Are you struggling to get back to the norm after Christmas? The period shortly after Christmas can be messy and overwhelming as you have all kinds of goodies at your home and may not be too sure where to start the decluttering process.Tips on How To Deal With Post Christmas Clutter

Here are some tips to help you streamline your closets, deal with the toys taking over the dining room and eventually work on the junk drawers.

To start with, deal with the holiday trappings as you clear the plastic ornaments and candles using small containers you have such as the empty cartons.

You can wrap the fragile ornaments using old newspapers or else acquire self storage in Manchester. If you do struggle to get a motivation to declutter the Christmas decorations, you can set a deadline and note it on your diary. Ensure you make efforts to clear all the traces of Christmas by the set deadline.

Next, you will have to tackle the toys cluttered all over. The best way to deal with it is by engaging the children and getting them to select some of the toys to donate. Donating some of the toys to the less fortunate can be a motivating way of doing away with some of them.

Another great way would be encouraging them to sell the toys they no longer need through the online platforms or at the garage sale and keep the proceeds for their use. Once the toys are put away with then it becomes much easier to clean the home.

The kitchen can’t go unnoticed as it needs a thorough clean up. Be ruthless. Do away with any food that you are no longer going to consume. Sweep the floor and the fridge clean and don’t forget to work on the countertops.

Afterwards, get yourself a treat by going to the store and getting healthy eats stocked ready to start the new year.

Lastly, use Spaces and Places Self Storage to store your new items. It will be an easier way to see if you have spaces for new possessions.

Sports equipment is common to most households with or without sports enthusiasts. This is because to some people, sports are just an activity that is mandatory in school, while for others, sporting is a passion.

However, having a lot of equipment in the house can be challenging. This is especially the case when you do not have adequate storage space in your home. Below are some incredible ideas on storing sports equipment;

Garage storage

The garage is an incredible sports equipment storage option. It is the ideal place to store items that you use a lot. You can install items like hooks and baskets to keep helmets and small balls, respectively. You can set aside space in the corner for golf clubs and other things that do not take up a lot of space.

Storage cubes

Storage cubes are also an amazing option for keeping sporting equipment in any area of your home. You can have the cubes installed in one of the rooms in your house, garage, or any other space. You can use storage cubes for virtually anything. Storage cubes are cheap and an easy way to organize your home and sporting equipment.

Storage unit

If you do not have adequate space in your home, you can always store your sports gear in storage facilities or units. However, it would not be wise to store sports essentials that you regularly use in a unit because then you will have to keep traveling to the facility to get the items.

A storage unit one of the wisest storage solutions if you want to keep valuable sports memorabilia, equipment that you or your kids have outgrown and do not want to give or throw away. You can also use it for seasonal sports gear like summer sports items or winter sports equipment.

Storage unit in Nuneaton and Winsford

For a storage unit in Nuneaton and Winsford, Spaces and Places is the best solution. The company offers some of the best and safest storage solutions in the area. You can use the solutions for your sports gear and other items that you do not have space for in your house.

What is a storage auction?

A storage auction is convenient and incredible way for owners of storage facilities to recover some of their back rent while clearing out their storage spaces for new clients.What Are Storage Auctions & How To Find Them in The UK

Storage auctions are conducted by the owner of a storage facility when a former client stops paying for rent and still has belongings in the storage space.

Most of the time, this happens when a client passes away, generally neglects the responsibility, or abandons the items in the facility. In such cases, the owner of the facility has the right to host an auction for the contents inside the storage facility.

How do storage auctions work?

Below are a steps explaining how storage auctions work;

• Note down the items- the owner of the storage facility has to jot down the items that are inside the storage unit before the auction or bidding starts.

• Opening of the storage unit- The first thing that happens in a storage auction is that the storage units are opened up to the audience. The audience gets time to see what is inside the storage unit. However, they are not allowed to go through any boxes or packed items. They also cannot move the items to see everything.

