Can Clutter Cause Weight Problems?

Are you living in clutter?

Has a cluttered outside resulted in a cluttered inside?

Your messy living room and overflowing cupboards might seem innocent enough but did you know that your cluttered home could be making you unwell?

In his book ‘Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?’, Peter Walsh explores the idea that clutter is causing us problems with our weight. In an article in the Daily Mail he reveals:

“My premise is simple. If your lifestyle is frantic, it’s likely your diet is suffering. Clutter accumulates because we are out of control. Likewise, weight accumulates because we don’t control it.”

“Many of us have it. The old magazines piled up in the hallway, the boxes of shoes shoved under stairs, a loft overflowing with old toys… the thought of clearing out all that clutter is exhausting, so, although we hate it, we carry on living with it. Just as we carry on with our old eating habits, even though we know they are unhealthy.”

“But in my experience, weight issues are caused by lifestyle — clutter, chaos and fat are inextricably linked. Your home is a reflection of your state of mind, as is your body.”

So if our homes really do reflect who we are then is de-cluttering your house the link to shedding the pounds?

There’s no doubt that clutter can lead people to feel as though their life is out of control, so clearing your home of accumulated mess means you can begin to feel free and more disciplined.

Planning and routine is key to a healthy diet so why not start with your home?

De-clutter your home and diet

Begin now and you could find your home, mind and eating habits are de-cluttered in no time

·      Start with your kitchen – having a cupboard bursting with ingredients and out of date food will inevitably mean that it will be a lot easier to grab a ready meal out of the freezer than prepare a healthy meal. Get a friend to help you clear out your food cupboards and organise them so the healthy stuff is the most accessible.

·      Box up books, ornaments and knick-knacks you no longer have space for and put them in storage – if you don’t need them or miss them in that time then get rid.

·      Take on decluttering one room at a time, and methodically clear them out. Put on your music and treat clearing and clearing as a mini workout!

·      If an item doesn’t have a place then treat it as clutter – get rid or store in a unit until you need it.

·      If you can’t dig out your gym gear from an overflowing wardrobe then it’s time to clear out your closet. Torturing yourself with clothes that no longer fit won’t do anything for your self-esteem, so consider storing outfits that are too small in a unit until you lose the pounds.

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