The Many Types of Boxes Used for Moving: A Guide

The Many Types of Boxes Used for Moving A Guide

You are likely to need many boxes to pack up your belongings when moving from one place to another. It can be hard deciding which box is the best for what type of item so we have compiled some helpful information on the types of boxes available and how they can help make your move easier!

What are the Different Types of Boxes Used for Moving

There are many types of boxes on the market today that you will find useful for your move. Here is a list of the different types and what they are best used for:

Small Boxes

These are typically used for items such as kitchen utensils, dishes, towels and other small items that are not very heavy. These can be stacked on top of each other if you need to transport many of them at once without adding too much weight.

Medium Boxes

These boxes are typically used for clothing or shoes which will keep these items contained in one space making them easier to lift into the removal van. They often measure between 60cm by 45cm and 90cm by 60 cm.

Large Boxes

These boxes are typically used for heavier items such as books, toys, or even appliances depending on their size. These will be the heaviest of the three types of boxes so must not contain any breakables or anything that could cause damage to other objects in the removal van.

Dish Pack Boxes

Also known as dish packs, these boxes are typically used for packing up plates, glasses and mugs. They are specially made with compartments to keep plates safe so they are unlikely to break during the move. Dish packs can also be used for food items, cutlery and even small appliances which is why they are so popular with removals companies that have a high volume of moves each day.

Wardrobe Boxes

These boxes are made from strong double corrugated cardboard and are specially designed to hold clothes securely. They typically have a lid and will feature handles so you can easily transport them from the house or flat, through the hallway and into your removal van without any hassle.

Benefits of Using Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials

At Spaces and Places Nuneaton, we encourage our clients to consider all of their options when they are looking for a company that can provide them with environmentally friendly packing materials.

One way that we achieve this is by using recycled packaging materials whenever possible, such as cardboard boxes that have been used in the past and then reused once again. This allows us to help preserve our environment whilst maintaining the quality of packaging products.