• The bidding- after the visit to the unit, the bidding begins. Note that the items in the storage unit can be offered as a lot or as individual pieces. If the owner is offering the items as a lot, it means that the person who wins the bid gets all the items in the unit. The bidding happens the same way as in any other auction.

Note that most storage facility owners choose to offer the items as a lot because it is much easier and it guarantees that all the items are bought. Once the bidding is done, the winners have to collect the items in 48 hours so that the owner can put the unit up for rent again.

How to find your nearest storage auction

You can find your nearest storage auction from looking it up online or through auction announcements. You can also look up storage rental sites in Nuneaton and Manchester for some insight on storage auctions in the area.

Self-storage units are often associated with personal use – people who need to store their goods temporarily. But, even those with small businesses or on the path to start, one can hugely benefit from a self storage unit in Nuneaton to carry out business operations.How Profitable are Self-Storage Units for New Start-Up Businesses

That’s where renting a space comes in handy. While at it, you use your business designated area to do the important operations while other tasks such as inventory are left to the company offering self-storage services.

Still, how can self-storage benefit your start-up business?

Your Business Get Storage for Merchandise

Having stock you don’t need during a particular season can be problematic, especially if you don’t have ample space. For starters:

  • Off-season and in-season items mix
  • Managing inventory becomes a challenge
  • Off-season merchandise hold space you could be storing in-season products

Online or brick-and-mortar businesses have a better chance of managing inventory when they get self-storage services.

Store Important Documents

Keeping a trail of business documents is crucial. Instead of keeping the records in your office where everyone can access them, self-storage is better. For starters, the company offering you space ensures to protect your document by providing surveillance and security. Also, limited people can access your space.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Storage for businesses requires one to pay for services for the amount of time needed. So instead of renting a space and spend a lot of money, storage spaces are more cost-effective if you’re running a seasonal business. Also, paying rent for ample space instead of directing the money to something more crucial when you’re a small business can be unwise.

Storages are convenient and flexible

Self-storages facilities come with various advantages. These include:

  • 24/7 access
  • Trained staff to assist you
  • Storage supplies – materials to help keep your items from contamination or spoiling
  • Dollies to help you move in and out your goods

What’s more, you choose a space size depending on what you want and increase when you need to.

Security of Items

Another way businesses can benefit from self-storage is the safety and security of documents and products. Reputable storage unit providers give top-notch security to protect your goods. Also, these companies cover your goods from excessive temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.

There are several ways to get the most out of your storage unit. If you’re looking for space that is both convenient and great value, Spaces and Places is a perfect choice. For some top tips, have a look at our guide below.Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

Consider Security and Safety

If you want to get the most out of your Middlewich storage unit, it pays to choose one that offers plenty of safety and security. Make sure there are measures taken to protect your valuables, whether you’re storing furniture, collectables, documents or need motorcycle storage. You’ll want to be sure there’s CCTV, Smart Water DNA security, as well as gates and secure padlocks. That way you can be sure that your items are perfectly safe when you’re aren’t there.

Location is Important

The location of your storage unit plays a big role in how much added benefit you get out of it. Choose one that’s close to home so that if you need access, it’s just a quick trip away. If it’s too far, getting things in and out of the unit will be more problematic, taking up more time than if it’s near your home or business.

Pack Strategically

Instead of just tossing everything into your unit, take care to pack it well. Not only does this protect your items from the risk of damage, but it also makes them easier to find should you need to locate items at a later date. Put the heaviest and largest items on the bottom, stacking smaller and lighter ones on top.

Label everything so you know what’s in each box: this will save you valuable time if you’re looking for something specific, later. If it’s a business, consider keeping a list of stock close to the unit entrance, or create an online inventory to track the contents, with a place to add comments and updates, such as when stock is removed or replaced.

Finally, Think About Insurance

While your items are safe in a reputable storage facility, it’s a good idea to consider insuring the items. Whilst a fire, pests or floods cannot affect your belongings, due to the unique nature of our storage units, moving items between the unit and other premises is always the time when someone might drop something you value. By insuring your items, you can trust that you’ll be compensated in the event of any damage or loss, whilst in transit.

