Storage Auctions are the Latest Craze!

At Spaces and Places we can often tell when there is a new series of Storage Hunters or Storage Wars on the television! Since the boom in storage auction reality shows, it has become evident that self-storage has become something of a craze here in the UK.

The American reality-style documentaries doing the rounds have become a guilty pleasure for audiences, with a number of them now dominating UK television channels.

One example is Storage Hunters, a show that follows a group of American auctioneers battling it out to win the contents of abandoned storage containers, which became one of the biggest shows featured on channel Dave.

The shows have certainly helped to increase the visibility of the self-storage industry, with the general public becoming increasingly interested in a once overlooked industry. In fact, at Spaces and Places, we now get a lot of phone calls from customers asking if we auction off storage units like they do in the TV shows.

The American series that centre around storage auctions often portray the high drama and even bigger stakes, but unfortunately the process isn’t quite as entertaining here in the UK! Unlike what we’re used to seeing in the States, storage auctions are usually done via phone or email and it’s not often that you’ll discover the same strange finds in units auctioned off in the UK!

With many of the storage shows still going strong, it doesn’t look like the interest in self-storage is going to fade any time soon and we are pleasantly surprised at the attention the programmes have brought to the industry.

While storage auctions aren’t something that we offer here at Spaces and Places we still enjoy sitting down to watch the drama unfold on shows like Storage Hunters!

What we do offer is high-quality, low-cost storage units for individuals and businesses around the country.

With three conveniently located facilities, in Nuneaton, Winsford and Manchester, you are never far from a secure place to store your possessions.

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