The Popularity of Self Storage in Britain Continues to Rise

The self-storage market in the UK is booming, as it is increasingly becoming more popular for British residents to rent self-storage space.

A recent survey indicated that UK residents rent four times more self-storage space than the French, and nine times more than people in Germany.

In fact Britain is now home to almost half of all of Europe’s self-storage units, but demand is continuing to outstrip supply. During 2016 alone, 24 new sites opened in the UK.

Two thirds of self-storage customers are aged between 40 and 65 years old, and divorced or separated people are also more than twice as likely to use self-storage as a single person.

So why is self-storage becoming more popular in the UK? There are a number of reasons:-

  • A change in lifestyle- sometimes divorce or bereavement can lead to people moving into temporary or smaller accommodation. Self-store can provide a space to store these items until a later date.
  • Preventing household clutter building up- a modern trend is to keep the home clutter free as it is more relaxing and restful, as well as it being easier to keep clean. Storing seasonal items and clothing is particularly popular.
  • Requiring more space – through our lives we accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’, but where to store it can be a problem particularly in modern homes. A recent study by the Office for National Statistics shows the average house size of properties sold in England and Wales last year was 90 m2 . This is smaller than in many other European countries and considerable smaller than new homes in the United States.
  • Storing precious items of sentimental value – we all have things we wish to keep but do not necessarily have a place or space for them in our homes. E.g. family heirlooms. A storage unit is prefect for keeping these items safe and secure without being in the way

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