Minimalist living centres around a philosophy that promotes living more simply and living with less. It requires you let go of all the junk you don’t need and keep only the essentials.Minimalist Living Tips_ 6 Rules For Living With Less

Joshua Becker, the Becoming Minimalist blogger says that “Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value in life by removing anything that distracts us from it.”

Here are some of the top minimalist living tips:

Determine the space you have and identify your priorities

The first step to minimalist living is evaluating the space you have at your disposal and planning accordingly. Prioritise to help identify what you can declutter and what should be kept. For instance, if you have clothing you no longer wear, donate to save space.

Focus on each room

When working with limited space, you need to work towards the maximum utilization of the available space. It is best to concentrate your energy on one room at a time, so that you can declutter with genuine focus. Consider how each space is used and remove the things that do not enhance this purpose. This might initially seem overwhelming, but it is necessary to ensure that you save on available space.

Use self-storage units

When adopting a minimalist approach to living, you will need to limit ornaments, furnishings and wall decorations to only those that offer beauty or purpose. If you have numerous items you want to keep but you do not have adequate space, consider using a self-storage unit. Depending on your needs, you can rent space over a short-term period, to ensure you keep your belongings safe until you decide what can or cannot be kept.

Store items that offer seasonal value

Minimalist living requires that you only have the items you will need in your day to day living. Out of season clothes can be safely stored with companies that offer bespoke or valet storage services. They may help you with collection and delivery & advise you on an inventory.

Tidy your room regularly

Another tip for minimalist living is ensuring you regularly tidy your space. This is vital in ensuring that you get rid of items you do not need, to free up space. As time passes by, some of the things you once required will no longer be of use and can be donated or thrown out.

Minimize what you buy

One of the sources of collecting more items in your home is buying what you do not need. When adopting a minimalist life, you will need to cut down on the things you buy. Ensure that you only buy what you need and avoid piling up items you will not use.

Office space can be expensive and depending on your industry, sometimes you need to store products for infrequent use.How Tradesmen Can Utilise a Storage Facility for Business

Having piles of items filling up office space can reduce the performance of highly stressed employees as they have to keep manoeuvring around things.

Whilst storage facilities are generally associated with storing furniture and other collections, they can be a gem, primarily if you ship in products upon order. They are not only useful during the downsizing of a company or when one relocates.

How to Utilise a Storage Facility

As a tradesman, you probably have electrical parts, fittings and other expensive tools that cannot all fit in your van. It is also risky driving around with extensive inventory in the van.

A storage facility provides the ultimate solution, facilitating the possibility of increasing your stock and giving you the peace of mind of never running out, ensuring a successful business. Storage facilities are ideal for several reasons. They provide:

• Convenience – You can keep items in stock for quick fittings without relying on stock availability in stores.

• Cost-effectiveness – If you ship in parts, buying in bulk saves you money. Storage facilities are also cheaper than office space.

• Security – Secured facilities are better than storing in your home or van.

• Efficiency – For quick fits, or late calls, you do not depend on a retail store’s operating hours as you have your supplies already in stock.

• Timely Delivery – Enables you to be available 24/7.

• Space – Allows you to store bulky products, and you can maintain a broader range of products.

Can a Storage Facility Be Used as An Office?

Depending on location, some storage units have the legal permissions to operate as a small designated office space, though most do not. These would have amenities like conference rooms, restrooms and parking.

If you’re looking for business storage in Middlewich then you need to choose one that not only has the most suitable storage units, but also provide bundled services for clients to make your experience stress-free.

With 24-hour access, the rental terms are very flexible, charging you only for used days in case of cancellation of the contract.

Storage spaces are used to store all sorts of items from drinks bottles, newspaper clippings to a pile of treasure and pure junk. 6 of The Strangest Things Found in a Storage Unit

Behind these metal doors lie bizarre discoveries and treasures whereby competitive bidders fight each other out to buy a storage facility. Here’s a quick look at some of the strangest things to be found in storage units.

