How self-storage can turn your garage into… a garage

Remember the day you first viewed your house? As well as spacious rooms, lovely gardens and a great location, one of the features that sold it to you may have been the garage. Fast forward a short time, chances are that garage is now no more than another storage room, piled high with stuff you’ve forgotten you ever had and certainly too full for the one thing it was meant for – the car! The crazy thing is, when buying your home, you probably paid extra for the garage [or paid even more for a double garage which now has twice as much stuff in it] so now your mortgage is effectively paying for a storeroom! You might have saved the bother and bought a house without a garage and paid for a shed – at least you won’t be paying for that off for the next 25 years. Storage in the West Midlands is much cheaper than property in the same location! The reasons you wanted a garage are still relevant – it’s a place to keep the car secure, protect it from the elements and help lower your insurance costs. In fact, with motor insurance costs rising by 30% per annum, there is even more reason to clear out the garage and make way for the car. Easier said than done? Well, this is where self-storage can help. In fact, think of it as a kind of off-site garage. Just like a garage self-storage units are:

Accessible 24/7 Safe and secure

With ground-level storage, you can even drive straight in. Unlike many garages, the units are also clean and dry so there’s no limit to the type of items you can store. Again, unlike your mortgaged garage, you can rent self-storage from as little as 1 week and there are no long term contracts. So if the car goes then you can move everything back. You’ll probably be surprised at how low the rents are, especially as you rent only the space you need – but costs do vary so make sure you get a quote that includes everything. Today there are plenty of units around so you’re certain to find one near you – perhaps somewhere between work and home in case you need to pick up something on the way home before you put the car away in your ‘new’ garage. It’s easy to see how self-storage can help you get back the garage you always wanted.