The UK is a nation of entrepreneurs; with 99.9 % of businesses classed as Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME) and 76% single person businesses. For many SME’s the running costs of the business can be challenging, which is why more and more are utilising the benefits of self-storage in order for their business to grow.

The main benefits of using a self-storage unit are:-

  • Additional space for less cost
  • Flexibility
  • Safety and security

A self-storage unit offers businesses additional space for less cost, it allows these businesses the opportunity to buy, create, or store more stock. Low-cost storage space, also allows companies to save money as they are able to buy products in bulk. This is a great way to prevent stock shortages which can quickly damage the reputation of a small or medium sized business.

With storage spaces, businesses have the option to free up office space to accommodate a growing workforce without the hassle of upgrading offices.

The flexibility of a self-storage unit is particularly useful for seasonal businesses that can benefit greatly from a more flexible arrangement. A great benefit of self-storage is it can expand or downsize to fit your business, which is a vital factor for business owners of small or medium businesses. Self-storage units come in a variety of different sizes, meaning business owners are only paying for the space they need.

Self-storage offers businesses safety and security. Self-storage units have a wide range of great security features, to keep business stock safe and secure within the unit. This is also very beneficial for businesses who store important paperwork or documents.

If you have any questions about Business Storage, or you are ready to maximise the benefits of self-storage get in touch with your local Spaces and Places site today!

If you are a small growing business, increasing and maintaining high levels of productivity is essential to your development.

Research has shown that a brighter, neater and more flexible office increases employee engagement and productivity.

Here are a few top tips for organising your office to encourage your team to go that ‘extra mile’

Space – an office with high ceilings creates a feeling of space, making it light and airy. Circulation of air is important to keep the team alert and focused. The presence of plants in the office also helps to keep oxygen levels in the room high as well as adding a calming atmosphere.

Design – choose furniture carefully and arrange it in a way that encourages collaboration. Rounded and curved furniture is more inviting rather than rectangular tables in rows.

Get creative – studies have shown that productivity increases when employees have ownership of their own work area. Encourage your staff to personalise their own area with posters, pictures or plants to make it a space that inspires them and that they want to spend time in.

Organisation – encourage everyone in the office to keep all documents and stationery in drawers or cupboards and have an ‘in tray’ on their desk to store documents they are currently working on. A clutter free space will help to keep everyone calm and focused on the task at hand.

As a business grows and develops it may require extra space for storing products or documents, but it may not be practical to allocate more space in the office.

A self-storage unit could be the perfect solution. At Spaces and Places, we offer affordable, flexible and practical solutions for any business. Keep your office organised and tidy by storing documents in self-storage. With 24/7 access and CCTV surveillance, you can have peace of mind that your documents are safe and secure.

So, if your business is looking for extra space, get in touch with Spaces and Places.

As we go into the month of November, we are officially on the run down to Black Friday and Christmas and it is essential for businesses to make the most of this busy time of the year.

Black Friday has turned into a massive day in the UK since 2014 and £1.23 billion was spent on Black Friday in 2016. It is crucial for small businesses to have plenty of stock, particularly popular items, available to ensure maximum sales and profit. With customers having plenty of other options to buy what they want, they are not going to wait around while you reorder.

However if you are a small business your premises may struggle to house all the extra stock making your stock room overcrowded and difficult, even dangerous, to use. Plus there is the added risk of products getting damaged.

However there’s an easy solution to toppling piles of box, take advantage of a flexible short term business self-storage unit.

Spaces and Places offer a perfect solution for small businesses that require extra storage.

  • They provide affordable storage in 3 locations across the North West.
  • Rental agreements are on a short term or monthly basis
  • There are various ways to pay
  • There are different sizes of unit so you won’t be paying for space you don’t require.
  • Storage is dry and clean in steel containers.
  • Your stock is safe and secure, we have 24/7 CCTV security.
  • You can have access to your unit at any time.
  • Once your stock is organised in your unit, you’ll be able to locate individual items with ease.

An additional bonus is once the festive period is over, it will be easy to see what stock is left and organise it for the January sales.

If you need extra storage to hold your merchandise, contact Spaces and Places and secure a unit today.



Whether you are a large or a small business sometimes your premises just don’t have enough space. However moving into larger premises may not be practical or cost-effective, but renting a self-storage unit can be very beneficial to a business.