  1. Lotus Submarine Car

Back in 1989 when a bidder purchased the contents of a storage unit, he was shocked to find the Lotus Submarine vehicle used in a James Bond Movie. The car was auctioned in 2013 and sold for almost a million dollars.

  1. Rare Cars

Self storage units are common for classic car storage. In 2009 a supercar was found sat untouched with its expected value close to $9 million. The nephew of the car owner uncovered the rare car which was a 1937 Bugatti 57S.

  1. Space Equipment

A NASA rocket and a countdown clock are among the items that a winning bidder bought through an auction.

  1. Burt Reynold’s Memorabilia

The storage facility belonging to Burt Reynolds had lots of interesting items such as a canoe, a horse carriage, a letter to his doctor and many more. Imagine finding all of these memorabilia stacked up together.

  1. A Human Leg

When Shannon Whisnant purchased the contents of a storage unit he unexpectedly found a human leg. Shocking as it may seem the previous owner of the unit had stored his amputated leg which was to be buried alongside him.

  1. Never-Released Michael Jackson Songs

After Joe Jackson failed to pay for his storage rent the contents in the unit went up for auction and they included over 250 never released Michael Jackson songs.

Why Use a Storage Unit

Storage facilities are the perfect space to store any bizarre item, treasure or any unique equipment you may have. They are secure and as long as you pay the rent your contents can last in there for a lifetime.

The Best Storage Unit

Selecting the best storage unit depends on its accessibility, security and cost. Thus when you find a storage facility that meets the above factors then you are good to go.


Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to start small businesses as it offers many advantages such as career flexibility, working towards financial freedom and more control of your working routine.Guide to Starting a Business in Winsford

Unfortunately, not all startups survive their first two years as there are also challenges in the business world. If you are planning to start a business in Winsford, there are a lot of things you need to plan to avoid the mistakes that most people do.

This guide provides some essential things you should do if you want to start a successful business in Winsford.

Do Your Research

Every business starts with an idea, but it is always important to evaluate whether the concept has the potential to succeed. Your idea should fulfill a target group’s need, solve a problem, or offer something new in the market. You can identify these needs through market research or trial and error method.

Make a Plan

A plan is a written form of your ideas. A business plan acts as a guide for the business as it lays down the procedures that the business will follow from start to establishment and its growth. You can also use a business plan to find funding or convince others to invest in your business.

Find Funding

Some businesses require huge capital to start, meaning you will need financing from other sources like banks, relatives and friends.

There are also other sources of funding like equity-based crowd funding, peer-to-peer lending, invoice trading and business angels. The government also offer businesses a startup loan of up to £25,000.

Find a Business Space

There are a lot of self storage companies in Winsford that can help you get an affordable and secure space for your business. The type of space you choose and the location depends on the type of your business.

Some businesses like online retail shops may not need huge spaces as they don’t need to display their products, but you can rent a small storage space. Brick and mortar businesses, on the other hand, require a larger space and a location that is close to its target consumers.

Nuneaton is located in Warwickshire and constitutes the southern Midlands. This picturesque town is endowed with a rolling, green countryside, dotted with an array of magnificent historical attractions.Top 5 Reasons to Move to Nuneaton

Nuneaton has something for everyone, from excellent infrastructure to fantastic nature.

If you’re looking to relocate, the following are compelling reasons for choosing Nuneaton:

The Central Location

Nuneaton is central to major UK towns and cities. These include London, Coventry, Birmingham, and lamington. London is an hour away by train, while Birmingham is just 30 minutes away via road.

Besides, you can get to East Midlands Airport in approximately 30 minutes while travelling by car. Nearby towns include Kenilworth, Tamworth, Hinckley, and Leamington.

It’s a Perfect Working Place

Thanks to the presence of diverse businesses and industries, finding a job in Nuneaton won’t be much of a hassle.

The town is under a fast development curve, which means there are plenty of construction jobs and related business opportunities.

Besides, the town is just a short commute from major cities, which means that you can live there and work in Coventry, London, or Leicester.

