How to Store Your Holiday Decorations

It’s hard to believe that Christmas Day is over until next year. You can finally relax and not have to worry about buying Christmas presents, decorating your home and contributing to or cooking a Christmas meal!

Even though the big day is over, New Years Eve is only a few days away which means more parties! However, after the holidays have finished, you will need to take down decorations, dissemble your Christmas tree and find space for your new belongings.

Now is the perfect time to consider reorganising your home.

    • 1. When storing ornaments and delicate items, place them in their original box. If you have lost the original, you can purchase specially made boxes or wrap each ornament in bubble wrap. Keep them safe and protected to avoid breakage.
    • 2. Every year, lights can be a stressful task and it becomes a challenge to untangle each strand. This year, use an old coffee can or a rod that you can wrap the lights around. Place the lights in a plastic bag or box to offer protection until next year.
    • 3. Larger ornaments can be covered with bin bags or large plastic bags and then placed in a box. Make sure the box is sturdy and positioned so it will not fall over.
    • 4. If you have an artificial Christmas tree, to ensure the branches do not break or become disfigured, place the tree back into its original box. If taking down a Christmas tree is a stressful task, you can keep the tree upright and intact in the storage unit. Place bin bags over the tree to prevent dust gathering.
    • 5. Most importantly, label all boxes that contain holiday decorations and if using a storage unit, store at the back of your unit to make room for items that you will be using more often.

Instead of throwing items in the basement, attic or garage, consider placing all items in storage. Not only will your belongings and decorations be kept safe, out of the way and in great condition until next year; you are also freeing up space in your home. Get in touch with Spaces and Places to find out how we can assist you with your festive storage needs!