Moving house is always a difficult and stressful time but is even more demanding if you have children.

The key to moving successfully with children is to get them on board with the planning and preparation.

Here are our top tips

    • Talk to the children about the move and include them in discussions about moving day so they are prepared for the event
    • Visit the new house and in particular show them their bedroom and discuss how their things will be arranged in the room
    • Visit the local area to make everywhere more familiar
    • Go through their current bedroom with them and get rid of toys, books and games they no longer use and give to a charity shop.
    • Encourage the children, with your help, to pack up their own things, selecting just a few items to go in a special essentials box that can be kept handy to give them on removal day when you arrive at the new house.
    • Pack up an essentials kit for all the family to have easy access to on moving day. The essentials box should contain- snacks, drinks, spare clothes and toiletries.
    • On the day, arrange for the children to be looked after for at least part of the day so you can get on with the move more swiftly and efficiently.
    • To encourage the children to settle in their new home let them arrange and unpack their things in their bedroom. It maybe things are moved round at a later stage but it is important that the children feel safe and are surrounded by the things they treasure that first night.
    • When you introduce yourselves to the neighbours, take the children with you so they can meet other children.
    • Once you are settled, invite a few of the neighbour’s children round to play.

Of course, if you have the time and somewhere to stay temporarily, you could consider putting your belongings into storage for a few days following completion: this would give you time to clean, child-proof and even decorate your new home before moving in properly.

If you require storage during a move, get in touch with you nearest Spaces and Places today

The self-storage market in the UK is booming, as it is increasingly becoming more popular for British residents to rent self-storage space.

A recent survey indicated that UK residents rent four times more self-storage space than the French, and nine times more than people in Germany.

In fact Britain is now home to almost half of all of Europe’s self-storage units, but demand is continuing to outstrip supply. During 2016 alone, 24 new sites opened in the UK.

Two thirds of self-storage customers are aged between 40 and 65 years old, and divorced or separated people are also more than twice as likely to use self-storage as a single person.

So why is self-storage becoming more popular in the UK? There are a number of reasons:-

  • A change in lifestyle- sometimes divorce or bereavement can lead to people moving into temporary or smaller accommodation. Self-store can provide a space to store these items until a later date.
  • Preventing household clutter building up- a modern trend is to keep the home clutter free as it is more relaxing and restful, as well as it being easier to keep clean. Storing seasonal items and clothing is particularly popular.
  • Requiring more space – through our lives we accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’, but where to store it can be a problem particularly in modern homes. A recent study by the Office for National Statistics shows the average house size of properties sold in England and Wales last year was 90 m2 . This is smaller than in many other European countries and considerable smaller than new homes in the United States.
  • Storing precious items of sentimental value – we all have things we wish to keep but do not necessarily have a place or space for them in our homes. E.g. family heirlooms. A storage unit is prefect for keeping these items safe and secure without being in the way

Are you ready to see the benefits of self-storage?

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As the temperature drops and winter approaches many people are preparing to store items that go unused during the colder months of the year.  However if your home or garage is already full, storing these things can be a problem. Using a self-storage unit is an easy way to save on space in your home.

Here are a few seasonal belongings commonly stored in units during the winter.

  • Summer clothing – In a small living space, it can make a big difference to put out-of-season clothing in a storage unit.
  • Garden furniture – more and more people are using their garden as another room with dining tables, sofas, heaters, parasols and soft furnishing, but all this furniture need to be stored in a dry place over the winter.
  • Lawn equipment – once the lawn has had its final cut of the season the lawn mower, grass clippers and other garden tools require storing in a dry place.
  • Recreational gear – Put away sporting equipment, such as skateboards, hiking boots, wet suits and life jackets, until the warm weather returns.
  • Small engine vehicles – if you only ride your motorcycle during the summer months, put it away in storage to gain more space at home.
  • Holiday home – if you have a static caravan which can’t be used during the winter month there may be many items like TV’s, bedding, soft furnishing, beach gear that you want to store safely until you start using your caravan again
  • Camping Gear – while camping is great in the summer, all the gear can take up a lot of storage space over the winter.


To protect items that you are not using during the winter, store them with Spaces and Places. It makes the ideal solution to save you space at home while keeping all your possessions safe and secure.

Self-storage with Spaces and Places is easy to use. They offer flexible, short term contracts that are affordable. You have access to your unit 24/7 and your belongings are protected by top of the range security, get in touch with your local storage site today.

As we go into the month of November, we are officially on the run down to Black Friday and Christmas and it is essential for businesses to make the most of this busy time of the year.

