Maximise Space by Following These 5 Steps

Making the most out of a small space can be difficult and time consuming. Instead of spending thousands of pounds renovating your house, save yourself money by following these five space maximising tips.

  1. Extend your kitchen

Instead of having a separate table in your dining room, why not increase the length of your kitchen table? This allows you to use your dining room area for a different purpose.

  1. Floor to ceiling bookshelves

A floor to ceiling bookshelf not only gives you more space to store items, it also creates an illusion that your ceiling appears higher while elongating the look of the small space vertically.

  1. Glass walls

Instead of using wood or cement to separate each room, a see-through glass wall will make your house look more spacious and appear larger. By having glass walls in your house, you suddenly have a win-win solution to your space issue, as the glass not only enhances the small area, but they are also visually appealing!

Install mirrors

Mirrors are also key when increasing small spaces as they are able to create an illusion that the room is double the size, resulting in each room appearing significantly larger.

Storage unit

When you move into a smaller home, finding space for all your belongings is a problem for many. Overtime, the problem can worsen, as you continue to purchase items even though you are lacking space. A storage unit solves all your problems. You can begin by storing moving boxes in the unit until you have decorated each room to your satisfaction. Once each room is decorated, you can start unloading a box at a time until all your beloved possessions are in place.

If space is a reoccurring issue in your home, then it may be time to consider storing your seasonal items in a storage unit. This will significantly increase your wardrobe space as well as leaving extra space in your garage.

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