When moving house, we don’t often plan it to fall during the winter months, but sometimes it really can’t wait. Bad weather conditions and the shorter day’s mean that the whole process can become a lot more stressful compared to moving in the summer months. Don’t be put off though, follow our tips for moving in the winter for a seamless transition to your new house!

Plan early

It’s important to plan early for any move, but in winter it becomes even more so. Take into consideration any bank holidays which may fall at an inconvenient time for your move. As part of your home moving plan, consider removal companies, what items you are taking to your new home, if any items could be put into storage and finally, if there is anything that could be recycled or taken to a charity shop.

Plan your moving day

Shorter days and a greater chance of bad weather conditions makes planning your day crucial. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day of the move and stay in communication with your removals company to make sure they are still willing to move if the weather does take a turn for the worse. Shorter daylight hours will make it more challenging to move things to and from vans or storage containers.  

Cover carpets/ floors

Moving house in wet or snowy weather can mean your new property may get very dirty, very quickly. People will constantly be moving from outside to in, resulting in mud trailed through your new home. Avoid taking the shine off this exciting day by preparing covers like cardboard or large rags for carpets and floors so that your second day in your new house isn’t spent cleaning!

Prepare for delays

Even the best laid plans can sometimes fall foul of the weather. Give yourself extra time between your new house and old so that if the weather does turn for the worse and you are unable to move on the date planned, you aren’t under pressure to be out of your old house. Moving can be stressful enough without having to be rushed.

  1. Food and drinks for helpers

Make sure a kettle, tea bags and some mugs are easily accessible during your move. Throughout a cold and busy day of moving, nothing will help you and your helpers feel better than taking a few minutes break for a well earned cup of tea!

If you are looking to store your belongings in a storage unit, get in touch with Spaces and Places to ensure your items are kept in a reliable, secure and safe place.

Believe it or not, the purpose of a garage is to protect your vehicle from the British weather. However, the majority of Brits that own a garage use it to hide belongings such as unwanted furniture, clothes, toys, bicycles and much more.

Even though most garages do not offer top of the range security, people are still drawn to placing items they do not want to throw away in there. Yes, your items are finally out of the way, but you are cluttering a space that can no longer be used for its main purpose; to protect your car.

Follow these five simple steps and thanks to storage units, you will soon have your garage back!

  • 1. Do not overwhelm yourself. Set yourself an hour each day to complete a job. If you try and clean your garage in one day, you may be tempted to give up!
  • 2. Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Place clothes, books, CD’s etc. in each box. When the box is full, place it straight into your car and drive to the storage facility.
  • 3. You will not be mowing your lawn and completing gardening work often during winter. Place all gardening equipment in your vehicle to take to storage. If there are a few sunny days and you want to complete some gardening, Spaces and Places offer 24/7 access to all units for your convenience.
  • 4. Once your garage is empty, now is the time to clean! Throw out any rubbish, power wash the floor and even paint the walls. Make your garage look attractive in order to prevent you repeatedly cluttering the space.
  • 5. If you do have items that need to stay in your garage, create an entire storage wall system. As long as the floor is free and your car can fit comfortably in the garage, you have succeeded!

Now your garage is free, you are able to protect your car through these months. You no longer need to leave for work 10 minutes early so you have time to defrost your car and you can also have peace of mind that hailstone will not damage your vehicle.

Help liberate your garage by getting in touch with Spaces and Places. Our safe, secure and convenient storage units will protect your possessions and your car will finally get its home back!

The colder months are here and even though the warm weather seems a distant memory, it is now the perfect time to prepare and protect all your outdoor equipment before the frost, ice and snow hit!

If you are unsure which items you should be storing through the winter months, have a look through our tips and suggestions below.

Outdoor Equipment

During the summer months your garage will be filled with many items ranging from lawnmowers to sun loungers which will not be needed through winter. By storing all items in self storage, you will be able to make room for necessities such as snow shovels, grit and sledges!

In the UK, we also experience heavy downpours of rain which can become disastrous to households. Last winter, many parts of the country experienced flooding and to this day, people are still recovering and replacing damaged items. This is another important reason to store your valuable items in storage to prevent damages occurring.

Tip – When storing a lawnmower in storage, ensure the gas tank is empty and if you are storing garden equipment, to prevent rust, make sure all items are dirt-free!

Patio Furniture

If you prefer to keep your patio furniture outside through winter, you will have to invest in water tight coverings. We also recommend placing any cushions inside to prevent water stains, discolouration and damage to the fabric.  It is unlikely that you will be using the furniture for many months, and in order to keep your outdoor items looking new and keep for longer, self storage is the answer.

Tip – After cleaning and drying all items thoroughly, you are able to stack patio chairs on top of one another. This will allow more space to store other items.

By being prepared through the colder months, you will be able to use all items with no surprises once spring arrives. Also, if you suddenly need an item, all our units are accessible 24/7 for your convenience. Get in touch with Spaces and Places to learn more about our storage solutions.