Great Storage Facilities

You can easily find self storage Nuneaton to store some of your stuff if you’re looking to downsize your home. This is especially true if you haven’t found a job yet, and you’re looking to cut on your expenses, such as rent and utility bills.

Moreover, decluttering your home will be a piece of cake with such storage facilities; you don’t need to keep items that you don’t frequently use around you.

High-Quality Educational Facilities

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge or find a decent school for your kids, you’ll be happy to know that Nuneaton offers a healthy selection of educational facilities.

This town boasts over 20 primary schools, both private and public. It also harbours over seven major secondary education institutions and five higher learning establishments.

Besides, there are excellent stowage facilities like Spaces and Places Self Storage in which you may keep your belongings safe during holidays or when you need to take a gap year.

Plenty of Family Sites and Fun Activities

Nuneaton offers fantastic attraction sites inside and around the town. If you’re a nature enthusiast, you can have a great time in the Bosworth Water Park and relish Kayaking, fishing, and windsurfing.

You could also blow your kids’ minds by taking them to the Hoar Park Craft Village or Children’s Farm. If you’re a sucker for history, local museums and Astley Castle are bound to appeal to you significantly.

You may also enjoy family picnics by taking a walk around the Hartshill Hayes Country Park and create a lifetime of memories.

Nuneaton is an incredible tourist destination and a great place to live in, regardless of your age. It’s endowed with booming businesses, great schools, and infrastructure with a modern appeal.

This town is also close to major cities and towns, which makes it a suitable place to live while working in these metropolises.

The gap year period is usually super exciting. It is time for students to break from academics, explore new environments and roles, or make discoveries.What to Know When Storing Items During a Gap Year

For others, that plane ticket abroad is the ideal relaxation time for breaking the monotony of work.

However, it is not always smiling during preparation for the gap year. A common dilemma is on where and how to store your belongings. A lot can happen when you are gone, especially in a city like Nuneaton.

Here are three things you should know about storing your items during a gap year.

Self-Storage Is the Way to Go

The gap year will see you away for an extended period. Leaving your belongings unattended can be costly and dangerous. On the other hand, taking the items home could also be impossible, considering that most students school very far away from home.

Plus, leaving your items with your friends can inconvenience them and cost you your precious friendship. The best solution is, therefore, getting a self-storage unit for your belongings. This solution is flexible, convenient, and above all, safe. Here are the reasons why self-storage works best.

• Security of items is guaranteed as the units are under surveillance
• No limits on duration items can be stored
• Very affordable rates
• Flexible and easily accessible for items of all sizes and type
• Relieves families and friends of storage space inconvenience

Proper Planning and Packaging Is Essential

Work out the items that need to be stored. If there is an item, you feel you won’t need, consider taking it for auction to get some extra money.

It is also vital that you package items well using the right containers to avoid damage and possible confusion when you return. You will need tools such as boxes, tapes and bubble wraps for delicate items.

You can get all these tools from credible self-storage providers in Nuneaton like Spaces and Places. Pack related items together and label them appropriately, especially for fragile items. Make sure you don’t stack boxes too high when storing them in your unit.

Also, confirm with your storage provider that the storage unit is damp free. You don’t want to come back and find multiple items damaged by the moisture.

Things Not to Store in a Storage Unit

While self-storage is the best solution for your gap year storage needs, some items should not see their way into your storage unit. Here are a few things you should leave out of your unit as they likely won’t be allowed by your self-storage provider.

• Animals and pets such as fish and dogs
• Illegal or stolen items
• Highly inflammable items such as gas cylinders
• Plants and food that may attract pests
• Unlicensed items that require licenses from the authorities
• Foods that need refrigeration

Your belongings should not be the source of stress during your gap year endeavours. With self-storage, you are guaranteed security of your items for as long as you need.

What’s more, it all comes at student-friendly rates. If you are planning to get a storage unit in Nuneaton, Spaces & Places have been offering safe, flexible, and affordable storage services for several decades. Get in touch with us for a quote.