Can Your Business Meet the Demands of Consumers?

December has crept upon everyone once again and believe it or not, there are only a few days left until Christmas is here.

Over the last few years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taken the UK by storm. Millions of people took to the shops and internet late November to find the best deals, and with Christmas just around the corner, the shopping frenzy will continue.

Is your business ready to meet the demands of consumers?

Last year, research stated that 46% of people left their Christmas shopping until the last minute. The same trend will most likely occur this year, which means your business will be in high demand over the next few days.

In order for you to not miss out on maximum profit this Christmas, ensure you have enough stock available to sell and be prepared for last minute shoppers. It is vital that you offer next day delivery otherwise customers will begin looking elsewhere. Even though this may make your job more stressful, all your hard work and long hours will be worth it once January comes.

Many companies turn to self-storage in order to meet the demands they are faced with through the festive season. If you have stock that can not fit in your shop, or you are trying to avoid your house becoming a work zone, a storage unit is the simple and convenient answer.

The flexibility of storage units is one of many major incentives for businesses, as you have the option to add or reduce the amount of units you are using, all depending on demand. All you have to do, is give one week’s notice.

One crucial aspect when storing your items, is to place all stock in a safe and secure area. You will have more stock than usual, which means you have more to lose if any items are stolen. Ensure you do not overload your store, warehouse and even your home with items, and always keep them out of sight.

Spaces and Places understand how important security is, which is why all facilities are secured with a coded gate and 24-hour CCTV. Your mind can be rest assured all your items are safe.

If you are worried you do not have enough storage space to meet the demands of customers this month, contact Spaces and Places for further info on how we can help your business thrive through this hectic month.