4 Challenges You Face When Moving In With A Partner

Moving in with a partner can be an exciting time. You have taken the next stage in your relationship and have decided that right now is the perfect moment to move in together.

However, before you start to believe everything will run smoothly, prepare yourself for challenges you may face by reading on.

  1. Two of Everything

If you currently both live by yourselves, you will have your own furniture, appliances and electronics. Deciding which items you will bring to your new place may cause a disagreement, and deciding what to do with the remaining items can be a stressful task.

Tip – Store items in storage until you find a buyer.

  1. Different Visions/ Tastes

You most likely have different decorating visions and different tastes. Compromising is key if you want to live peacefully together and create a home which you both enjoy returning to after a long day at work!

Tip – Purchase new items together and create a home you both love.

  1. Initial Clutter

On day one moving in, your new home will be filled with boxes. Place the boxes in the room which they belong and begin unloading. You may have underestimated the amount of space you have in your new home, resulting in your new place becoming cluttered and unappealing.

Tip – Decide which items you will not be needing at this moment in time, and keep them safe in storage until you need them again. Clothing is a great place to start. If it is winter, place all summer clothing in storage until the warm weather arrives and vice versa. This will allow a large amount of extra space in your wardrobe to appear.


If you are used to living alone, sharing space with somebody else may become difficult to begin with. Having complete control over your environment, inviting friends over without consulting anybody or a spur of the moment decision to redecorate are certain aspects you will not be able to do anymore.

Tip – Avoid an argument and make a conscious decision to talk through any changes or future plans with your partner.

Self storage becomes a lifesaver for two people moving in together. For items which you do not want to throw away and furniture you wish to sell at a future date, get in touch with a secure, convenient and trustworthy storage company; Spaces and Places.