Seasonal Storage and Weather Patterns in England Part I

Contrary to what many people believe, the weather in England is not always wind and rain; we do experience the four seasons. Even though our summer seems a lot shorter than winter, us Brits love the outdoors. With winter being stubborn and spring hopefully arriving soon, it is a perfect time to organise your belongings and move the unnecessary clutter into a storage unit.


When winter arrives, stress and excitement hit everybody who is an adult. Christmas decorations will be coming out in December and sledges will be coming out the moment the first drop of snow falls. If you are like the majority, you will dread untangling the lights as you most likely threw them in a bin liner, placed them in a room and told yourself “I’ll worry about it when the time comes.” Imagine, next Christmas, not having to decorate or set up your Christmas tree, because you placed it in a storage unit. Imagine not having to enter an obstacle course to reach the lights and decorations that are at the back of the attic. Why not store your items in a self-storage unit to avoid this unneeded stress? Your future self will thank you.


The sun is shining, and even though it is still fairly cold outside, winter is finally over. The weather is perfect for long walks, cycling and other outdoor sports. If your family likes many sports, then you will be no stranger to the fact; sports equipment takes up a lot of space. Whether you store all the sports equipment such as table tennis or badminton nets in the garage or the storage room, why not consider a storage unit. This way you will be able to convert your storage room or garage to a room that is more beneficial to your family i.e. an extra bedroom, gym, bathroom, man cave etc.

If you want to make sure your items are not taking up valuable space in your home, then call Spaces and Places today.