Got Kids? A storage unit could be the answer to all your prayers

Calling all parents, you’re not the only ones who now have 10 times the amount of children’s stuff following Christmas, we’re all in the same boat!

You’ll have probably heard it before when your parents, friends and family tell you to simply chuck out the old to make space for the new, but we know that it’s easier said than done…. Especially if your children are of an age where they’re aware of ALL their toys and simply don’t want to be without any of them (without a tantrum involved!)

Also, it’s not just the kids that stop us from decluttering, we’ve all been guilty of holding on to our children’s items due to sentimental attachments and also just in-case you decide to have more children in the future as some things can easily be reused, saving lots of money.

Here are our top tips to de-clutter your home, with and without the help of your little ones!

  • Declutter twice a year, before Christmas and birthdays, which is when a new deluge of things arrive ( this way the kids are less likely to notice old things going missing)
  • Test out removing certain toys from your child’s playtime. If they don’t notice or ask for them then, you can clearly see what items they treasure making the discussion of getting rid of older toys a little easier from the get-go
  • Introduce new storage into their bedrooms or playroom and get them involved in packing away their favourite possessions – those that there aren’t room for can make it on the list to hit the charity shop and they’ll have felt a part of the process
  • Encourage the children, with your help, to pack up their own things explaining how other children could benefit and have fun from playing with them.

Helen Sanderson a professional organiser from London uses this as her rule of thumb when it comes to getting rid of toys is ‘If they have grown out of it – pass it on to a younger child; if it is worn out, recycle it and it if isn’t being used, takes up too much space or you have more than one, donate it’.

When it comes to keeping hold of those sentimental items that you just can’t detach yourself from, or you want to keep boxes of clothes or nursery furniture for the future, the ideal place to keep them safe, secure and undamaged is a storage unit. This way they can be kept in great condition whilst not cluttering up your home in the meantime.

If you’re looking for storage to declutter your home get in touch with you nearest Spaces and Places today.