Why You Should Have a Games Room in Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home, or simply want a room where you can escape to, then it may be time to consider creating a games room in your home.

A study conducted by Sony showed that in the UK, nearly a third of adults and 41 per cent of men would consider paying more for a property that had a games room.

Not only could a games room add an extra 3.2% onto the value of your home, it also a great addition to your property.

Whether you would like a room to entertain the kids, your guests or even for yourself; follow these tips to create the perfect games room.


Pick a room that is far away from busy areas of your home such as the kitchen and lounge. We recommend transforming your basement or attic, as you are able to be as loud as you wish without disturbing anybody trying to sleep in their bedroom!


Once you have your location set, now is the time to convert your new space into a games room. First things first, remove everything and make the space clean, clear and inviting. Items you wish to keep should be kept safe in storage instead of piling up in the corner of your room or cluttering a different room in your home.


After cleaning, painting and placing items in storage, it is now time to make your entertainment dreams come true! Decide how you wish to structure the room and which games you want in your room. A pool table, large TV, a comfy sofa, pinball machines, a bar and a jukebox are a few key entertainment features you may act upon. Lighting is also an important aspect to consider. Dim lighting gives a relaxing feel to your new room, whereas neon lighting will add a fun atmosphere to the games room.

Your unused room is now ready for you and all your entertainment needs! If you are struggling to find a place for items that you had to remove, get in touch with Spaces and Places to ensure all your belongings safe and secure.