Tips for Storing a Mattress in a Storage Unit

With a mattress, you have to be careful about where you store it. How long will the storage unit be accessible? How high is the ceiling in your storage unit? Do you have enough ventilation for a mattress?

You’ll need to think about these things when deciding how to store your mattress in a storage unit. In this article, we’ll discuss what type of coverings and padding are best for mattresses before storing them away from home.

Make Sure the Mattress is Clean

You might think this is obvious but before you store a mattress in a storage unit it’s important to make sure the surface of your mattress is dry and free from dust or allergens. Especially if you are storing a mattress for a longer period of time as this can lead to mould and mildew growth.

It is best to allow the surface and edges of the bedding a few hours outside in fresh air so that they can dry thoroughly before covering them up with any type of storage unit coverings or padding materials.

Which Is the Best Way to Store a Mattress?

You should store your mattress on its side to avoid compressing or flattening the coils. If you do not have enough room for a box spring, then we recommend that you purchase a fabric cover and put it over your mattress when storing it in a storage unit.

This will keep any foreign matter from getting into the cracks and crevices of your mattress which can lead to unwanted odours and critters.

If you’re planning to store your mattress for a longer period of time, we recommend laying the mattress flat and allowing it to rest in this position until needed again.

If stored upright over an extended amount of time, this could cause coils or cushioning inside the mattress to become out of position, completely ruining its usability.

Protecting the Mattress Fabric

If you want to protect your mattress from unwanted substances and insects, a plastic sheet is a solution.

Additionally, mattresses can also be stored in a specially designed bag for protection against stains or other damage caused by foreign materials

A mattress bag would be the recommended solution if you plan on leaving your mattress in storage for long periods of time.

The bag also acts as a protective layer that preserves the look and feel of your mattress while not being used, so it is ready for use when you are!

In Summary

Storing a mattress is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for storage units in Nuneaton. For those who need help finding the right place to securely store their items, contact Spaces and Places today! We offer self-storage solutions for any budget or lifestyle.