Storage Solutions When Moving Abroad

Moving house is extremely stressful, so it comes as no surprise to learn it was voted more stressful than getting a divorce. However, when you move abroad, the stress you experience will increase as you have to worry about things you usually take for granted such as vaccinations and different electrical supplies!

In order for the move to go successful, with little stress involved, have a read at how self storage can take away a lot of problems and hassle you experience during the move.

Short-term move

When you are planning on moving abroad for a short amount of time and you have a specific date for when you return home, self storage is a great solution to make sure certain items are kept safe and secure. You will be able to relax while you are away without worrying if burglars have taken your cherished items.

If your new home comes fully furnished, or the shipping costs are too much money for the amount of period you are staying, then leave these items at home or place in storage. The main items which you need to take are your necessities. This can range from prescriptions to your child’s favourite toy. Also, make sure you only bring clothes suitable for the weather, this will save you a lot space in your suitcase!

Long-term move

If you are moving abroad for a lengthy period, then you will undergo a lot of stress and pressure in the build up to the move. The place where you are moving to is going to be your home away from home, so make sure you take the majority of items with you as shipping will cost less than purchasing new items.

However, make sure you ship items that are suitable for the climate. A leather sofa will not be the best idea to pack if you are living in a 30 degrees Celsius plus country!

If you are renting out your house in England while you are away, be sure to store all valuable and sentimental items in storage. It might be best to rent out your home unfurnished, this way you can fully relax as you know your belongings will not be damaged and safe in self storage.

If you are escaping the cold winter months and moving abroad, then get in touch with Spaces and Places – a reliable, secure and convenient storage company.