How Self-Storage Can Make This Christmas Stress Free

December is nearly here which means the hectic month is upon us. In order to stop your home becoming full of Christmas clutter, then you need to turn to self-storage.

Here’s why…


If you are expecting a house full this Christmas, then you will need to make space to fit all visitors comfortably in your home. Get everything that you will not be needing out of the way, so you are able to make room for extra chairs, tables, decorations and other necessities. By removing unessential items, you suddenly have extra space to play Christmas games and maybe even create a dance floor!


One of the best parts for everyone on Christmas Day is opening up all the presents! However, it can be quite hard to keep presents well hidden, especially if you live with children! Rather than becoming annoyed and constantly worried they will find their presents, or worse, you forget where your secret hiding place is; give yourself some peace of mind and hide them in self storage. All of our storage units have top of the range security, insurance for as little as 55p a week and no fixed contracts – all we ask for is a week’s notice.


Decorations play a key part in making Christmas special and memorable. The majority of homes concentrate on making the inside of their home decorative, but a few expand the decorations to the outside. Whether you have Father Christmas and flashing lights outside, or tinsel and Christmas trees inside, you will have spent a lot of time, money and energy in creating a perfect setting; which is why you don’t want your hard work to go to waste.

Self-storage allows you to re-use your decorations yearly, which means you can avoid the dreaded shopping trips in the future.

Make Christmas a time of celebration and take control this year. If you have any questions or seek advice on the best storage options for you, get in touch with Spaces and Places.