The benefits of businesses using self-storage are:-

Flexibility – it is possible that a business only needs extra space for a short period of time e.g. while relocating, or decorating their current premises. Or to store seasonal products and furniture. Restaurants/bars may have furniture they use outside during the summer but do not require in the winter, shops may have extra stock ordered in the late summer months for the Christmas period that needs to be stored. Most self-storage companies offer short term contracts. At Spaces and Places, we make renting our units as simple and straightforward as possible.

Cost effective- for home-based businesses and those in small business premises, renting a self-storage unit is much cheaper than relocating to bigger premises.

Improved productivity – trying to work in cluttered surroundings is very demotivating and can be dangerous too.

Security –if your business involves having to archive and store confidential documents, self-storage units offer dry, clean secure storage. Many of the best storage facilities invest thousands of pounds in alarms, CCTV, boundary fencing and lighting, meaning that your stored items are often far safer in a self-storage unit. At Spaces and Places, we have 24 hour CCTV surveillance plus other high tech security systems in place.

When you need that extra space to store documents or products securely Spaces and Places has the perfect solution for long or short-term storage space.

We offer low cost, high-security self – storage units in 3 superb locations – Manchester, Winsford and Nuneaton. We have high security steel containers and traditional brick built premises that have easy-assess roller shutters, power and light, enabling them to be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Get in touch with Spaces and Places to discuss the best options of storage unit for your business.

More and more people are working from the comfort of their own home, whether it is to avoid the traffic during rush hour, working around other commitments or to cut business overheads, there are undoubtedly benefits to working from home.

Even though there are benefits, there are also a number of downsides as well to consider:

  • Lack of space
  • Constant distractions
  • Unable to separate your home life from your work life
  • Lack of discipline
  • Procrastinating

What if we told you there is a low-cost alternative?

Over the past few years, more and more people have noticed the benefits of running their business from a storage unit.

Having your own business space outside of your home without taking out a lease or setting your business back with more overhead costs are benefits which are hard to ignore.

Start-up businesses, seasonal businesses, commercial and eBay traders are just a few companies that are drawn to the strengths storage units possess, as they are not tied into long leases and if business is slow, all they have to do is give one week’s notice to vacate.

Along with the financial benefits, the extra space, flexibility and security are added bonuses.

Working from a self-storage unit

How you use your storage unit is completely up to you. With access 24/7, seven days a week, you can come and go as you please.

Whether your ultimate aim is to store business documents, merchandise or to separate your business from your life at home, the possibilities are endless at Spaces and Places.

Have a look through the different business storage options we offer, or if you are unsure of which sized unit would best suit you and your needs, get in touch with your local Spaces and Places who will gladly answer any questions you have.

Staying focused and motivated while working is key for success. However, with countless distractions, your productivity can become threatened.

Many people do not realise the amount of workload that can pile up on their desk or how lack of lighting and noise can throw you them off track, but by clearing their work space, their motivation and productivity levels will increase.

If you are ready to work in a more productive and happier environment, follow these tips to get started on decluttering your office.


The average worker can spend up to one week per year looking for items that are misplaced, so now is the perfect time to organise. Place everything in draws or on shelves in an order that makes sense to you – whether it be alphabetically, client related or by date/year, this will make folders easier to search for when needs be.

Keep Tidy

Between 2013-2016, 119,000 employees slipped, tripped or fell over in the workplace. To prevent injuring yourself or others, keep your desk and the area around your workplace clutter free.

Stay Clean

Germs and mould from food, viruses and hygiene levels can affect your and your colleague’s health – so make sure your workplace is kept spotless to ensure full health.

Avoid Distractions

57% of employee’s motivation and morale levels increase when their workplace is clean and tidy. Which means in the long run, having a tidy desk will not only make you happier within the workplace, you will enjoy coming into work every day.


If you take all of these tips on board, your brain will be able to focus on one thing at a time, without becoming distracted.

This is why more and more businesses are turning to Spaces and Places to store paperwork, furniture and seldom used items in order to declutter their working space.

By storing all items in a self-storage unit, you are able to keep the workplace as tidy as possible, while keeping all important items in a safe and secure place.

You can access your storage unit 24/7, making Spaces and Places the go to self-storage company when decluttering your workplace.

Storage units are not just for junk! Many people are now utilising self-storage as an effective way to help run their businesses.

