Moving house can be hectic and moving furniture can be stressful, time-consuming and tiring. In order to make moving heavy items less traumatic, we have put together some tips and tricks to ensure your next move will be successful.


After cleaning the couch thoroughly, place a sheet over the couch to protect the piece of furniture during the move. Also, ensure you are able to move the couch without struggling, which means asking friends to help and clearing a pathway to make moving easier.

Storage Tip – When placing couches in a storage unit, make sure they are horizontal and NOT covered in plastic as your couch needs to breathe. Also do not place heavy items on the couch, as the spring and cushions will become ruined.


If you can detach the legs on the table, then this will make your move easier. However, you still have to make sure you are being careful to avoid any scratches appearing, which is why you should place bubble wrap on the corners of the table. If your table has drawn, make sure they emptied and taped shut. 

Storage Tip – To avoid scratches, and your table falling over, make sure your table is secure. If you were not able to detach the legs, keep your table flat and on all four legs, but be sure to use a blanket to protect the table.


Make sure you remove all books and shelves. Follow the same pattern and carefully move the bookcase (with help!)

Storage Tip – Place shelves back into the bookcase and keep upright when storing.


You will notice how when you move, your house will be covered in cardboard boxes. Make sure you do not fill boxes to the top if you are placing heavy items inside. If you have a box full of books, then this will be hard to carry. Instead, fill the box halfway with books and use the material to fill the remaining space.

Storage Tip – When storing, make sure heavier boxes are at the bottom, but full to the top so you are able to place boxes on top without the lower boxes collapsing.

A storage unit helps make your move less stressful and gives you time to settle into your new home without worrying about deadlines. Call Spaces and Places if you are seeking advice or looking for a reliable place to keep your items safe.