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Unusual Uses of Self Storage Units

There are many unusual and interesting things you can do with your self-storage unit in Middlewich. If you have important undertakings to complete but have limited space in your home, maybe renting a self-storage unit would offer you a perfect solution. Here are some unusual uses of self-storage units. Note that storage units are affordable… Read more »

Why You Should Declutter Your Office

Office storage that has been organised and tidied away.

The first day of spring has hit which means it’s traditionally the time of year when our homes have a thorough deep clean. However the spring clean shouldn’t just stop at your home, as your office also needs to be rid of clutter and clean and tidy in order for your productivity at work to… Read more »

Creative things you can do with a storage unit

finger painting

Most of us think of storage units as just four walls and a roof to keep our possessions safe when we move but, depending on your storage company, they can be used for far more than that. Each space is self-contained, lockable, well-lit and usually has power, so there’s far more to be done than… Read more »

5 essential storage hacks when moving home

boxed up

Moving house is an incredibly stressful thing to do and, if you don’t have a place to store everything while you’re doing it, your stress levels can go through the roof. Luckily, we have years of experience in helping people to find a new home and we’ve picked up our fair share of moving house… Read more »

Storage tips for businesses to improve efficiency


  Whatever the nature or size of your business, you’ll inevitably need to store things like equipment, supplies and files. How and where you store the things you need to run your business can make a big difference to your overall efficiency. A crowded, disorganised work space can slow you down, demotivate you or even… Read more »

Storing your motorcycle in self-storage

  Do you love your bike in the summer but ride it less in the cold wet weather of winter? Okay, so no one really wants to stop riding their bike but unfortunately, we live in the UK and that means fewer sunny days than we’d ideally like to enjoy. This is where a small,… Read more »

Tips for storing your business inventory

Boxes and storage in a office

Whether you are a large or a small business, using self-storage can provide the perfect solution for additional storage space. Financially using self-storage makes good business sense – rather than moving to larger premises as the business expands it is more cost effective to use a storage unit to store old archived files, additional office… Read more »

10 Tips on How to Move to a New House With Kids

Moving house is always a difficult and stressful time but is even more demanding if you have children. The key to moving successfully with children is to get them on board with the planning and preparation. Here are our top tips Talk to the children about the move and include them in discussions about moving… Read more »

The Popularity of Self Storage in Britain Continues to Rise

The self-storage market in the UK is booming, as it is increasingly becoming more popular for British residents to rent self-storage space. A recent survey indicated that UK residents rent four times more self-storage space than the French, and nine times more than people in Germany. In fact Britain is now home to almost half… Read more »

Why Self Storage Units are a Necessity at Christmas

Once December arrives the preparations for Christmas begin to gather pace. Buying and wrapping presents, cooking and freezing food and if you have family and friends coming to stay over the festive period there is plenty of cleaning and tidying to be done as well. As we get closer to Christmas it can feel as… Read more »

What to put in Your Storage Unit through Winter

As the temperature drops and winter approaches many people are preparing to store items that go unused during the colder months of the year.  However if your home or garage is already full, storing these things can be a problem. Using a self-storage unit is an easy way to save on space in your home…. Read more »

Top 10 Tips to Follow When Using a Storage Unit

More and more people are using self-storage units to keep items that are seasonal or only used occasionally safe and their homes free of clutter. However using a self-storage unit should be simple and hassle-free. The following helpful tips should take the stress out of packing your self-storage unit so you can enjoy a clutter… Read more »