Tidy Up Your Office for a Better Working Environment

Staying focused and motivated while working is key for success. However, with countless distractions, your productivity can become threatened.

Many people do not realise the amount of workload that can pile up on their desk or how lack of lighting and noise can throw you them off track, but by clearing their work space, their motivation and productivity levels will increase.

If you are ready to work in a more productive and happier environment, follow these tips to get started on decluttering your office.


The average worker can spend up to one week per year looking for items that are misplaced, so now is the perfect time to organise. Place everything in draws or on shelves in an order that makes sense to you – whether it be alphabetically, client related or by date/year, this will make folders easier to search for when needs be.

Keep Tidy

Between 2013-2016, 119,000 employees slipped, tripped or fell over in the workplace. To prevent injuring yourself or others, keep your desk and the area around your workplace clutter free.

Stay Clean

Germs and mould from food, viruses and hygiene levels can affect your and your colleague’s health – so make sure your workplace is kept spotless to ensure full health.

Avoid Distractions

57% of employee’s motivation and morale levels increase when their workplace is clean and tidy. Which means in the long run, having a tidy desk will not only make you happier within the workplace, you will enjoy coming into work every day.


If you take all of these tips on board, your brain will be able to focus on one thing at a time, without becoming distracted.

This is why more and more businesses are turning to Spaces and Places to store paperwork, furniture and seldom used items in order to declutter their working space.

By storing all items in a self-storage unit, you are able to keep the workplace as tidy as possible, while keeping all important items in a safe and secure place.

You can access your storage unit 24/7, making Spaces and Places the go to self-storage company when decluttering your workplace.