Reasons Why Self Storage Works For Business


From time to time many businesses can find themselves in need of temporary storage. For example when a business relocates or carries out decorating and/or refurbishment. As most self-storage facilities offer short, medium or long term storage options which are rented on a monthly basis; it is easy for businesses to rent a storage unit temporarily. Also sometimes a business may need more or less storage and the flexibility offered by most self-storage facilities allows a business to downsize or upsize as required.


If you need security for stock or sensitive documents, then your office or your home (if you are a home based business), may not be the best place. Many of the best storage facilities invest thousands of pounds in alarms, CCTV, boundary fencing and lighting, meaning that your stored items are often far safer in a self-storage unit. Storage units are a great place to archive documents your business is legally required to keep but take up valuable space in an office.


Home based businesses and businesses in small offices benefit from self-storage units as it is a very cost effective way to allow the business to grow and develop without having to relocate. Many self-storage facilities also offer a variety of sized units to accommodate your business as it continues to grow.

Are you looking for a high security, low cost business space? If the answer is yes, then Spaces and Places has everything to meet your needs, and are found in 3 superb locations Manchester, Nuneaton and Winsford.

A whole variety of businesses appreciate Spaces and Places range of high security steel containers and more traditional brick built premises. Both offer high security, but the brick built business units also provide easy-access roller shutters, with ground locks, plus power and lighting, enabling them to be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Get in touch with Spaces and Places to discuss the best options of storage unit for your business.

Starting a business in the UK is something people dream of doing, but in 2016 we saw people acting on these dreams and can at last call themselves an Entrepreneur.

More people were inspired to start a new business in the North West than London last year.  R3 – The UK’s leading organisation for insolvency, restructuring and turnaround, revealed that the number of active businesses increased by 32,774 since December 2015.

This new data showed that the number of companies in London grew by 6 per cent compared to the North West where there was a 10 per cent company growth.

In light of the UK having its highest level of active businesses, now over 347,200, it is easy to see that there is a strong start-up culture growing in the UK.

These figures prove that there has been a significant growth in entrepreneurial spirit and a strong drive to run a business.

The most popular business growth sectors

Transport – 46 per cent increase

Restaurants – 25 per cent increase

Technology and IT – 14 per cent increase

Professional Services – 11 per cent increase

Transport had the largest growth, with over 6,500 businesses and even though food and drink are a popular business opportunity for start-ups, there has also been a drop in these businesses succeeding due to the economy.

The growth in transport businesses is most likely due to online shopping, which in turn creates an increased demand for couriers. Also, Richard Wolff, the North West chair of R3 stated that Uber and Deliveroo have made it easier for individuals to set up and become involved in the transport business.

After seeing the growth, success and new business opportunities through 2016, it is natural for many people to see the potential and positives revolving around running your own business.

If you are inspired and wish to challenge yourself in 2017, read our Spaces and Places blog on how to Start a New Business This New Year.

When starting a business, you need to find a space where you will not become distracted.

It is easy to get up and make a snack if you work in the kitchen and the temptation of a nap in your bedroom can be hard to resist; this is why you need a room where you will not get lose focus and can fully concentrate on running a successful business.

Once you have decided on which room you are going to convert into an office, it is time to remodel. Cleaning, clearing and decorating are the first steps you need to undertake.

If your business is purely online such as eBay, how you decorate depends on your personal preference. If you will be conducting face to face business, decorating your room should revolve around your company colours and vision.

If you own a business, you will understand how easy it is for your working space to become cluttered with important paperwork, merchandise and products. With studies showing that the average person spends around 4.3 hours every week searching for paperwork; being organised is key to business success.

If you do not have space in your home to create an office, or you simply prefer to detach your work life from your home life; turn to self storage. You can turn the space into something special and create a platform to sell products. Have a look at how this eBayer transformed a storage unit at Spaces and Places.

Also, self-storage becomes a necessity for businesses that have gathered paperwork over the years. You will have file cabinets filled with important documents that you can not afford to throw away. These documents naturally take up space and removing them from your office will give you extra room.

Whether you need to store documents or rent a business unit, Spaces and Places are here to answer any questions you may have. With top of the range security and access to your unit 24/7, there is no better time to get in touch and start growing your business today.

If you felt last year went by within the blink of an eye and have decided that this year you will pursue your ambition of becoming an entrepreneur; then there is no time quite like the present.

