5 essential storage hacks when moving home

Moving house is an incredibly stressful thing to do and, if you don’t have a place to store everything while you’re doing it, your stress levels can go through the roof. Luckily, we have years of experience in helping people to find a new home and we’ve picked up our fair share of moving house packing tips along the way. Read on, and we’ll share some of the secrets that could help to make your moving process just that little bit easier.

1. Get new stuff delivered to storage

There’s no point in cluttering up your existing home with stuff that’s intended for your new place. You’ll just have to pack it all up again anyway. Instead, get any new furniture delivered to a storage location and move it into your new property once you’ve arrived. Adding new objects you won’t be using will only make the process of packing up your old house even more stressful.

2. Take photos of your plugs

This may sound boring but if you’re likely to forget just how everything connects to your TV or how you managed to plug your laptop, phone and iPad into one powerstrip, then take a photo before you move. This is one of our top moving house tips. Trust us, it could save you several unhappy hours messing around with plugs once you’ve arrived in your new place.

3. Don’t lose small stuff

Odds are, you’ll have a few small but valuable things that you definitely don’t want to lose during your move. Instead of shoving them at the bottom of a big box, use egg cartons to keep them safe. They’re perfect for rings, watches, small gadgets and other things that could otherwise fall out and be forgotten.

4. Have one box that you open first

Unpacking all of your boxes after you move can take weeks or even months. If you don’t know where everything is, you may find yourself spending the first few days in your new house rooting through endless boxes in search of that one vital thing you need right now. That’s why one of our top moving house tips is to create an ‘open me first’ box that contains all of the stuff that you’ll need right away after moving. We’re talking cutlery, plates, dishwasher tablets and all of the little things that will make life in your new place that bit easier.

5. Don’t cook on day one

You’ve arrived in your new place, exhausted from the stresses of moving. The odds are that the last thing you want to do is spend all evening cooking. Get the number of a good local takeaway before moving day and be ready to call as soon as moving is over. Trust us, it’ll make your first evening in your new home so much more relaxed.

We hope our moving house packing tips make your next move go smoothly. A little bit of pre-planning can save you from many of the stresses that are commonly associated with moving into a new home. Contact us at Spaces & Places for more tips and advice.