The colder months are here and even though the warm weather seems a distant memory, it is now the perfect time to prepare and protect all your outdoor equipment before the frost, ice and snow hit!

If you are unsure which items you should be storing through the winter months, have a look through our tips and suggestions below.

Outdoor Equipment

During the summer months your garage will be filled with many items ranging from lawnmowers to sun loungers which will not be needed through winter. By storing all items in self storage, you will be able to make room for necessities such as snow shovels, grit and sledges!

In the UK, we also experience heavy downpours of rain which can become disastrous to households. Last winter, many parts of the country experienced flooding and to this day, people are still recovering and replacing damaged items. This is another important reason to store your valuable items in storage to prevent damages occurring.

Tip – When storing a lawnmower in storage, ensure the gas tank is empty and if you are storing garden equipment, to prevent rust, make sure all items are dirt-free!

Patio Furniture

If you prefer to keep your patio furniture outside through winter, you will have to invest in water tight coverings. We also recommend placing any cushions inside to prevent water stains, discolouration and damage to the fabric.  It is unlikely that you will be using the furniture for many months, and in order to keep your outdoor items looking new and keep for longer, self storage is the answer.

Tip – After cleaning and drying all items thoroughly, you are able to stack patio chairs on top of one another. This will allow more space to store other items.

By being prepared through the colder months, you will be able to use all items with no surprises once spring arrives. Also, if you suddenly need an item, all our units are accessible 24/7 for your convenience. Get in touch with Spaces and Places to learn more about our storage solutions.