Creative things you can do with a storage unit

Most of us think of storage units as just four walls and a roof to keep our possessions safe when we move but, depending on your storage company, they can be used for far more than that.

Each space is self-contained, lockable, well-lit and usually has power, so there’s far more to be done than simply storing boxes and furniture.

Read on for some rather creative self-storage uses:

1. Yarn and yet more yarn

If you like to knit, crochet and craft, chances are you’ve got an ever-growing stash of wool, needles, felts, buttons, cotton and remainders that you might use one day, so you just have to keep them!

If your home isn’t exactly overflowing with storage space and there isn’t room for a proper craft area, a storage unit could be just the thing both to store your craft items and to use as a crafting room away from the house.

Imagine peace and quiet while you work, and the space to spread out, with a cutting table, plenty of room to put everything neatly away, and where you can leave your current project out ready for the next time without creating clutter at home.

The other good thing about storage units is that if your yarn addiction is really that bad (obviously we mean your perfectly reasonable need to own ALL THE YARN), you can always upgrade to a larger unit, whenever you like!

2. Gym bunny bolt hole

Not everyone has space at home for tons of gym equipment and not everyone likes going to the gym and working out in front of other people, but a good-sized storage unit could be just the thing for your own personal gym space.

Set up all of your equipment spaced out perfectly for your workout and maybe add a locker with spare clothing and toiletries and a mini fridge for iced water and juice.

And you don’t even need to tell anybody you’re working out if you don’t want to. Let them wonder how you’ve achieved that perfectly toned body!

3. Gamer’s paradise

Hire a unit and add your game consoles, an array of snacks and drinks, and of course, the ultimate, high-tech, comfortable gamer’s chair, with adjustability, space for your drink, and more monitors than NASA.

Just don’t forget that you might occasionally need to sleep and have a life!

4. Practice space

In a band? Or just started out with an instrument? Instead of driving the whole house made with constant scales and practising, why not hire a storage unit and play away to your heart’s content without disturbing anyone else?

5. DIY nut home from home

If you love your DIY but you don’t have a lot of space at home, you could build the perfect man (or woman) cave in a storage unit with all your tools and benches laid out to hand, instead of having to get them out every time you need them.

Imagine the bliss of getting straight to a job and finishing it, not taking three hours – two hours of which were hunting for the right parts and tools!

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