Top tips for storing your items when moving abroad

Moving abroad is an exciting challenge that can open up a whole world of opportunities. Whether you are moving by yourself, with a partner or with the entire family, there is going to be a certain amount of stuff that you will be bringing with you.

You are unlikely to bring every belonging with you. In this case, storing items is a really great option and there is a wealth of self-storage services available at affordable prices. Below, in no particular order, are five top tips for storing your items when moving abroad.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

Make sure that the items you store are of personal value to you: Some people can’t help but to acquire vast amounts of clutter. Moving home presents the ideal opportunity to cut down on clutter. If it’s a clothing item that you haven’t worn in a year, sell it or, better still, give it to a charity shop. Perhaps you have hundreds of DVDs gathering dust. Say goodbye to them.

Keep What Is Necessary

Decide what is going to move with you and what will be sent into storage: Obviously, some things are non-negotiable, like your phone and tablet as well as the electrical items you use on a daily basis. However, other things that you are fond of but don’t necessarily need – like art or the rocking chair in the spare bedroom – can be sent into storage.

Cleanse Yourself Of Sentimental Items

Some items aren’t worth bringing with you or putting into storage: You might have an entire shelf of best-selling books that you have read twice over and are unlikely to read again. Even if the sight of them brings you joy, you have to ask yourself: are they of use anymore? If the answer is no, then they shouldn’t take up space in your suitcase or storage.

Get The Kids Involved

Give the kids responsibility over their own items: Explain to your children that they can’t keep everything and point out how you are in the very same boat. Give them the opportunity to bring three items (or whatever amount you deem manageable) while putting another three into storage. This will make your children feel like an integral part of the moving process while also teaching them a valuable lesson about clutter.

Think Practically

If certain items can be replaced at a small price, then do that: Do you really need to bring your knives and forks with you? These can be replaced relatively inexpensively upon making your move. There is no point in putting them into storage either. Sometimes, it makes sense to let go of some things.

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