Tips and Tricks for Storing Your Christmas Decorations in Storage

Every year we take out our Christmas decorations and spend ages unravelling strings of lights and beads, getting dust of wreaths and checking how many smashed baubles we will need to replace. If only we spent a little more time storing everything carefully at the end of Christmas, life would be less stressful at the beginning of the next Christmas season. The key to storing the decorations carefully is ensuring they stay dry, dust free and are not crushed.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to pack away your decorations with care, to ensure they are not ruined for Christmas next year!

  • Christmas lights – wrap around a piece of card or an old coffee canister to prevent them getting all tangled up
  • Strings of beads – store in water bottles will help to prevent them from getting tangled
  • Christmas baubles – use egg boxes for small baubles or plastic apple trays for larger ones, then store the trays in a large storage box to prevent them being crushed or covered in dust.
  • Wreaths – hang on coat hangers and cover in dry cleaning plastic covers to prevent them being crushed or covered in dust.
  • Artificial trees – wrap in cling film or make a bag using an old sheet
  • Christmas candles – protect special candles by covering them with old hosiery stockings and storing in a box.

Having packed all the Christmas decorations away safely, storing them securely in your own home can require a lot of storage space! However, a self- storage unit will provide a clean, dry place without you having to sacrifice lots of space in your home.

Keep your Christmas decorations safe and secure until you need them again in one of Spaces and Places storage units. For more information, get in touch with your local storage site today.