Black Friday has turned into a massive day in the UK since 2014 and £1.23 billion was spent on Black Friday in 2016. It is crucial for small businesses to have plenty of stock, particularly popular items, available to ensure maximum sales and profit. With customers having plenty of other options to buy what they want, they are not going to wait around while you reorder.

However if you are a small business your premises may struggle to house all the extra stock making your stock room overcrowded and difficult, even dangerous, to use. Plus there is the added risk of products getting damaged.

However there’s an easy solution to toppling piles of box, take advantage of a flexible short term business self-storage unit.

Spaces and Places offer a perfect solution for small businesses that require extra storage.

  • They provide affordable storage in 3 locations across the North West.
  • Rental agreements are on a short term or monthly basis
  • There are various ways to pay
  • There are different sizes of unit so you won’t be paying for space you don’t require.
  • Storage is dry and clean in steel containers.
  • Your stock is safe and secure, we have 24/7 CCTV security.
  • You can have access to your unit at any time.
  • Once your stock is organised in your unit, you’ll be able to locate individual items with ease.

An additional bonus is once the festive period is over, it will be easy to see what stock is left and organise it for the January sales.

If you need extra storage to hold your merchandise, contact Spaces and Places and secure a unit today.



Now we are into October and Autumn has arrived, the kids are getting excited about Halloween, Bonfire Night and dare we say it, Christmas.

Halloween has become more and more popular in this country as it usually falls in the half term holiday making it a perfect time to have a get together with family and friends. So why not go all out this year and really celebrate Halloween in style and throw a party for all you family and friends of all ages in your own creepy haunted house.

To create a prefect Halloween creepy haunted house you will need to think about lighting, sound effects, creepy decorations, costumes and suitable party food and drink

Dressing up – ask all the invited guests to dress up and ask a few of the adults to help you lay on a few scary surprises during the party. Depending on the age group it could be jumping out from behind the hedge as they arrive or spraying them with a water pistol. Other spooky things could happen during the party like ghostly figures appearing at windows etc.

Eerie sound tracks – have a few eerie sound effects that can be played as guests enter the house.

Lighting – swap normal light bulbs for red ones, use spotlights in the garden to create an eerie glow and if you can get hold of dry ice, a little fog will enhance the atmosphere. In the back garden have hidden floodlights with a small figure in front to cast a big shadow.

Decorations – the sky is the limit here, tombstones made from polystyrene, corpses made from sacking to look like a human, lots of cobwebs and spiders, plastic mice and rats, pumpkin lanterns using LED tea lights, and ghostly shapes hidden around the house.

Food and drink – keep the theme going by having red drinks, pumpkin soup, cobweb decorations on cakes, slimy jelly with worms, dead man finger sandwiches, dead finger sausage rolls.

To create as much available space as possible for your Halloween event and to keep all your precious items safe, rent a safe and secure storage unit from Spaces and Places. We offer safe, flexible and affordable self-storage units which are simple to rent and just as easy to give notice. There are no long term contracts, and there are plenty of ways to pay.

Spaces and Places are based throughout the North West, get in touch today.

Last month we covered a few of the reasons why we are drawn to storing clutter and why we continue to do so.

If you missed part I, check it out here.

Read on for part II….

Parents Influence

Many children follow in their parent’s footsteps, with or without realising. If your home was always neat and tidy then you subconsciously adopt similar behaviours. However, if your parents were collectors, workaholics or had a creative flare then your home would be more busy and unorganised.

You may have adopted your parent’s habits or rebelled against then, either way, they have had an influence on how you choose to fill the space in your home.

Life changes

You may have moved into a smaller place than what you were used to or even used the spare room you once had to start a business; life changes affect the way we use our space. If you feel all your items are crowding your room and suffocating the way you live, it is time to make some changes.


When you are lonely, you tend to try and fill a void. Many people turn to food or shopping to keep themselves entertained. However, overconsumption can have consequences and before you know it, the space you once had is now full of new purchases.


If you are a creative person you may make a lot of impulsive buys. Coming across items you feel you can restore and sell due to the potential you see in them or even purchasing unique items as nobody else will have them will be a regular occurrence!

Letting go

Having emotional attachment to items makes them harder to throw away. You will feel guilty and suddenly miss the item once you make the decision to say goodbye. The same goes for items that you feel may come in handy one day. Old jeans that are too big/ too small, an outfit you have worn once and even magazines/books that you will not read again suddenly pile up and you have no intention of throwing away.

Whether you are looking for extra space to work on a project or you would like a safe and secure place to store your items, a storage unit is the answer. Business storage and personal storage are options available at Spaces and Places.

Get in touch and start making your home a peaceful and relaxing place to live in today.

