How to Maximise the Space in Your Garage

Believe it or not, the purpose of a garage is to protect your vehicle from the British weather. However, the majority of Brits that own a garage use it to hide belongings such as unwanted furniture, clothes, toys, bicycles and much more.

Even though most garages do not offer top of the range security, people are still drawn to placing items they do not want to throw away in there. Yes, your items are finally out of the way, but you are cluttering a space that can no longer be used for its main purpose; to protect your car.

Follow these five simple steps and thanks to storage units, you will soon have your garage back!

  • 1. Do not overwhelm yourself. Set yourself an hour each day to complete a job. If you try and clean your garage in one day, you may be tempted to give up!
  • 2. Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Place clothes, books, CD’s etc. in each box. When the box is full, place it straight into your car and drive to the storage facility.
  • 3. You will not be mowing your lawn and completing gardening work often during winter. Place all gardening equipment in your vehicle to take to storage. If there are a few sunny days and you want to complete some gardening, Spaces and Places offer 24/7 access to all units for your convenience.
  • 4. Once your garage is empty, now is the time to clean! Throw out any rubbish, power wash the floor and even paint the walls. Make your garage look attractive in order to prevent you repeatedly cluttering the space.
  • 5. If you do have items that need to stay in your garage, create an entire storage wall system. As long as the floor is free and your car can fit comfortably in the garage, you have succeeded!

Now your garage is free, you are able to protect your car through these months. You no longer need to leave for work 10 minutes early so you have time to defrost your car and you can also have peace of mind that hailstone will not damage your vehicle.

Help liberate your garage by getting in touch with Spaces and Places. Our safe, secure and convenient storage units will protect your possessions and your car will finally get its home back!