Why are Brits Drawn to Collecting Items?

Around one-third of the British Population are drawn to collecting items, according to Christian Jarrett, which begs the question “when did our desire to collect items start?”

Everybody has a weakness when it comes to collecting, whether it be vinyl records, books, clothes or even coins; our desire to collect starts from a young age.

Through childhood you gain emotional attachment items – blankets, teddy bears, or a certain book are a few favourites. These items offer comfort and security, which means throwing them away would cause upset and heartbreak.

As we grow older, we become more attached to memories or collectibles that we can see future value in and as we age further, these items turn into something much more – an item to leave behind for children as part of a legacy.

Life Changing Collectables

Apart from having emotional attachment to collecting items, collectors believe in saving certain collectables in order to gain a life changing sum of money in the future.

From Lego sets (12% increase year-on-year since the Millennium) to Luke Skywalker (pocket change in 1978 to a four-figure sum today) these items have to be kept in pristine condition in order to gather the maximum profit.

Collector or Hoarder?

When you get the bug for collecting items, it can be hard to stop. Before you know it, your spare room becomes a no go zone due to the number of items placed inside.

If you believe now is the time to change and declutter your home and give yourself that extra space back, turn to self-storage.

Not only will your items be kept safe and secure, you also avoid the risk of knocking over or even destroying your collectables.

Spaces and Places have four sites across the North West and with access to your units 24/7, you can drop off and pick up as you please.

Get in touch with your local self-storage site today and ensure that in the future you maximise your profit.