Top Reasons People Move House

This time of year is very popular for moving house, but why do people want to move when it such a costly and stressful experience?

Here are the top ten reasons why people chose to go through all the upheaval that moving house involves:

  • 1. Relocation with work or a new job: if the travelling time to get to work is too long or difficult then moving home is the best option.
  • 2. Require more space: the house bought by first time buyers is great for a couple, but once they start a family they need more space.
  • 3. Downsize: once the family have all grown up and left home the family house can be too big or too costly to run and a move to a smaller property is desirable.
  • 4. Upgrade: wanting a bigger and better house.
  • 5. Change in relationship circumstances: either 2 people moving in together or a couple breaking up can result in a person moving house.
  • 6. To be closer to family: grandparents wanting to live nearer to their children and grandchildren is often a key reason for moving.
  • 7. School catchment area: if parents are keen for their children to attend a particular school they will consider moving into the catchment area to secure a place at that school.
  • 8. Running costs of property: if the running costs of the home are too costly because of a change to income or the need to save money moving house can be the best option.
  • 9. Change in lifestyle: the bright lights of the city can be very attractive to the young but over time many choose to move to more suburban or rural areas.
  • 10. Change in surroundings: if the area where you currently live changes or deteriorates for economic, social or physical reasons then it may be time to move to somewhere where you feel more comfortable.

However challenging and stressful moving can be, if in the long run it is beneficial to you and your family it is worth going through the process.

So whatever reason you may have for moving, putting your items into storage makes moving house much more organised and less stressful.

Storage with Spaces and Places is affordable and flexible ensuring a quick and easy move.

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