Why First Time Home Buyers Should Use Self Storage

When you move out of your family home and start your first adventure in a home you can officially call yours, it can be exciting as well as nerve-racking! First time home buyers rely on self-storage for many reasons. Here’s why:


When you have purchased your home, you will start buying items ranging from tables and chairs to cutlery. A storage unit allows you to store items over the few weeks leading up to your big move day without cluttering the space you have now.

All units cater to your needs. Whether you are wanting to store important documents or store the majority/ all of your belongings, a storage unit is an answer!


You are able to rent storage units weekly or monthly, depending on how long you wish to store your belongings. This flexibility allows you to not worry if you need your unit for a longer or shorter amount of time. Spaces and Places also allow you to access your unit 24/7 which means you can store and pick up items at your convenience.


When you decide to store your items throughout the move, you want to be certain they are kept in a safe and secure place. The majority of self-storage companies offer round the clock surveillance and all units are monitored by CCTV – this will allow you to focus on your move without worrying about your belongings.

More Space

This is crucial when you move house. You need space to decorate your new home to suit your tastes. Instead of risking damaging your belongings, storing items in a storage unit allows you to decorate one room at a time and once finished, you can move your items back into your house.

Ask yourself; would you rather store your belongings in a safe and secure unit, or in a shed/garage?

Call Spaces and Places if you are looking for a safe, secure and convenient place to store your belongings!