More and more people are working from the comfort of their own home, whether it is to avoid the traffic during rush hour, working around other commitments or to cut business overheads, there are undoubtedly benefits to working from home.

Even though there are benefits, there are also a number of downsides as well to consider:

  • Lack of space
  • Constant distractions
  • Unable to separate your home life from your work life
  • Lack of discipline
  • Procrastinating

What if we told you there is a low-cost alternative?

Over the past few years, more and more people have noticed the benefits of running their business from a storage unit.

Having your own business space outside of your home without taking out a lease or setting your business back with more overhead costs are benefits which are hard to ignore.

Start-up businesses, seasonal businesses, commercial and eBay traders are just a few companies that are drawn to the strengths storage units possess, as they are not tied into long leases and if business is slow, all they have to do is give one week’s notice to vacate.

Along with the financial benefits, the extra space, flexibility and security are added bonuses.

Working from a self-storage unit

How you use your storage unit is completely up to you. With access 24/7, seven days a week, you can come and go as you please.

Whether your ultimate aim is to store business documents, merchandise or to separate your business from your life at home, the possibilities are endless at Spaces and Places.

Have a look through the different business storage options we offer, or if you are unsure of which sized unit would best suit you and your needs, get in touch with your local Spaces and Places who will gladly answer any questions you have.

When moving in with a friend or partner, you will be faced with a few responsibilities and realities that you are not used to, especially if you have lived with your parents the majority of your life.

For the most part – you will be filled with excitement and looking forward to this next chapter in your life, but to make your big move work, follow these tips and prepare yourself for what’s to come!

Add your own touch

When moving in to a new place, you have a blank canvas waiting for you to add a personal touch. With your new roommate, you can make decorating decisions together and decide how to create your dream home.

What’s your role?

When you move in together, one of the first things which should be on your to-do-list is figuring out who is responsible for which roles. Taking out the bins and household chores can cause arguments if you feel you are doing more than your roommate. Avoid an argument by deciding who does what and when the chores have to be completed.


There will be a few bills which have to be paid monthly and on time. Understanding how much each of you owe will avoid awkward/ touchy conversations further down the line.

Personality traits

When you live with somebody, you will learn a lot about them that you did not know before you moved in together. Whether they have a habit that irritates you, or you feel they are not pulling their weight, make sure to air these concerns. By talking and communicating you will prevent an argument brewing.


You may end up with two of the same items, whether it be sofas, cutlery or chairs, having too many items can make your new place look cluttered and untidy.

Instead of using up your spare room or garage with these items, keep them safe and secure in a storage unit and use your new-found space to create something you both agree on – a spare bedroom, games room or a library are just a few inspirational ideas.

With 24/7 access to secure units throughout the North West, Spaces and Places make self-storage easy and affordable. Get in touch today.

As summer approaches, many people who enjoy taking part in winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and ice hockey tend to start thinking about putting their seasonal sports gear into storage until the next season begins. Even those of us who like walking will have bulky winter gear that needs to be put away during the warmer months.

The problem is where to safely store these large expensive items, as most equipment is awkwardly shaped and can be quite unsightly to look at. Most homes do not have the additional space to make storing them at home a practical option. In the Manchester and Cheshire area Spaces and Places self-storage could be the perfect solution.

There are also additional benefits to storing sports equipment in our self-storage unit:

  • Security – your possessions are protected by our secure fencing, security lighting, Cor-Ten steel units, German and Italian manufactured locks, Smart Water and CCTV.
  • Clean – we use high quality steel containers to keep the contents clean and dry.
  • Affordable – you only pay for the time you use the unit, you are not locked into a long term contract and do not have to pay a deposit.
  • 24/7 access – means you can always get to your equipment whenever you want it.
  • Easy to rent- our agreements are simple, flexible and hassle free. When you no longer need the storage simply call us.

Storing your winter sports gear in self-storage until next season  is a practical and cost effective solution which ensures it stays safe and undamaged, whilst leaving your home clutter free.

If you live in the Manchester and Cheshire area and would like to find out more about the services we offer get in touch with Spaces and Places to talk to one of our friendly team.

Call: 0800 124 4363 or Email:

There are many misconceptions about self-storage being out dated, expensive, insecure and limited in their use – in general not a good option, but the reality is very different, there are many businesses and private individuals who find self-storage very useful. We feel it is time to put some of these myths to rest and look at the benefits of self-storage

  • Myth 1 – It’s of limited value.

Many businesses rely on self-storage units for holding stock, equipment and documents. Also individuals use storage units to keep furniture, and valuables that they cannot store at home, or when temporarily living abroad or moving home.

