Why Are People Choosing to Live in Smaller Houses?

In Britain, we have the smallest homes in Europe. Within the last few years, more people are choosing to downsize from a large space into a smaller home with the hope of living a more financially free and simplistic lifestyle.

Money can be the source of many problems homeowners face, especially since almost one third of Brits live pay check to pay check. A smaller home allows you to spend your extra money on items you would not be able to afford before; ranging from holidays abroad to a new piece of clothing rather than rent!

With a smaller house you have to adapt to living in a home with less space than you are used to. Items in your home will have to become functional as well as decorative in order for you to avoid clutter taking over. By using hidden storage spaces under your bed or on your walls, you will be able to keep the majority of your items and if you are organised and use storage space correctly, your home will appear larger than it actually is.

For items that will no longer fit in your home, you have two options; store or sell. If you can not bear to part ways with certain items or you will need the items in the future, then a storage unit is the best option. A storage unit allows you to keep your items in a safe and secure place that you have access to 24/7.

If you choose to sell your items, make sure if you are selling online, you take photos of the items with an appropriate background – this will ensure you sell items for the correct price and not under price! One of Spaces and Places customers uses a storage unit to sell items from. This allows the customer to keep items too big to store in their house in a safe place until they sell. If you are inspired, click the link to see how a storage unit was turned into a ‘fake’ home to sell furniture.

If you are struggling to find space in your home for items, call Spaces and Places and your items will be kept in a reliable, safe and secure unit that you can access 24/7.