Moving house is always a difficult and stressful time but is even more demanding if you have children.

The key to moving successfully with children is to get them on board with the planning and preparation.

Here are our top tips

    • Talk to the children about the move and include them in discussions about moving day so they are prepared for the event
    • Visit the new house and in particular show them their bedroom and discuss how their things will be arranged in the room
    • Visit the local area to make everywhere more familiar
    • Go through their current bedroom with them and get rid of toys, books and games they no longer use and give to a charity shop.
    • Encourage the children, with your help, to pack up their own things, selecting just a few items to go in a special essentials box that can be kept handy to give them on removal day when you arrive at the new house.
    • Pack up an essentials kit for all the family to have easy access to on moving day. The essentials box should contain- snacks, drinks, spare clothes and toiletries.
    • On the day, arrange for the children to be looked after for at least part of the day so you can get on with the move more swiftly and efficiently.
    • To encourage the children to settle in their new home let them arrange and unpack their things in their bedroom. It maybe things are moved round at a later stage but it is important that the children feel safe and are surrounded by the things they treasure that first night.
    • When you introduce yourselves to the neighbours, take the children with you so they can meet other children.
    • Once you are settled, invite a few of the neighbour’s children round to play.

Of course, if you have the time and somewhere to stay temporarily, you could consider putting your belongings into storage for a few days following completion: this would give you time to clean, child-proof and even decorate your new home before moving in properly.

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This time of year is very popular for moving house, but why do people want to move when it such a costly and stressful experience?

Here are the top ten reasons why people chose to go through all the upheaval that moving house involves:

  • 1. Relocation with work or a new job: if the travelling time to get to work is too long or difficult then moving home is the best option.
  • 2. Require more space: the house bought by first time buyers is great for a couple, but once they start a family they need more space.
  • 3. Downsize: once the family have all grown up and left home the family house can be too big or too costly to run and a move to a smaller property is desirable.
  • 4. Upgrade: wanting a bigger and better house.
  • 5. Change in relationship circumstances: either 2 people moving in together or a couple breaking up can result in a person moving house.
  • 6. To be closer to family: grandparents wanting to live nearer to their children and grandchildren is often a key reason for moving.
  • 7. School catchment area: if parents are keen for their children to attend a particular school they will consider moving into the catchment area to secure a place at that school.
  • 8. Running costs of property: if the running costs of the home are too costly because of a change to income or the need to save money moving house can be the best option.
  • 9. Change in lifestyle: the bright lights of the city can be very attractive to the young but over time many choose to move to more suburban or rural areas.
  • 10. Change in surroundings: if the area where you currently live changes or deteriorates for economic, social or physical reasons then it may be time to move to somewhere where you feel more comfortable.

However challenging and stressful moving can be, if in the long run it is beneficial to you and your family it is worth going through the process.

So whatever reason you may have for moving, putting your items into storage makes moving house much more organised and less stressful.

Storage with Spaces and Places is affordable and flexible ensuring a quick and easy move.

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Moving in with a partner can be an exciting time. You have taken the next stage in your relationship and have decided that right now is the perfect moment to move in together.

However, before you start to believe everything will run smoothly, prepare yourself for challenges you may face by reading on.

  1. Two of Everything

If you currently both live by yourselves, you will have your own furniture, appliances and electronics. Deciding which items you will bring to your new place may cause a disagreement, and deciding what to do with the remaining items can be a stressful task.

Tip – Store items in storage until you find a buyer.

  1. Different Visions/ Tastes

You most likely have different decorating visions and different tastes. Compromising is key if you want to live peacefully together and create a home which you both enjoy returning to after a long day at work!

Tip – Purchase new items together and create a home you both love.

  1. Initial Clutter

On day one moving in, your new home will be filled with boxes. Place the boxes in the room which they belong and begin unloading. You may have underestimated the amount of space you have in your new home, resulting in your new place becoming cluttered and unappealing.

Tip – Decide which items you will not be needing at this moment in time, and keep them safe in storage until you need them again. Clothing is a great place to start. If it is winter, place all summer clothing in storage until the warm weather arrives and vice versa. This will allow a large amount of extra space in your wardrobe to appear.


If you are used to living alone, sharing space with somebody else may become difficult to begin with. Having complete control over your environment, inviting friends over without consulting anybody or a spur of the moment decision to redecorate are certain aspects you will not be able to do anymore.

Tip – Avoid an argument and make a conscious decision to talk through any changes or future plans with your partner.

Self storage becomes a lifesaver for two people moving in together. For items which you do not want to throw away and furniture you wish to sell at a future date, get in touch with a secure, convenient and trustworthy storage company; Spaces and Places.

