Where to Hide Your Christmas Presents?

December is officially in full swing and if you’re not an eager beaver who buys their Christmas presents months in advance; you may still be in the process of doing that inevitable Christmas shopping. Over the festive period there is plenty to be done, and if you’re cooking Christmas dinner you may already be stocking up on all the food you need. However, this does mean that space is limited, and you may be wondering where exactly you can start hiding your festive shopping from the people that you’ll be gifting it to.

Renting a self-storage unit over Christmas is the perfect solution, here’s why…

It’s a Great Place to Hide Things

Everybody knows that children (and some adults!) can be inquisitive when it comes to looking for their Christmas presents, but if you have little ones in the house who believe in Father Christmas, you have even more a reason to hide your presents in order to keep that Christmas magic alive. Our self-storage units are accessible 24/7, so you can store your presents as and when you please!

It Will Keep Presents Safe

Nobody wants to open a present on Christmas day to find it broken into tiny little pieces, and likewise you don’t want to be the person gifting them that broken present. Hiding your presents in a storage unit keeps them dry and protected from any damage, as opposed to having to stuff them into a confined space and underneath potentially heavy items.

It Gives You More Space

It goes without saying that hiding your presents in a storage unit will save you a lot of storage space at home, which is ideal at this time of year. With guests coming and going and potential family members staying over, you need all the space you can get during the festive season. You will also no doubt need somewhere to store all your home decorations whilst your Christmas ones are up. Not only could storing your Christmas presents in a storage unit save you this space at home, you could actually put these decorations in it too!

With so many benefits to having a storage unit at Christmas time, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today with your local Spaces and Places to secure your space.