the case of items for sale, arrange for the receivers to pick them straight from your self-storage unit.

Plan the pickups before your reorganising day to reduce the things you have to arrange. You can either call your friends to help with cataloguing the boxes or hire help which will help with both moving and reorganising the storage unit.

3. Dispose of trash and reorganise your unit

Come up with a plan to take care of the items in your storage unit destined for the landfill. It can be in the storage facility waste bin, or you can lease a garbage removal troupe to pick up the junk.

At this point, you only have what you intend to keep, and it will be easy to reorganize it in the self-storage unit.

4. Spaces and places self-storage

At Spaces and Places, our self-storage in Middlewich provides safe, clean, and very affordable flexible storage options. The access is 24/7. We have solutions to everything your self-storage unit may need.

The ‘working from home’ stigma has disappeared since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. Remote working is now common even if it’s under a challenging landscape. The rapid development of remote working led to the disappearance of the stigma associated with it prior to the pandemic.Maximising Office Space in Your Home For Remote Working

Twice as many employees are working remotely, according to Stanford research. It’s the new ‘working from home’ economy. Hubspot shows that since 2010, the number of people who are working remotely has increased by 400%.

Despite the accelerated growth in figures, remote working has its challenges. Clutter decreases productivity and lack of space at home makes it impossible to create an organised and distraction-free work environment. Read on to find out how you can maximise your office space with a storage unit in Manchester.

Reduce Clutter

A 2018 study published in Current Psychology highlights a strong link between clutter problems and procrastination across all age groups.

With age, clutter-related stress and frustration increase and lead to overall life dissatisfaction.

Remote working in a home office space involves removing some valuables and belongings from your space. When you don’t have the room for these items, Spaces and Places is your solution. Our premium storage solutions come in different sizes, high-end security, and exceptional customer service.

No Distractions

Choose a separate room for your home office, which you can turn into a distraction-free working area.

Not all homes offer this possibility as many live in shared apartments or houses. If you don’t have a separate and isolated room to use, try and create a no-distractions space.

You’ll maintain increased focus and achieved high levels of productivity. A storage unit can help you keep valuable items and furniture while you create a perfect remote working environment.

Store Sentimental Items

Our facilities also help you store precious and climate-sensitive items in the safest conditions. You’ll enjoy a free and organised space to sustain increased productivity while keeping valuable sentimental items.

Store your past photos, albums, discs, notebooks, and books in special storage solutions. We offer exceptional customer service to help you find the best option for your needs.

In today’s remote working economy, the new normal is working from home. To ensure excellent productivity levels and superior results, you should organise a clutter-free home office.

Use professional self-storage solution providers to help you maintain a clean and clutter-free environment in your home for the best outcomes. Our team will help you choose the best solutions available.

Are you struggling to get back to the norm after Christmas? The period shortly after Christmas can be messy and overwhelming as you have all kinds of goodies at your home and may not be too sure where to start the decluttering process.Tips on How To Deal With Post Christmas Clutter

Here are some tips to help you streamline your closets, deal with the toys taking over the dining room and eventually work on the junk drawers.

To start with, deal with the holiday trappings as you clear the plastic ornaments and candles using small containers you have such as the empty cartons.

You can wrap the fragile ornaments using old newspapers or else acquire self storage in Manchester. If you do struggle to get a motivation to declutter the Christmas decorations, you can set a deadline and note it on your diary. Ensure you make efforts to clear all the traces of Christmas by the set deadline.

Next, you will have to tackle the toys cluttered all over. The best way to deal with it is by engaging the children and getting them to select some of the toys to donate. Donating some of the toys to the less fortunate can be a motivating way of doing away with some of them.

Another great way would be encouraging them to sell the toys they no longer need through the online platforms or at the garage sale and keep the proceeds for their use. Once the toys are put away with then it becomes much easier to clean the home.

The kitchen can’t go unnoticed as it needs a thorough clean up. Be ruthless. Do away with any food that you are no longer going to consume. Sweep the floor and the fridge clean and don’t forget to work on the countertops.

Afterwards, get yourself a treat by going to the store and getting healthy eats stocked ready to start the new year.

Lastly, use Spaces and Places Self Storage to store your new items. It will be an easier way to see if you have spaces for new possessions.

Sports equipment is common to most households with or without sports enthusiasts. This is because to some people, sports are just an activity that is mandatory in school, while for others, sporting is a passion.

