How to Protect Photographs in Self Storage

Pictures can say a thousand words, that is if you can see the photograph! We take pictures to remind ourselves of an exciting and happy time we experienced, and instead of remembering these times by memory, a photo helps us relive the past.

To ensure these photographs stay untouched and in perfect condition so you can treasure them forever, make sure you protect them in storage.

The first thing to remember, is to never place photographs in shoe boxes or store in a humid place such as the attic. Also, as tempting as creating a scrap book is, make sure you do not tape the photographs down and instead use a photo album.

Read on for the best storage options to store your photographs.

  1. Photo box – When storing photos in a box, make sure the box is specifically designed to hold photographs in. Certain shoe boxes or envelopes can contain chemicals which will be disastrous to your photos. It is also important to note that placing a piece of archival paper in-between each photo will prevent them from sticking to each other and the print becoming faded or ruined.
  2. Photo album – Photos should be stored in an acid free photo album to avoid discolouration and fading on each photograph. It is also important to note that sticky photo albums and placing tape on the back of photos can tear the photo when you remove them.
  1. Film negatives – Digital photographs are a fairly recent invention, which means you may have film negatives or slides laying around your house. Make sure you thoroughly clean these items before you place them into an archival safe storage box to avoid damaging the device.

Over the years you will have many photographs you wish to keep safe and protect for years to come, and by following the advice above, your memories will stay in a great condition.

Depending on how much storage space you have at home, photos can be stored in a storage unit. Spaces and Places have maximum security at each unit, so you are able to relax as your items will be kept safe and secure!