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Store Important Documents Whilst Your Business is Shut Over Christmas

Despite living in such a digital era, it’s very unlikely to find a completely paperless business. In fact, many important documents and confidential files relating to a business are kept in paper form and with many businesses about to begin their Christmas shutdown, it’s important that these documents are stored in a safe and secure… Read more »

Why You Should Declutter Your Office

Office storage that has been organised and tidied away.

The first day of spring has hit which means it’s traditionally the time of year when our homes have a thorough deep clean. However the spring clean shouldn’t just stop at your home, as your office also needs to be rid of clutter and clean and tidy in order for your productivity at work to… Read more »

Storage tips for businesses to improve efficiency


  Whatever the nature or size of your business, you’ll inevitably need to store things like equipment, supplies and files. How and where you store the things you need to run your business can make a big difference to your overall efficiency. A crowded, disorganised work space can slow you down, demotivate you or even… Read more »

Tips for storing your business inventory

Boxes and storage in a office

Whether you are a large or a small business, using self-storage can provide the perfect solution for additional storage space. Financially using self-storage makes good business sense – rather than moving to larger premises as the business expands it is more cost effective to use a storage unit to store old archived files, additional office… Read more »

How Small-to-Medium Enterprises Can Benefit from Using Self Storage

The UK is a nation of entrepreneurs; with 99.9 % of businesses classed as Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME) and 76% single person businesses. For many SME’s the running costs of the business can be challenging, which is why more and more are utilising the benefits of self-storage in order for their business to grow. The main… Read more »

Why an Organised Business Creates Business Success

If you are a small growing business, increasing and maintaining high levels of productivity is essential to your development. Research has shown that a brighter, neater and more flexible office increases employee engagement and productivity. Here are a few top tips for organising your office to encourage your team to go that ‘extra mile’ Space… Read more »

How a Self-Storage Unit Offers Benefits to Your Business

Whether you are a large or a small business sometimes your premises just don’t have enough space. However moving into larger premises may not be practical or cost-effective, but renting a self-storage unit can be very beneficial to a business. The benefits of businesses using self-storage are:- Flexibility – it is possible that a business… Read more »

How to Successfully Run Your Business from a Self-Storage Unit

More and more people are working from the comfort of their own home, whether it is to avoid the traffic during rush hour, working around other commitments or to cut business overheads, there are undoubtedly benefits to working from home. Even though there are benefits, there are also a number of downsides as well to… Read more »