Spring Clean Your Home Without Moving

Spring has definitely sprung and what comes hand in hand with the season? Spring-cleaning of course!

Just when we should be thinking about preparing our homes and gardens for summer, it’s often the case that our sheds, garages, and spare rooms are all bursting with stuff that you know you definitely won’t be using anytime soon.

You may be fooled into thinking that a bigger house is the only way you will be able to fit into your home comfortable all year round, however with 77% of us admitting to using ANY remaining space in our homes to hang on to things we probably don’t even use anymore – it’s no wonder that us Brits don’t feel as though we have any room!

The annual spring blitz usually consists of saying goodbye to those thick jumpers, big coats and sets of winter sports equipment in order to make room for summer clothing and garden furniture.

This year, instead of trying to squeeze everything into the loft or that cupboard you will be petrified of opening for the next year, why not consider putting your things into self-storage?

A modern-day spring clean no longer consists of dusting the tops of cupboards and hovering from top to bottom. Our houses now contain so many possessions that self-storage is the only realistic option to decluttering this spring. Follow our handy guide to spring-cleaning your home with Spaces and Places, and make sure your house is summer-ready!

·      Free up space in your wardrobe by keeping storing seasonal items you won’t need for the rest of the year. Soring winter clothes, hats and scarves will significantly free up wardrobe space over spring and summer. Always remember wash or dry-clean woollies first and store in cotton, breathable bags.

·      Books often sit unread on shelves for years: pick a selection you want to read over the summer and put the rest into storage, rotating throughout the year.

·      Removing furniture can open up huge amounts of space in rooms and create a clean, open look. The next few months are ideal for entertaining guests in your home, so why not free up some room and see what a difference it makes. Non-essential items such as bookcases and additional chairs are all good items to put into storage

Spring-cleaning can be a chore, however, with Spaces and Places self-storage space, it can be made as simple as possible.

We have storage units of all shapes and sizes just waiting for your possessions, ready to give you some much-needed breathing space in your home this summer.

You don’t even need to do it all at once, you could do it room by room and start moving your items in whenever you want to do it, so maybe it could be upstairs rooms one week, then the downstairs the next!

Contact Spaces and Places to find out how we can maximise space in your home!