Why Self Storage Units are a Necessity at Christmas

Once December arrives the preparations for Christmas begin to gather pace. Buying and wrapping presents, cooking and freezing food and if you have family and friends coming to stay over the festive period there is plenty of cleaning and tidying to be done as well. As we get closer to Christmas it can feel as if our home is going to burst at the seams with all the extra items that need to be stored. It is times like this when renting a self-storage unit can make a lot of sense

Here are just four reasons why self-storage units are a perfect solution at Christmas time.

  • Hiding Christmas presents from inquisitive children and adults can be a nightmare. With a self-storage unit you can keep all those presents hidden as a surprise until the big day. Self-storage units have 24/7 assess making it is easy to buy and store items as you go along.
  • When we put up all our Christmas decorations there are normally a lot of ornaments that need to be stored until the decorations come down on twelfth night. If we have space, we box them up and store in a cupboard or a spare room but if you have guests coming to stay it is easier to remove all the clutter and store these things away from the home in a storage unit.
  • Similarly if we have wardrobes and drawers bursting with clothes where will our guests store their belonging? Have a good sort out and empty wardrobes and drawers of summer clothes and put them in a self- storage unit while your visitors are staying.
  • Once Christmas is over carefully pack up all the decorations and instead of dumping them in the spare bedroom keep them safe and dry in a self-storage unit until next year.

With many people turning to storage for all the benefits listed above, get in touch with your local Spaces and Places before all units are taken up!