As the temperature drops and winter approaches many people are preparing to store items that go unused during the colder months of the year.  However if your home or garage is already full, storing these things can be a problem. Using a self-storage unit is an easy way to save on space in your home.

Here are a few seasonal belongings commonly stored in units during the winter.

  • Summer clothing – In a small living space, it can make a big difference to put out-of-season clothing in a storage unit.
  • Garden furniture – more and more people are using their garden as another room with dining tables, sofas, heaters, parasols and soft furnishing, but all this furniture need to be stored in a dry place over the winter.
  • Lawn equipment – once the lawn has had its final cut of the season the lawn mower, grass clippers and other garden tools require storing in a dry place.
  • Recreational gear – Put away sporting equipment, such as skateboards, hiking boots, wet suits and life jackets, until the warm weather returns.
  • Small engine vehicles – if you only ride your motorcycle during the summer months, put it away in storage to gain more space at home.
  • Holiday home – if you have a static caravan which can’t be used during the winter month there may be many items like TV’s, bedding, soft furnishing, beach gear that you want to store safely until you start using your caravan again
  • Camping Gear – while camping is great in the summer, all the gear can take up a lot of storage space over the winter.


To protect items that you are not using during the winter, store them with Spaces and Places. It makes the ideal solution to save you space at home while keeping all your possessions safe and secure.

Self-storage with Spaces and Places is easy to use. They offer flexible, short term contracts that are affordable. You have access to your unit 24/7 and your belongings are protected by top of the range security, get in touch with your local storage site today.

As summer approaches, many people who enjoy taking part in winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and ice hockey tend to start thinking about putting their seasonal sports gear into storage until the next season begins. Even those of us who like walking will have bulky winter gear that needs to be put away during the warmer months.

The problem is where to safely store these large expensive items, as most equipment is awkwardly shaped and can be quite unsightly to look at. Most homes do not have the additional space to make storing them at home a practical option. In the Manchester and Cheshire area Spaces and Places self-storage could be the perfect solution.

There are also additional benefits to storing sports equipment in our self-storage unit:

  • Security – your possessions are protected by our secure fencing, security lighting, Cor-Ten steel units, German and Italian manufactured locks, Smart Water and CCTV.
  • Clean – we use high quality steel containers to keep the contents clean and dry.
  • Affordable – you only pay for the time you use the unit, you are not locked into a long term contract and do not have to pay a deposit.
  • 24/7 access – means you can always get to your equipment whenever you want it.
  • Easy to rent- our agreements are simple, flexible and hassle free. When you no longer need the storage simply call us.

Storing your winter sports gear in self-storage until next season  is a practical and cost effective solution which ensures it stays safe and undamaged, whilst leaving your home clutter free.

If you live in the Manchester and Cheshire area and would like to find out more about the services we offer get in touch with Spaces and Places to talk to one of our friendly team.

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