When moving house, we don’t often plan it to fall during the winter months, but sometimes it really can’t wait. Bad weather conditions and the shorter day’s mean that the whole process can become a lot more stressful compared to moving in the summer months. Don’t be put off though, follow our tips for moving in the winter for a seamless transition to your new house!

Plan early

It’s important to plan early for any move, but in winter it becomes even more so. Take into consideration any bank holidays which may fall at an inconvenient time for your move. As part of your home moving plan, consider removal companies, what items you are taking to your new home, if any items could be put into storage and finally, if there is anything that could be recycled or taken to a charity shop.

Plan your moving day

Shorter days and a greater chance of bad weather conditions makes planning your day crucial. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day of the move and stay in communication with your removals company to make sure they are still willing to move if the weather does take a turn for the worse. Shorter daylight hours will make it more challenging to move things to and from vans or storage containers.  

Cover carpets/ floors

Moving house in wet or snowy weather can mean your new property may get very dirty, very quickly. People will constantly be moving from outside to in, resulting in mud trailed through your new home. Avoid taking the shine off this exciting day by preparing covers like cardboard or large rags for carpets and floors so that your second day in your new house isn’t spent cleaning!

Prepare for delays

Even the best laid plans can sometimes fall foul of the weather. Give yourself extra time between your new house and old so that if the weather does turn for the worse and you are unable to move on the date planned, you aren’t under pressure to be out of your old house. Moving can be stressful enough without having to be rushed.

  1. Food and drinks for helpers

Make sure a kettle, tea bags and some mugs are easily accessible during your move. Throughout a cold and busy day of moving, nothing will help you and your helpers feel better than taking a few minutes break for a well earned cup of tea!

If you are looking to store your belongings in a storage unit, get in touch with Spaces and Places to ensure your items are kept in a reliable, secure and safe place.

In Britain, we have the smallest homes in Europe. Within the last few years, more people are choosing to downsize from a large space into a smaller home with the hope of living a more financially free and simplistic lifestyle.

Money can be the source of many problems homeowners face, especially since almost one third of Brits live pay check to pay check. A smaller home allows you to spend your extra money on items you would not be able to afford before; ranging from holidays abroad to a new piece of clothing rather than rent!

With a smaller house you have to adapt to living in a home with less space than you are used to. Items in your home will have to become functional as well as decorative in order for you to avoid clutter taking over. By using hidden storage spaces under your bed or on your walls, you will be able to keep the majority of your items and if you are organised and use storage space correctly, your home will appear larger than it actually is.

For items that will no longer fit in your home, you have two options; store or sell. If you can not bear to part ways with certain items or you will need the items in the future, then a storage unit is the best option. A storage unit allows you to keep your items in a safe and secure place that you have access to 24/7.

If you choose to sell your items, make sure if you are selling online, you take photos of the items with an appropriate background – this will ensure you sell items for the correct price and not under price! One of Spaces and Places customers uses a storage unit to sell items from. This allows the customer to keep items too big to store in their house in a safe place until they sell. If you are inspired, click the link to see how a storage unit was turned into a ‘fake’ home to sell furniture.

If you are struggling to find space in your home for items, call Spaces and Places and your items will be kept in a reliable, safe and secure unit that you can access 24/7.

Moving house is extremely stressful, so it comes as no surprise to learn it was voted more stressful than getting a divorce. However, when you move abroad, the stress you experience will increase as you have to worry about things you usually take for granted such as vaccinations and different electrical supplies!

In order for the move to go successful, with little stress involved, have a read at how self storage can take away a lot of problems and hassle you experience during the move.

Short-term move

When you are planning on moving abroad for a short amount of time and you have a specific date for when you return home, self storage is a great solution to make sure certain items are kept safe and secure. You will be able to relax while you are away without worrying if burglars have taken your cherished items.

If your new home comes fully furnished, or the shipping costs are too much money for the amount of period you are staying, then leave these items at home or place in storage. The main items which you need to take are your necessities. This can range from prescriptions to your child’s favourite toy. Also, make sure you only bring clothes suitable for the weather, this will save you a lot space in your suitcase!

Long-term move

If you are moving abroad for a lengthy period, then you will undergo a lot of stress and pressure in the build up to the move. The place where you are moving to is going to be your home away from home, so make sure you take the majority of items with you as shipping will cost less than purchasing new items.

However, make sure you ship items that are suitable for the climate. A leather sofa will not be the best idea to pack if you are living in a 30 degrees Celsius plus country!

If you are renting out your house in England while you are away, be sure to store all valuable and sentimental items in storage. It might be best to rent out your home unfurnished, this way you can fully relax as you know your belongings will not be damaged and safe in self storage.