Once you have an idea of what type of business you wish to run, it becomes time to turn your dream into reality.

The first obstacle which prevents many from following their passion is money. Start-up costs, business rates and long-term leases are just a few of the financial situations many find themselves in, which is why entrepreneurs turn to self-storage.

Self-storage facilities are not only used for storing items, they have become a financial blessing for businesses.

Here’s why…

Your own space

Instead of transforming a room in your home into an office or renting work space for a significant amount of money, you can turn to self-storage. You are not tied to long leases, renting is considerably cheaper and the best part, you still can enjoy the peace and quiet of having an office.


If business is booming, you have the option to rent more units and if business is slow, you can cut down on the number of units. All you have to do is give one week’s notice with Spaces and Places. This flexibility will ensure you are gaining the most profit out of your business as possible. Also, at Spaces and Places you have access to your unit 24/7 which means you can arrive and leave at any time.


CCTV cameras, secure fencing and lockboxes are just a few of the security features that ensure your unit is extremely secure. This means you can fully relax and know that all your items are safe.


When starting a business, profits are hard to see in the early stages. However, storage units allow you to avoid high rent prices, council tax and business rates. You are also able to reclaim back any VAT, if you are VAT registered.

Get in touch with Spaces and Places and begin your business journey today.

December has crept upon everyone once again and believe it or not, there are only a few days left until Christmas is here.

Over the last few years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taken the UK by storm. Millions of people took to the shops and internet late November to find the best deals, and with Christmas just around the corner, the shopping frenzy will continue.

Is your business ready to meet the demands of consumers?

Last year, research stated that 46% of people left their Christmas shopping until the last minute. The same trend will most likely occur this year, which means your business will be in high demand over the next few days.

In order for you to not miss out on maximum profit this Christmas, ensure you have enough stock available to sell and be prepared for last minute shoppers. It is vital that you offer next day delivery otherwise customers will begin looking elsewhere. Even though this may make your job more stressful, all your hard work and long hours will be worth it once January comes.

Many companies turn to self-storage in order to meet the demands they are faced with through the festive season. If you have stock that can not fit in your shop, or you are trying to avoid your house becoming a work zone, a storage unit is the simple and convenient answer.

The flexibility of storage units is one of many major incentives for businesses, as you have the option to add or reduce the amount of units you are using, all depending on demand. All you have to do, is give one week’s notice.

One crucial aspect when storing your items, is to place all stock in a safe and secure area. You will have more stock than usual, which means you have more to lose if any items are stolen. Ensure you do not overload your store, warehouse and even your home with items, and always keep them out of sight.

Spaces and Places understand how important security is, which is why all facilities are secured with a coded gate and 24-hour CCTV. Your mind can be rest assured all your items are safe.

If you are worried you do not have enough storage space to meet the demands of customers this month, contact Spaces and Places for further info on how we can help your business thrive through this hectic month.


Over the last few years, Manchester has become a desirable city for everybody, ranging from businesses and students to musicians and thespians; Manchester is the place to be. With more people becoming drawn to living in the city, comes more people seeking an apartment in the city centre.

Manchester’s population has continued to grow year on year, but finding a place to live has become a challenge for Manchester residents. Studies have emerged that certain properties have been let in just one hour and on average, each apartment receives three or four offers.

The city has a strong economy and a growing population, which has made Manchester a place of opportunity and possibility for all types of businesses.

Due to the high demand of businesses looking to rent space and with there being over 2,000 prospective tenants wanting to rent 130 properties listed, rental prices have increased. The M.E.N stated in 2015, that rental prices across Greater Manchester had increased by over 20 per cent in 12 months.

An option for many business owners is self-storage, especially around Christmas when business is booming and products are in high demand. Whether you turn to self storage to store extra stock or run your business from a unit; you are in a win-win situation.

Storage units are dramatically cheaper than renting in the city centre, and allow you the flexibility to rent more or reduce the amount of units you need. All you need to do, is give a week’s notice. To learn more about why businesses are turning to self storage, click the link.

At Spaces and Places we offer 24/7 CCTV surveillance, secure fencing, strict security protocols, a coded gate and other important security features to ensure your products are kept safe and secure at all times.

If you are looking to start up a business, or are a business owner but find it increasingly difficult to afford rental prices in the city centre, then get in touch with Spaces and Places Manchester – our friendly staff are here to answer any questions you may have.