  • Myth 2 – It’s expensive to store belongings.

Storage units come in different sizes and costs are tailored accordingly. However it is worth remembering that the cost of storing valuable antiques, documents and items of sentimental value may be money well spent.

At Spaces and Places we will discuss with you your requirements and provide a storage unit to suit your personal needs.

  • Myth 3 – It’s not safe

People frequently worry that their belongings could go missing or be damaged

At Spaces and Places we take security very seriously. We know our customers want to be assured that their prized possessions are stored securely.

We provide you with the best German and Italian manufactured locks. All of our storage locations have additional security features including secure fencing, security lighting, Cor-Ten steel units, Smart Water and CCTV.

  • Myth 4 – Contracts are either too short or too long

At Spaces and Places we are very flexible to make sure using our self-storage units are as easy and cost effective as possible.We simply take a month’s rental in advance, and any days that are unused are refunded to you, after the unit is vacated, clean and clear. To cancel using the unit you simply give us a call.

  • Myth 5 -It’s difficult to access belongings

At Spaces and Places access to your self-storage unit can be gained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Myth 6 – It’s stressful to organise

It may seem difficult to use self-storage; how do you get your belongings to the site? How do you sort all your belongings? What will it cost monthly?

Since 1998, Spaces and Places have provided excellent customer service. If you are unclear about any aspect of self-storage, just give us a call.

At Spaces and Places our aim is to make self-storage easy to choose and easy to use.

Get in touch for further information about Spaces and Places self-storage units. Call 0800 124 4363 or email

Moving in with a partner can be an exciting time. You have taken the next stage in your relationship and have decided that right now is the perfect moment to move in together.

However, before you start to believe everything will run smoothly, prepare yourself for challenges you may face by reading on.

  1. Two of Everything

If you currently both live by yourselves, you will have your own furniture, appliances and electronics. Deciding which items you will bring to your new place may cause a disagreement, and deciding what to do with the remaining items can be a stressful task.

Tip – Store items in storage until you find a buyer.

  1. Different Visions/ Tastes

You most likely have different decorating visions and different tastes. Compromising is key if you want to live peacefully together and create a home which you both enjoy returning to after a long day at work!

Tip – Purchase new items together and create a home you both love.

  1. Initial Clutter

On day one moving in, your new home will be filled with boxes. Place the boxes in the room which they belong and begin unloading. You may have underestimated the amount of space you have in your new home, resulting in your new place becoming cluttered and unappealing.

Tip – Decide which items you will not be needing at this moment in time, and keep them safe in storage until you need them again. Clothing is a great place to start. If it is winter, place all summer clothing in storage until the warm weather arrives and vice versa. This will allow a large amount of extra space in your wardrobe to appear.


If you are used to living alone, sharing space with somebody else may become difficult to begin with. Having complete control over your environment, inviting friends over without consulting anybody or a spur of the moment decision to redecorate are certain aspects you will not be able to do anymore.

Tip – Avoid an argument and make a conscious decision to talk through any changes or future plans with your partner.

Self storage becomes a lifesaver for two people moving in together. For items which you do not want to throw away and furniture you wish to sell at a future date, get in touch with a secure, convenient and trustworthy storage company; Spaces and Places.

If you felt last year went by within the blink of an eye and have decided that this year you will pursue your ambition of becoming an entrepreneur; then there is no time quite like the present.

Once you have an idea of what type of business you wish to run, it becomes time to turn your dream into reality.

The first obstacle which prevents many from following their passion is money. Start-up costs, business rates and long-term leases are just a few of the financial situations many find themselves in, which is why entrepreneurs turn to self-storage.

Self-storage facilities are not only used for storing items, they have become a financial blessing for businesses.

Here’s why…

Your own space

Instead of transforming a room in your home into an office or renting work space for a significant amount of money, you can turn to self-storage. You are not tied to long leases, renting is considerably cheaper and the best part, you still can enjoy the peace and quiet of having an office.


If business is booming, you have the option to rent more units and if business is slow, you can cut down on the number of units. All you have to do is give one week’s notice with Spaces and Places. This flexibility will ensure you are gaining the most profit out of your business as possible. Also, at Spaces and Places you have access to your unit 24/7 which means you can arrive and leave at any time.


CCTV cameras, secure fencing and lockboxes are just a few of the security features that ensure your unit is extremely secure. This means you can fully relax and know that all your items are safe.


When starting a business, profits are hard to see in the early stages. However, storage units allow you to avoid high rent prices, council tax and business rates. You are also able to reclaim back any VAT, if you are VAT registered.

Get in touch with Spaces and Places and begin your business journey today.