Student Storage in Nuneaton

When kids move home from University for summer, parents are often left wondering where on earth they’re going cram in all the accumulated gear!

As well as food, suitcases and piles of laundry, kids often need to cart home the entire contents of their university digs over the summer break and chances are it won’t all fit in your spare room!

If the kids are heading back to Nuneaton for the summer and you want to keep their stuff close by without having to live on top of it, a Spaces and Places storage unit is the next best option!

Students often need to gain access to textbooks, clothing and sports equipment during the summer holidays so by storing their stuff close to home you will ensure that they won’t have to trek back to campus to pick something up if they need it.

Using a storage facility doesn’t have to be daunting and we can assure you that students can store anything safely and securely with us. All of our units are steel containers with wooden floors, fixed ventilation and rubber door seals so all their stuff will be kept secure, clean and dry.

When you store with Spaces and Places, you will also benefit from 24/7 access. This is often useful for students who won’t need to take any time off work or university to come and drop off/collect their things.

Our conveniently located storage facility in Nuneaton is the ideal solution for any student living locally. Simply give us a call to secure your unit.

If you would like to find out more about student storage unit in Nuneaton this summer, get in touch today!