Business Success from A Storage Unit

Running a business from a storage unit is not unheard of, in fact, it has become increasingly popular throughout the years which is why we thought we would bring you a success story from a family law attorney.

Pablo Quiban has worked in family law as a divorce attorney for 20+ years and decided to move his office from the town centre in Honolulu, to a storage unit.

Finding affordable office space for a small business was a large set back for Quiban, which is why he decided to try running his business from a storage unit. This was only meant to be for a month.

After a month, the pro’s weighed out the con’s and he decided to continue conducting business out of the storage unit.

One thing which you all must be thinking is ‘what do his clients think of his setup?!’ Quiban states that his clients have been receptive to his stripped down business office. The free parking is a large bonus as clients can avoid paying city centre parking prices and not worry about finding a parking spot!

The price is the largest incentive for Quiban, and as long as the rent is the right price, and clients keep coming in, then he hopes to stay for 10 more years until he is ready to retire.

Anybody that is a business owner will understand where Quiban is coming from. The stress of driving into the city centre and searching for an affordable car park with a space available is not an enjoyable way to start the day. Similarly, paying high rent prices can have a large effect on the company’s profits, and if you are able to dramatically increase profits by switching business space, then what’s stopping you?

If you are curious to know why you should run your business from a storage unit then click the link to learn about the benefits associated with renting a storage unit to conduct business.

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