Keep Hold of That – It May Be Valuable Later!

If watching programmes like ‘Storage Hunters’ has taught us anything, it’s that particular items in your home may be worth a lot more money than you think, and that it’s important to keep these safe in a storage unit to hold on to them for a few more years.

Storage units are designed to keep your valuable possessions safe, but just how valuable are some of your belongings? Below are some of the most high-value possessions that have been found in storage units over the years…

Video Games

You might not have got around to clearing out old video games that you don’t play anymore, but you never know how much value one or two may have in a few years’ time. A storage unit once filled with games and hardware that were collecting dust on ‘Storage Wars’, was found to be worth £41,000 after it was all sold and traded in.


Many people use storage units to keep their documents and important letters safe, so that they don’t get damaged or lost in a home. However, one lucky person in North California couldn’t believe his eyes when he found documents relating to Michael Jordan’s basketball career in a storage locker. The two letters were auctioned off and sold for a whopping £41,000.


As well as keeping things safe, storage units can also be used for belongings that you aren’t ready to part with but aren’t of everyday use to you. Back in 2011, one lucky buyer found 40,000 pieces of Hollywood memorabilia found in an abandoned storage unit that had been collected by a Disney fan over the course of 25 years. The items included Tim Burton art, posters, costumes and scripts and ended up totalling a huge £820k!


Comics that you may be keeping as part of a hobby, or as memories could be worth much more than the couple of pounds you once spent on them. One winner of a storage auction found a near-mint condition of ‘Action Comics #1’. It went on to be sold for an amazing £1.77million – quite a big profit for such an originally inexpensive item!

Don’t look back with regret when thinking of the items you had previously got rid of just to make some more space. You never know the true value something may have in a few years times so keep hold of those items you believe in and place them in a storage unit where they will be kept safe and protected.

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