Why You Should Declutter Your Office


The first day of spring has hit which means it’s traditionally the time of year when our homes have a thorough deep clean. However the spring clean shouldn’t just stop at your home, as your office also needs to be rid of clutter and clean and tidy in order for your productivity at work to remain high. Spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to have a good sort out and get rid of all those unwanted items that have you’ve been hoarding over the years.

Obviously not all the items you sort when decluttering should be thrown away, some could be put in storage! Check out our reasons below as to how decluttering and investing in a self-storage unit can benefit you.

Your Physical Health is Improved

Injury is a big issue in the workplace and so not only will de-cluttering reduce the risk of this, it also means that your employees are more comfortable when moving around in their working environment. Did you know that the average keyboard contains up to 7,500 bacteria? Office furniture is a breeding ground for any germs and bacteria that are spreading through the office and so getting rid of any unused large furnishings and tackling down on the spring cleaning can help reduce that.

Your Mental Health is Improved

Not only is your physical health affected by clutter, but your mental health too. The common phrase ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ has never been more true as having lots of clutter amongst your office space can leave employees with a cluttered mind which will affect their productivity when in the workplace. No mess also means that you have a clear an organised space to work in which will alleviate stress and tension in the workplace.

Improved Efficiency

Having large amounts of clutter can slow down decision making, stopping people from being as efficient as usual which is something no business needs. It is incredibly easy to lose things amongst the mess surrounding you and this could begin to affect your workplace by costing time and money as you frantically search for a particular item.

Personal Image

First impressions count and what your visitors see when entering your business can reflect on you positively or negatively. Having a clean and tidy office will immediately give a good impression to a visitor that you are organised and care about your workplace.

If now is the time to make your office more organised, but you have too many belongings to keep, then get in touch with your nearest Spaces and Places to discuss investing in a self-storage unit.