However, having a lot of equipment in the house can be challenging. This is especially the case when you do not have adequate storage space in your home. Below are some incredible ideas on storing sports equipment;

Garage storage

The garage is an incredible sports equipment storage option. It is the ideal place to store items that you use a lot. You can install items like hooks and baskets to keep helmets and small balls, respectively. You can set aside space in the corner for golf clubs and other things that do not take up a lot of space.

Storage cubes

Storage cubes are also an amazing option for keeping sporting equipment in any area of your home. You can have the cubes installed in one of the rooms in your house, garage, or any other space. You can use storage cubes for virtually anything. Storage cubes are cheap and an easy way to organize your home and sporting equipment.

Storage unit

If you do not have adequate space in your home, you can always store your sports gear in storage facilities or units. However, it would not be wise to store sports essentials that you regularly use in a unit because then you will have to keep traveling to the facility to get the items.

A storage unit one of the wisest storage solutions if you want to keep valuable sports memorabilia, equipment that you or your kids have outgrown and do not want to give or throw away. You can also use it for seasonal sports gear like summer sports items or winter sports equipment.

Storage unit in Nuneaton and Winsford

For a storage unit in Nuneaton and Winsford, Spaces and Places is the best solution. The company offers some of the best and safest storage solutions in the area. You can use the solutions for your sports gear and other items that you do not have space for in your house.

What is a storage auction?

A storage auction is convenient and incredible way for owners of storage facilities to recover some of their back rent while clearing out their storage spaces for new clients.What Are Storage Auctions & How To Find Them in The UK

Storage auctions are conducted by the owner of a storage facility when a former client stops paying for rent and still has belongings in the storage space.

Most of the time, this happens when a client passes away, generally neglects the responsibility, or abandons the items in the facility. In such cases, the owner of the facility has the right to host an auction for the contents inside the storage facility.

How do storage auctions work?

Below are a steps explaining how storage auctions work;

• Note down the items- the owner of the storage facility has to jot down the items that are inside the storage unit before the auction or bidding starts.

• Opening of the storage unit- The first thing that happens in a storage auction is that the storage units are opened up to the audience. The audience gets time to see what is inside the storage unit. However, they are not allowed to go through any boxes or packed items. They also cannot move the items to see everything.

• The bidding- after the visit to the unit, the bidding begins. Note that the items in the storage unit can be offered as a lot or as individual pieces. If the owner is offering the items as a lot, it means that the person who wins the bid gets all the items in the unit. The bidding happens the same way as in any other auction.

Note that most storage facility owners choose to offer the items as a lot because it is much easier and it guarantees that all the items are bought. Once the bidding is done, the winners have to collect the items in 48 hours so that the owner can put the unit up for rent again.

How to find your nearest storage auction

You can find your nearest storage auction from looking it up online or through auction announcements. You can also look up storage rental sites in Nuneaton and Manchester for some insight on storage auctions in the area.

Self-storage units are often associated with personal use – people who need to store their goods temporarily. But, even those with small businesses or on the path to start, one can hugely benefit from a self storage unit in Nuneaton to carry out business operations.How Profitable are Self-Storage Units for New Start-Up Businesses

That’s where renting a space comes in handy. While at it, you use your business designated area to do the important operations while other tasks such as inventory are left to the company offering self-storage services.

Still, how can self-storage benefit your start-up business?

Your Business Get Storage for Merchandise

Having stock you don’t need during a particular season can be problematic, especially if you don’t have ample space. For starters:

  • Off-season and in-season items mix
  • Managing inventory becomes a challenge
  • Off-season merchandise hold space you could be storing in-season products

Online or brick-and-mortar businesses have a better chance of managing inventory when they get self-storage services.

Store Important Documents

Keeping a trail of business documents is crucial. Instead of keeping the records in your office where everyone can access them, self-storage is better. For starters, the company offering you space ensures to protect your document by providing surveillance and security. Also, limited people can access your space.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Storage for businesses requires one to pay for services for the amount of time needed. So instead of renting a space and spend a lot of money, storage spaces are more cost-effective if you’re running a seasonal business. Also, paying rent for ample space instead of directing the money to something more crucial when you’re a small business can be unwise.

Storages are convenient and flexible

Self-storages facilities come with various advantages. These include:

  • 24/7 access
  • Trained staff to assist you
  • Storage supplies – materials to help keep your items from contamination or spoiling
  • Dollies to help you move in and out your goods

What’s more, you choose a space size depending on what you want and increase when you need to.

Security of Items

Another way businesses can benefit from self-storage is the safety and security of documents and products. Reputable storage unit providers give top-notch security to protect your goods. Also, these companies cover your goods from excessive temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.