Store Important Documents Whilst Your Business is Shut Over Christmas

Despite living in such a digital era, it’s very unlikely to find a completely paperless business. In fact, many important documents and confidential files relating to a business are kept in paper form and with many businesses about to begin their Christmas shutdown, it’s important that these documents are stored in a safe and secure place. However if you are the owner of a small business, it may be difficult for you to find the room to store these documents and files.

Whilst you may think your workplace is secure, it isn’t monitored at all times with round the clock surveillance. You also don’t want your home flooded with these documents either, and potentially becoming lost or damaged. Therefore, the best solution for you, is a storage unit.

There are many different ways to making storing your documents in a storage unit simple, but here’s some of our top tips…

  1. 1. Keep your boxes light. If you fill your boxes too heavy, you will struggle to transport them between office and unit.
  1. 2. When packing and storing your documents, keep them as tidy and organised as you can. Having them in a different place to normal can throw you off when you need to find something in particular so having them all in an organised manner can help solve this problem. Use boxes to organise, and make sure you label these boxes too to make finding something easier.
  1. 3. Invest in some shelving units in your storage unit. Not only will this help with the above of keeping your documents tidy and neat, it will also help prevent them from becoming damaged on the floor. It will also help you search through the boxes easily at eye-level without having to keep bending down.
  1. 4. Don’t share your key with someone else. If a very private and confidential document is only found in paper form, there’s probably a reason. Just like how you wouldn’t choose to share the password to a private online document with someone, don’t willingly let somebody else enter your storage unit.

Not only are our storage units safe, dry and 24/7 accessible, they also have around the clock CCTV surveillance so you can relax knowing your private documents are in a secure place. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our storage units could be beneficial to you.