If you are escaping the cold winter months and moving abroad, then get in touch with Spaces and Places – a reliable, secure and convenient storage company.

Making the most out of a small space can be difficult and time consuming. Instead of spending thousands of pounds renovating your house, save yourself money by following these five space maximising tips.

  1. Extend your kitchen

Instead of having a separate table in your dining room, why not increase the length of your kitchen table? This allows you to use your dining room area for a different purpose.

  1. Floor to ceiling bookshelves

A floor to ceiling bookshelf not only gives you more space to store items, it also creates an illusion that your ceiling appears higher while elongating the look of the small space vertically.

  1. Glass walls

Instead of using wood or cement to separate each room, a see-through glass wall will make your house look more spacious and appear larger. By having glass walls in your house, you suddenly have a win-win solution to your space issue, as the glass not only enhances the small area, but they are also visually appealing!

Install mirrors

Mirrors are also key when increasing small spaces as they are able to create an illusion that the room is double the size, resulting in each room appearing significantly larger.

Storage unit

When you move into a smaller home, finding space for all your belongings is a problem for many. Overtime, the problem can worsen, as you continue to purchase items even though you are lacking space. A storage unit solves all your problems. You can begin by storing moving boxes in the unit until you have decorated each room to your satisfaction. Once each room is decorated, you can start unloading a box at a time until all your beloved possessions are in place.

If space is a reoccurring issue in your home, then it may be time to consider storing your seasonal items in a storage unit. This will significantly increase your wardrobe space as well as leaving extra space in your garage.

Spaces and Places offer 24/7 access with high levels of security. Get in touch and start making your house a clean and tidy home.

Moving house can be hectic and moving furniture can be stressful, time-consuming and tiring. In order to make moving heavy items less traumatic, we have put together some tips and tricks to ensure your next move will be successful.


After cleaning the couch thoroughly, place a sheet over the couch to protect the piece of furniture during the move. Also, ensure you are able to move the couch without struggling, which means asking friends to help and clearing a pathway to make moving easier.

Storage Tip – When placing couches in a storage unit, make sure they are horizontal and NOT covered in plastic as your couch needs to breathe. Also do not place heavy items on the couch, as the spring and cushions will become ruined.


If you can detach the legs on the table, then this will make your move easier. However, you still have to make sure you are being careful to avoid any scratches appearing, which is why you should place bubble wrap on the corners of the table. If your table has drawn, make sure they emptied and taped shut. 

Storage Tip – To avoid scratches, and your table falling over, make sure your table is secure. If you were not able to detach the legs, keep your table flat and on all four legs, but be sure to use a blanket to protect the table.


Make sure you remove all books and shelves. Follow the same pattern and carefully move the bookcase (with help!)

Storage Tip – Place shelves back into the bookcase and keep upright when storing.


You will notice how when you move, your house will be covered in cardboard boxes. Make sure you do not fill boxes to the top if you are placing heavy items inside. If you have a box full of books, then this will be hard to carry. Instead, fill the box halfway with books and use the material to fill the remaining space.

Storage Tip – When storing, make sure heavier boxes are at the bottom, but full to the top so you are able to place boxes on top without the lower boxes collapsing.

A storage unit helps make your move less stressful and gives you time to settle into your new home without worrying about deadlines. Call Spaces and Places if you are seeking advice or looking for a reliable place to keep your items safe.

When you move out of your family home and start your first adventure in a home you can officially call yours, it can be exciting as well as nerve-racking! First time home buyers rely on self-storage for many reasons. Here’s why:


When you have purchased your home, you will start buying items ranging from tables and chairs to cutlery. A storage unit allows you to store items over the few weeks leading up to your big move day without cluttering the space you have now.

All units cater to your needs. Whether you are wanting to store important documents or store the majority/ all of your belongings, a storage unit is an answer!


You are able to rent storage units weekly or monthly, depending on how long you wish to store your belongings. This flexibility allows you to not worry if you need your unit for a longer or shorter amount of time. Spaces and Places also allow you to access your unit 24/7 which means you can store and pick up items at your convenience.


When you decide to store your items throughout the move, you want to be certain they are kept in a safe and secure place. The majority of self-storage companies offer round the clock surveillance and all units are monitored by CCTV – this will allow you to focus on your move without worrying about your belongings.

More Space

This is crucial when you move house. You need space to decorate your new home to suit your tastes. Instead of risking damaging your belongings, storing items in a storage unit allows you to decorate one room at a time and once finished, you can move your items back into your house.

Ask yourself; would you rather store your belongings in a safe and secure unit, or in a shed/garage?

Call Spaces and Places if you are looking for a safe, secure and convenient place to store your belongings!