Reasons We Store Clutter – Part I

Over the years, you will have gathered a lot of items, some of these may be memorable or have a sentimental meaning attached to them, and others you have stored because you do not want to throw away/ have not had time to throw away.

If you, or somebody you know has a clutter problem, here’s why…

  1. Busy

When you lead an active life, you cherish the few moments you are allowed to relax. Very rarely you will spend your free time sorting out your wardrobe or cleaning your room and it will instead continue to be put on a ‘to-do list’ that never gets done.

  1. Comfortable

If you are used to always having a cluttered area, it will feel familiar, safe and normal to you as it is something you have lived with for a long time. In a sense, you feel at home with this clutter and you become in no rush to change your ways.

Impulse Purchases

Something may pop up that you have an interest in at that moment in time. Whether it is buying a DVD, gathering recipes or purchasing a board game, you feel the need to buy these items, yet you are in no rush to use them. Similarly, you may watch the movie or play a board game once and then place it back in a pile to never watch/play again.

  1. Health

You may have suffered an illness or a bereavement which means you have put your life on hold. It can be hard to come to terms with these changes, however life does not stop. The post continues to come, dust continues to gather and plants keep growing.

  1. Depression or illness

When caring for someone or helping somebody tackle ill-health, your energy levels can decrease, meaning your surroundings are not a priority on your list. Understandably, you will put off your cleaning to-do list until you feel ready.

For many of the reasons listed above, self-storage becomes a necessity for many homes. You avoid making tough decisions on whether to throw items away, while allowing your home to become clutter free. A win-win situation.

Avoid putting off decluttering your home and get in touch today.